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Jul 30, 2013

Lookie Lous....A Brilliant Idea from Innovative Women + A Giveaway!!

It is kind of amazing to think that women were not recognized for their inventions until just prior to the 19th Century.

   But since then, women inventors have literally changed the world….from windshield wipers to wireless communications!

Blogging has introduced me to so many creative women entrepreneurs, and today I am bringing you two more…the creators of LOOKIE LOUS!!!

Here is the story from the website: “Veterans of fashion and design, company founders Kelly and Kristie met 25 years ago while working in the Los Angeles garment district.  Shortly after turning 40, they discovered that small print and misplaced reading glasses were becoming increasingly nuisances for them both.  Kelly remembered she has been wearing her daughter’s plastic hairband and kept mistaking it on her head for readers….and the idea was born!

LOOKIE LOUS were developed in Kelly’s house.  They are transparent, lightweight and can easily perform both roles as eyewear and a headband.  My husband finds them to be excellent readers and gives his endorsement!  And he is always looking for his glasses!  I need more than a reader…but I can always use a great headband.  Just think of the genius of this…now you can sit by the pool, protect your eyes, read a great book, and look fabulous all at the same time…then even hold back your wet hair later.  The ladies are also happy to donate old readers to underprivileged families.

As we pass over 40, men and women begin to struggle with Prebyopia.  Prebyopia is the increasing inability to focus on close objects and simply means that we will need a pair of reading glasses often for the rest of our lives. Lookie Lous becomes a great solution for comfort, style and functionality. They have even designed a pair for those of us with eye strain from excessive computer use.

Find a need and fill it…that is what these ladies certainly did and in a very fashionable way! These would make a great gift for yourself and others!  But, the exciting news is that one of you will win a pair of Lookie Lous, color of your choice.  

All, you have to do is leave your name and email in the comments!  Then go to their Facebook page, HERE, and give them a LIKE.  Tell me below that you did these things and your name is in the basket!!

A winner will be drawn on August 8!!  


Jul 29, 2013

The Messages Spoken by COLORS

There are many different theories on this topic! But, for now, to read the one I discovered, you must click HERE and visit Generation Fabulous!

It helps me to understand why I gravitate toward different colors!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!  Smile at someone passing by!

Fall 2013 News from ELAINE TURNER:

Jul 28, 2013

5 Ways to Feel Confident In Your Own Skin

Three years and 885 posts later, I have learned so much about myself and my own style since beginning to blog.

I have experimented; stepped out of my comfort zone;and internalized what style books and other blogs say.  I have learned to enjoy how other women dress while understanding that their style is not necessarily my own. I have found joy in shopping at Goodwill and Saks Fifth Ave. all at the same time!

I have discovered joy and fun in diversity...it is the spice of life in fashion. But, I am more comfortable now as I enter my sixties than I have ever been with my style...and it is surprisingly simpler than I would have predicted it to be.  Oh, I still love color and accessories. But, I do find myself toning things down a bit from where I was three years ago. And you know what? I love it!  A look like what I am wearing today is still a very visible, confident Pam!!

Wardrobe consultant, Debbie Wright, writes of 5 tips to help us feel more positive and confident in our own skin:

1. Dress For Who You Are Today and How You Look Today (This is very important for me as I work hard to finally win over a healthy lifestyle. I need to keep things positive and hopeful by looking my best each day!)

2. Accentuate the Best Body Feature You Have with Clothing ( This is why I wear these skinny pants)

3. Every Season get fitted and purchase a good quality properly fitting bra (Yes, you will be amazed at the results...people will say you lost weight!)

4. Stay Polished and always wear flattering accessories.  Accessories offer a way to express your individuality.  (I have hit the shoe sales big this summer...but I find this is a great way to individualize a look!)

5.  You Can Shop Anywhere....(Like I said, from Goodwill to Saks Fifth Ave....be open and shop in many places)

I also agree with her when she writes, "When you respect yourself, others will respect you in return."  Oh, yeah!

The outfit:
Blouse, Necklace, Watch: Chicos
Leggings: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Bloomingdales

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!  Now, please go visit the fashion forward bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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Jul 27, 2013

Just In Case...

Here are the remainder of my pictures from the Hill Country Hyatt Resort and Spa....just in case anyone plans a trip to San Antonio!

The property is beautiful complete with golf course, and a lazy river for tubing or swimming in the pools.

There are so many places along the nature trail to just sit and reflect.

Beautiful wildlife...including close proximity to Seaworld and lots of wildlife!!
I highly recommend this slice of Texas as a place to vacation or stay when visiting our beautiful city!

Have a lovely weekend everyone...visiting your local hotels just for dining makes for a special time!

Jul 25, 2013

It's Friday....Treat #1 Special!!

Has your week been stressful?  Did you face an army of voices demanding your attention whether family, friends, or work associates?  Perhaps you need to take care of number one this weekend!

It can be as simple as a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers to welcome in a little peace into your home…

Or perhaps a small purchase like a great blouse….THIS OPEN COLLARED, PURPLE ONE is from COVERED PERFECTLY…just click in the ad at the top of the sidebar for special savings...

Maybe, it is just taking a walk in a quiet place….

There are so many ways to give yourself a gift.  Make sure you do this often!

What are your plans this weekend?  No matter what, I hope it is a joyful one!!

Blouse provided by Covered Perfectly
Last three pictures from the grounds of the Hill Country Hyatt Resort and Spa in San Antonio

Jul 24, 2013

A Necklace Even A Husband Can Love

It is rare that my husband comments on my jewelry....but, he did when I wore this necklace!

( Photo not staged...my daughter called while we shot these pictures!)

He loved this look!  This is another great necklace from INPINK, and readers of this blog can receive a special discount...just keep reading!

This is the ANTIQUE LARGE MEDALLION NECKLACE and it comes in a set with beautiful earrings....

 Currently, you can receive 35% off all necklaces like the BLUE STONE NECKLACE I wore on Monday....

In fact, just click HERE for the 35% off offer, and  and make sure you enter PAMOF30 at the checkout for 30% off any order until August 20, 2013. They have a lot of fun jewelry!.

After that, make sure you join the other bloggers of ....KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Then have a summery-fun
Thursday!  Keep smiling!

Jewelry was provided to me from INPINK!

Jul 23, 2013

Hill Country Hyatt Resort and Spa!

One should never underestimate the fabulousness of the birthday girl!
Wishing you a day filled with glitzy fun!!

This card from Mr. B began my birthday!  Then he whisked me away to the HILL COUNTRY HYATT RESORT AND SPA for a day of glitzy pampering.
The whole resort is Texas/Western/Chic and the WINDFLOWER SPA is just a little slice of heaven!!  
 My favorite TREATMENT of the day was called the FIRM MY HIDE (which my hide can use a lot of firming) and includes a buffalo greens scrub with soothing steamed towels and a cactus wrap, scalp massage, and finally a body massage with agave nectar oil.  

I was so relaxed I thought I would need to be wheeled out the door.  After dressing in the fabulous spa facilities, my husband took me across the property to the beautiful ANTLERS LODGE for dinner.

I saved all my calories on Sunday for this meal and each bite was absolutely worth it!!

The seasonings are incredible and the atmosphere right down to the music is so rich and luxurious.

Spa and fine dining....a great way to enter my sixties!!  

After dinner, we took my happy feet and walked the property!
I will share those pictures with you on Saturday!  It is beautiful!

Til then, y'all have a great Wednesday!!

What Will You Do If You Fall?

Who is this woman??  Well, you will have to go over to Generation Fabulous, HERE, to find out. Today, I am posting on their site about this lady and how my nose ended up in the floor!!

Special thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes...actually turning 60 was my most fun birthday in many years!!  Tomorrow, I will share with you what we did!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!

My husband made me the most fashionable girl in the gym!!

Jul 21, 2013

60 and Sizzling!!

Well, it is finally here...nothing I could do to stop it...I am officially 60 years old!
It doesn't seem that long ago that I had a stereotype of a sixty year old woman in my head and an even more false idea of how that woman feels at 60.  I don't look or feel like I thought I would!

Yes, yes...I am still fighting the battle of the bulge...borderline osteoporosis...and my POISE accessory goes with me everywhere...I will need to work until I drop... underneath this caramel color is solid gray...but all in all, life is good! 

The question I have been asked the most this summer is, "Will you change the name of your blog??"  Absolutely not!  Technically, I am still over 50.  But, really, when I began this blog three years ago as of July 1, it was about attitude more than anything else.  I still feel younger than that number....I am confident...I am strong...I am joyful....and I feel better about me than really ever before...over50feeling40 represents that attitude.  Because of all of this, I face difficult circumstances with a healthier mindset...because those circumstances do come.  I desire to live life to its fullest each and every day, taking one day at a time....living with strength and dignity.

I looked for a great quote about turning 60, but my favorite actually came in a comment from my dear friend and fellow blogger, the amazing SACRAMENTO, who said, "  60 is the beginning of the best part of your life, dear Pam."   Hear, hear!!
On this day, it is especially important to me to say THANK YOU to all of you who read, follow, comment, tweet, FB, and have become friends on this blog.  You are so special to me and have made each day a blessing and a joy!!  I figure we all have many, many years ahead of us together!!

Oh yeah....sizzling, sensational, soaring, sexy, 60!  

Of course, we cannot leave out fashion!!

This fun, flowy jacket and white tank are from CHICOS SALE ITEMS!  Perfect for humid, hot weather!  If you missed that link, check out the sale HERE

INPINK sent me this beautiful blue and gold necklace which I know I will wear a lot. You can find it HERE.
EVEN BETTER...save 30% off of your jewelry order, by
putting in the code PAMOF30 until August 20,2013!!

Jeans are from COLDWATER CREEK, HERE and currently 40% off. (don't you just love July sales!!)

Now, I am off to the spa and a special dinner this evening.  I will have birthday bits throughout the week.  Until then make sure on Sunday evening and Monday to visit the talented bloggers of Patti's Visible Monday and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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