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May 7, 2013

Fabulous Women Have "Big" Worlds!

The last child moved to college this weekend.  What do I do now…she pondered?  Suddenly, the busy house is quiet.  No more wake up calls to make…no more dinner each night…no more schedules to oversee…just quiet.
Loneliness sets in far too quickly…for so long it was the children who connected her to other women. Now, she finds herself each day, with unhealthy food in hand and sitting in a chair, spending her time with Rachel Ray…Katie Couric…and reruns of television shows which bring a flood of memories and laughter.  Only the laughter is only heard by one.
If you really think about it, we all know this woman..........

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!!!


  1. Interesting. Me? I refuse to dwell on what's not in my life, but what is. And when sadness creeps in, I pray. I also refuse to let low feelings make me fat. It's a battle with the bulge after 50, we must fight it with every bite.

  2. My youngest is moving out this summer but I have started my new business this month. It's good to have some kind of "baby" to nourish and mine is my yoga studio! But I think you're correct if you don't have something to be passionate about it drags you down...


  3. Haha this was me a few years ago. I miss having the kids at home BUT, I've come to appreciate and enjoy my quite time now. It's a good life....the next phase.

  4. First of all, children have a tendency to not stay gone, particularly in the beginning. Just about the time you get used to dinner for one or two, they'll be back again, sitting there at the table wanting to know when it'll be ready.

    It's a change when they first leave, and if you haven't had control of the remote for 18 years it's well and good to spend a little time enjoying your new found freedom.

    After that, get their stuff cleared out and let yourself have some fun! There isn't anything as evil as getting some project going in a former kid's room, making a big mess, and then closing the door for your later return.

    You've earned the time to yourself!

  5. I really love spending time with my kids but I also love seeing them grow up and become more independent and needing me less! I wonder if I will feel differently when they move out (which is many years away, mine are 10 and 6)? XO, Jill

  6. Such a poignant post! I have raised no children, and have always had an "empty nest". but I do feel for the women in transition, and how it may be difficult to change focus. Thanks for sharing this, Pam. xoxoxo

  7. This sounds like me once upon a time. GREAT article.


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