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May 2, 2013

If I Were A Fashion Designer....

I think all of us at one time or another wish we were fashion designers!  I know that I often do, but can barely sew on a button!  
I also know that women on the blogs LOVE to give their opinions and wish today's designers took the needs and wishes of the 45+ crowd into consideration.  SO, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE, LADIES!  If you were a fashion designer for today's 45+ woman, what would you be designing.
For instance,  I would love to have more options on affordable, quality knit leggings and tunics in rich saturated colors.  I can see a line in my mind with textiles of tops and tanks in my "leaf" collection...combining colors similar to the leaves above (taken on my street).  I can even see them with leggings and tunics in the granite patterns and neutral tones....from the concrete!  I get excited just thinking about it!
Also, sizing is important to me.  Recently, KOHLS introduced a new line by designer Derek Lam.  I have worn the extra large sizes at Kohls from Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, and Jennifer Lopez.  No problems.  But, Derek Lam's extra large sizes do not work on my body at all.  In my new role as fashion designer, I would make sure that doesn't happen and my sizing is consistent.  

I would love to see more fashion forward....AFFORDABLE options in quality knits and no iron fabrics for the busy woman 45+.  The fashion world just assumes the greater majority of us are retired and at home...not true, people!

So, ladies, what would you design if your were the designer.  Where do you think the gaps are?  What would you like to see in the retail outlets that you currently do not see?  

I had an appointment at the dermatologist this week and saw this slogan on the back of the door.  I photographed it because I was so  bothered....there is NOTHING we can do to stop aging!  Then I read this excellent post  HERE at A Well Styled Life.  She said what I was thinking...this insults our intelligence.  I so agree!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!


  1. If you look carefully in Kohl's (as I did yesterday with my 30% off coupon in hand) Kohl's quality has deteriorated. I find clothing true to size when I order from QVC and the quality of the fabric is superior in every way. Check it out yourself.

  2. A major pet peeve of mine is that the petite version of most clothing comes in the same large scale print that the regular size does, or it only comes in black which makes me look like death warmed over. This is especially true when it comes to summer dresses. I haven't purchased a dress for the past four years. I'm seriously considering buying a pattern and reviving my old sewing skills!

  3. I wish you were designing clothes, Pam; I really like the way you think! The post you linked to was great reading, too, thank you. Xoxox

  4. What a ridiculous sign!!! When did aging become shameful and a dirty word? This sort of thing drives me wild.
    If I were a fashion designer I would create low heeled shoes that are comfortable and chic. All too often "comfort" shoes look like they were designed to be worn by little Gnomes. Not a pretty look.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Ruching.Can not have enough ruching and other camouflage tricks.

  6. I love tops and tunics with patterns instead of solid colors. They sometimes can be hard to find.

  7. You would make the perfect consultant to designers with the ideas and concepts that you describe. Thanks for the link, which was a welcomed breath of fresh air.

  8. Being vertically challenged and knowing exactly what looks good on me, I've often thought if only... (In fact, when I was a kid and early teen, I thought of becoming a fashion designer. Don't many of us? Somewhere are assorted drawings from those days! My kids would chuckle.)

    As for the aging issues, you know my stance I think. None of us likes seeing the wrinkles we didn't have and what woman doesn't want to look good and feel good? But when we're less focused as a culture on ourselves - and the insignificant - I think we can enjoy fashion & style without being so wedded to it that we drive ourselves crazy. And growing older is a privilege. We should look to live fully, give back, and appreciate what we have!

  9. If I were a designer, women's pants would come invarious inseam lengths, especially casual pants & jeans.

    I am also vertically challenged. Petite inseams have increased from 27" to as much as 30". I need pants I can wear flats & other low heeled shoes, not 3" heels.

  10. I totally agree with your thoughts...if I were designing I would have skirt lengths hit slightly below the knee which would give an inch or two to hem if someone wanted it shorter...almost all dresses I find hit above the knee...not flattering to legs that are 65 years old. And, sleeves...to the elbow or dresses with jackets. Air conditioning makes it impossible to go sleeveless and who want to show arms even if slim lack tone at age 65. Sheath dresses with beautiful necklines and sleeves to the elbow flatter almost any body style and age..think Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn those stlyes never go away. The fashion industry completely ignore women beyond 40 - hello - we are still here and have the desire to be well dressed.
    Mary in Birmingham

  11. If I were a designer I would make skinny jeans fit better!!!! I like the style but still need the "above the waist - mommy jeans" fit.


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