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Jun 18, 2013


Some of you may remember a couple of years ago, when I asked the Fashion Editor of our San Antonio Express News what his number one piece of fashion advice is for women over 50.  Michael Quintanilla’s response is worthy of repeating.  He said, “Never leave the house without a thorough , head to toe look in the mirror.”  Not a glance…a thorough look.  
He said, “This is where a woman makes her biggest mistakes.  As much as possible, turn and look at your entire outfit.  Is it ready to walk out the front door?  Too many mature women walk out anyway.”
Well, maybe we are not as glued to the mirror as the younger generation might be…or maybe we have lost our will to care.  But, I do agree with Michael.  It has helped me so much to not fear the mirror, but give a long look before leaving the house.  We have a wall of mirrors in our dining room and I always go there first after I dress.  Michael would like us all to own three way mirrors, but we should at least have access to one full length mirror.

I found this little print top on a clearance rack at MACYS in Chicago.  I loved the print, but when I put the blouse on in the mirror, it was just too short and not flattering at all.  So, I tried it on with a longer tank top and I really liked the look, and believe it took care of the problem.  Even with an attractive price, I would not have brought it home if the tank did not work.  I make it a priority to use the three way mirrors in stores when they are available…yes, even if it means leaving the dressing room…I think it is that important.
Since we are discussing the power of reflections, I have included a few more of my pictures from Chicago!  After viewing them, tell us if you agree with Michael about the importance of the mirror.......then, HAVE A FABULOUS WEDNESDAY!

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. -Steve Jobs


  1. Great advice - I think I need a three-way mirror so I can check the back of my hair, it's often a happy mess! Love your new print top.

  2. Had I remembered that last thorough look in the mirror before I left home I wouldn't have gone to work wearing only one earring. I worried that I lost it but found it at home.

  3. Hi Pam-you are so right about taking a thoughtful look. I think a 3 way mirror would be perfect. Sometimes I kind of squint my eyes, quick peek and off I go. I like the thoughtfulness of reflection you describe here. Your photos of Chicago are lovely. Hope your summer is fantastic so far.
    2 more days and I'm a free woman ;)
    xx, Heather @ stylemindchic

  4. I so agree. I've often seen people with hair or clothing that look fine from the front, but are too short or tight or wonky from the back.

    I love your new top that you bought in Chicago - it looks great and the tank makes it just the right length. I've been weeding out t-shirts left, right, and centre this spring as many seem too short. I need to go on a shopping trip soon and buy some longer ones.

  5. I do believe that a full length mirror is a girl's best friend and I use a hand held mirror to check my backside, too. You seemed to have had a nice shopping experience in Chicago and your photos show that the weather cooperated with you as well. We lived for many, many years outside Houston and now reside in a small town in Arkansas. Shopping with a three-way mirror has given way to online shopping with 'in house' clothes check performed with every item that comes in.

  6. No full length mirrors here. Though one would be appreciated. You look lovely. The tank is very nice.

  7. That's a pretty top - it looks good with both khaki & navy. I'm not glued to the mirror but usually have a quick check before leaving, just to check everything's where it should be! Great quote from Steve Jobs.

  8. Agree, I run around barefooted up to the last minute and it is important to give the entire look - which then includes shoes, bag, maybe sunglasses, etc. a good final check!

    Lady of Style

  9. No matter what you have on, you should never leave the house without confidence.
    Re: mirrors...I always have to ask, "mirror, mirror on the wall...which one makes me look the best of all?"

  10. I so agree about looking in a mirror before you leave the house. Many a fashion mishap has been averted by my "mirror study" in the full length mirror strategically placed by my front door :)

  11. Love that print top! I often, especially in summer, layer cotton knit (like t-shirt fabric) tops because the fabric seems so thin these days. And I guess they're meant to be layered. Never thought about layering a regular woven top over a knit like you've done here, Pam! There are tops that I've dismissed on the rack because they seemed slightly too sheer, even though the prints themselves were pretty and in colors that fit in my wardrobe. I really need to move from certain habits and ways of dressing I've got stuck in my head...


  12. There has been a mirror in our family room forever and that is always my last check look before going out the door.
    We recently replaced it with a painting and my whole world changed. LOL
    Now I find myself lost without that last check mirror.
    It might just have to go back up

  13. Excellent reminder Pam! I have left the house before and then in the car realize my lipstick is askew or not bright enough for my outfit, etc! I DO wish I had a three way mirror!

    Art by Karena
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  14. Thanks for the reminder, Pam. An interior decorator friend once told me to have a mirror by the front door for a quick check before greeting someone.

  15. Quite true .. I tend to dash out the door without a second glance at my outfit .. I mean, I'm busy !! Anyway, it sure helps to find out that your zipper is down before you leave the house ;-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  16. Great tip, I sometimes wonder how so many people leave the house without checking their appearance. My husband chuckles every time we leave because we both fight for the mirror to get a last look at ourselves. Truly a great common sense tip, we must keep out there for all to consider. Have a great day.

  17. Great post and a wonderful reminder of how to check your style. There is a large mirror in our main hallway, so no excuse for checking my look before exiting. Such a common sense tip, but its always worth repeating. Thank you, have a great day.

  18. I'm wishing they had a full length mirror in the bathroom at work! Sometimes the garments need readjustment!
    I take my outfit shots before jumping into the car for the commute. I find seeing it "on camera" makes for more honest critical thinking than the mirror. Occasionally, I'll change. Usually, I'm running late so it's more of a reminder for "next time".

  19. The look in the mirror before you go out in public is what is sorely missing with the contestants on peopleofwalmart.com!!!

    I always check and have been known to change my outfit based on what I see!!

  20. Yes, great advice, Pam. What I don't like though is catching my reflection by chance in a window and freaking myself out wondering who that is looking back! I like your photos of architecture and other mirrored surfaces too.


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