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Jul 2, 2013

Elaine Turner's Smokein' Shoes for a Sizzlin' Summer

When my local ELAINE TURNER boutique asked if I would like a pair of her fabulous espadrilles, I thought "I can be there in five minutes!"
Soon after returning home with my beautiful package, my daughter came over and her eyes immediately went to "the shoes."  
"Mom!...those shoes are amazing!"  She has pretty much always been able to talk me into what she wants...so I said, "OK, you can have them, if you agree to model in them!"  It did not take her long to make a decision....
I am certain I will see these GORGEOUS SHOES often this summer...they go with her fun casual looks and the metallic shimmer looks great with her summer, strapless party dresses.

Any way, I am dreaming about the FLAT ESPADRILLES by Elaine...they for sure fit my summer activities!   Elaine would like everyone to share their summer moments at #ETShareYourSummer...and also remember her favorite summer toe color ESSIE'S SWEPT OFF MY FEET!!

Summer is a great time for fun shoes, pretty toes,great colors, and looking your best!

But, if you are a blogger, you might want to hide them from anyone you care about, so you don't run the risk of being talked out of them!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

PINK JUTE WEDGES Provided by Elaine Turner Boutique


  1. LOL! you're such a terrific Mom, you didn't put up a fight : > What a gorgeous daughter, and really, really cute shoes too.

  2. Your daughter is a doll and looks fabulous in "your " new espadrilles!
    Great shoes! Pretty polish color!

    2013 Design Series

  3. Who is that girl---I mean, woman?

  4. Gorgeous shoes, gorgeous daughter and gorgeous nail color! Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!!

  5. You are such a nice mum! I hope you and your daughter have the same shoe size ;-)
    Your daughter is beautiful!

    Last day to enter my giveaway.
    Lady of Style

  6. I love those shoes and they look pretty comfy too
    Can't believe you gave them away
    You are a marshmallow :)

  7. You daughter is so cute. Love the shoes.

  8. Your daughter is gorgeous, just like you! And those shoes are beautiful. I'm usually in flip flops all day but they look like they would make you feel pretty!


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