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May 14, 2013

Fabulous Women Work That Sexiest Curve

What’s the sexiest curve on your body?
Stick with me…we’ll get there….
I have spent most of my time the last fourteen years training high school students to be news reporters.  Reporting is somewhat of a lost art these days, because it does not bring the big dollars to the bank account. A true reporter loves the profession, and is motivated by a desire to thoroughly investigate and give the public truth, as best determined through research, questioning, and interviews.  There are many skills required for such a person to do their jobs with excellence…one of those skills is the ability to read body language......... 

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  1. You look fab, Pam! Love your confidence!

  2. A SMILE the most beautiful thing to treasure...great post Pam...Smile written by Charlie Chaplin is one of my favourite songs ;-)
    Have a lovely day.
    Catherine xx

  3. Lovely post, Pam. It's so great that you are passing on the art and skills of journalism.

  4. Work it girl and I love that you are passing on your passion and knowledge to the next generation

  5. Your body language says you're fabulous, as you are! Love the flow of the cardi and you have the best accessories :)

  6. LOVING that curvaceous smile.


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