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Jul 28, 2013

5 Ways to Feel Confident In Your Own Skin

Three years and 885 posts later, I have learned so much about myself and my own style since beginning to blog.

I have experimented; stepped out of my comfort zone;and internalized what style books and other blogs say.  I have learned to enjoy how other women dress while understanding that their style is not necessarily my own. I have found joy in shopping at Goodwill and Saks Fifth Ave. all at the same time!

I have discovered joy and fun in diversity...it is the spice of life in fashion. But, I am more comfortable now as I enter my sixties than I have ever been with my style...and it is surprisingly simpler than I would have predicted it to be.  Oh, I still love color and accessories. But, I do find myself toning things down a bit from where I was three years ago. And you know what? I love it!  A look like what I am wearing today is still a very visible, confident Pam!!

Wardrobe consultant, Debbie Wright, writes of 5 tips to help us feel more positive and confident in our own skin:

1. Dress For Who You Are Today and How You Look Today (This is very important for me as I work hard to finally win over a healthy lifestyle. I need to keep things positive and hopeful by looking my best each day!)

2. Accentuate the Best Body Feature You Have with Clothing ( This is why I wear these skinny pants)

3. Every Season get fitted and purchase a good quality properly fitting bra (Yes, you will be amazed at the results...people will say you lost weight!)

4. Stay Polished and always wear flattering accessories.  Accessories offer a way to express your individuality.  (I have hit the shoe sales big this summer...but I find this is a great way to individualize a look!)

5.  You Can Shop Anywhere....(Like I said, from Goodwill to Saks Fifth Ave....be open and shop in many places)

I also agree with her when she writes, "When you respect yourself, others will respect you in return."  Oh, yeah!

The outfit:
Blouse, Necklace, Watch: Chicos
Leggings: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Bloomingdales

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  1. You look just wonderful in such a simple and chic outift. And your new healthy lifestyle certainly shows!

  2. It's funny you should talk about toning it down because I find myself doing the same thing more often. I still wear color but I've worn more white this Summer than ever before and I let the accessories do the "popping" : -)


  3. You look great in this outfit. I agree completely with this fashion advice.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Wonderful post, Pam - you look confident and at ease with who you are, a great role model for women of all ages! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxo

  5. Great post, Pam. Am may I just say that you look amazing!

  6. Great post and such an incredibly chic and elegant outfit.

  7. i CANT agree with the bra thing more! So true, and makes you look younger....xoxo

  8. Great Post and love how you are embracing lfie and yourself!

  9. You look stunning. These skinny pants are so perfect on you. The blouse is gorgeous and classic. Love this whole look. I am finding myself more generally gearing toward this style in my own evolution. I need more feminine blouses like this. This is something that is always on my wish list, but I don't seem to ever put this look together. A future conquest! :)

  10. Great points! Like you, Pam, I've had to learn to distinguish between what I admire on others and what works for me. It isn't always easy!

  11. I really love this outfit, Pam. Its so simple and classic. I adore it.

  12. Lovely post Pam!! Armed with the knowledge of what works for our bodies and lifestyle, we can fashion a wardrobe that speaks our truth and personal style message to the world. You've found a wonderful formula and look fab!!

  13. You look wonderful and happy, Pam. I found that when I entered my 60s, I became more confident in my clothing choices. I find that I'm doing more with color now, but what I'd really like to do is invest in more classic pieces that will stand the test of time. I think your outfit is the perfect blend of timeless and classic.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  14. This is such a great post! Wonderful advice and valuable both for your readers and you! It's the kind of positive reinforcement that is so important for women to share with each other.

  15. I have taken all of this in Pam and will put it all to good use. I think I have a good sense of style, however I have enjoyed finding Talbot or Chico separates evenwith their tags still on at some nice thrift stores around my area!

    Thank you for so much encouragement!

    2013 Designer Series

  16. You are a style icon in your own right, Pam!!

  17. Great post with wonderful suggestions for dressing and feeling more confident!

  18. You are definitely on point, I used to struggle with my OOTD, realizing that after 50 you can't dress like a 20 year old - (lol)No seriously, I have found my
    level of comfort as well. Enjoy your week!

  19. Great post. What a lovely necklace too!

    Have a great week!



  20. Looking radiant Pam -
    We are not the same style but i can appreciate your style -
    You always look pretty and so put together!



  21. Great post, love that great gold necklace

  22. Pam, that necklace is totally yummy! It looks like edible golden nuggets of something tasty! Great tips! :-)

  23. Pamela~This is one of my favorite looks on you. So polished, so put together and chic. You look fabulous! Maybe it's the white blouse but I'm picking up a bit of a Diane Keaton vibe here. I find her ageless and fun so I hope that's a complement. I love this look on you. 60 is totally agreeing with you!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  24. I love your glasses - tres chic. The outfit is classy and looks very comfortable which is always a bonus.

    I stopped weighing myself this year and just focus on cooking tasty/healthy food and walking the dog twice a day.

    My clothes all fit, my skin looks great and I still don't know or care what I weigh.

    It's about really loving all the bumps and lumps and dressing to your shape and height.

    You're outfit shows how it's done.

    Really lovely.

  25. Another wonderful post full of good advice and great photos. Thank you for the inspiration!

  26. Wonderful advice! You look great, and I'm gathering inspiration from you! I still don't tone down the color, though, at least most of the time.

  27. Great advice and I love your outfit--so simple and elegant. Thanks for the inspiration! Also...belated happy birthday!! Best wishes in the coming year--Susan

  28. Good advice and "look" simple is always chic and elegant in my book.

  29. You can't beat a great white blouse. I also feel the same way about a basic white tee shirt. Thanks.


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