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Apr 2, 2013

Living Inspired! and Soft Surroundings Winner!

I know how I am expected to feel.
Ever closer to the big 6-0.
Tired… Cranky... Slow... Dry.

Don’t feel any of those things.

I feel inspired.  Always fascinated by this world and
Surprises each day brings.
Like leaves in my yard.  Seriously!

Colors of Spring....Conclusion of Winter.
Life Goes Forward.
And I can see it in clothing.

There is creativity for fashion all around us.
Can you see it?

Do you take time to look around you every day?
Really look.
Trust me.  If you take that time,
You will live life in the unexpected and experience
Daily Surprises and Smiles....inspired!

Animal Print Cardigan: Chicos
Dana Buchman V Neck Tee: Kohls
Black Denim Slim Leg Pants: Lane Bryant
Brown Pointy Toed Flats:  Old Navy
Watch:  Chicos Jewelry
Older Necklace: Do Not Remember

Make sure you enter to win one of three Foxcroft tunics to be given away next week...just click on the tunic in the sidebar!!

Congratulations to  VAL SPARKLE ...winner of the gorgeous Soft Surroundings topper!!  Enjoy...I love mine!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Love how positive and empowering this is! I just feel better after reading it, thanks!

  2. I have two great windows in my kitchen....I always look out them, every morning, when I make my coffee, and when I am reading my Bible...I am amazed how many people never really see the beauty of bright spring tree leaves against a bluebird sky! I am so grateful to see how each day is different...and I am so glad you are willing to show photos of how you put things together...visual aids are great for me! Thank you!

  3. I find a lot of amazing items at Goodwill ~ I noticed your sidebar with the GW logo.....I just printed out a bunch of coupons for 50% off clothing.....

  4. Pam, I'm so excited! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I'll email you.

  5. Beautiful words Pam...I really try to take time to look around me every day and to slow down and not rush at everything...I agree with you...you see life differently and SMILE...always smile and show a little kindness every day.
    Have a good week.

  6. I love your positive attitude! Living and working in an international environment, I can see the difference amongst various nationalities and Germans tend to be a lot more negative. I am glad that I am inspired and positively uplifted by lovely people around me. Your post is very inspirational, thank you!

    Lady of Style

  7. Your attitude and appreciation for life will keep you looking and feeling young forever. As always, you look gorgeous. Sometimes, just going for a walk gives us a whole new perspective and forces us to really look around and notice so much that is beautiful and that we take for granted. xo

  8. Thanks for this, Pam, to start the day. There is so much beauty right in front of us! Have a wonderful day xoxoxoxo

  9. I'm having an epically bad day and needed to see this. Thanks for the attitude adjustment, Pam :-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  10. Learning to live "in the moment" is one of the lessons I have learned this year. And what a blessing it has been!
    As always, thank you for the lovely post.

  11. Wonderful observations about the little things that surprise us everyday. Particularly liked the leaf.

  12. Who told you that's how you're supposed to feel when 60. I'm 70+ and....Ok. I do get tired more easily, but my determination is always there, even if I can't always do ALL of the things I used to be able to do ! I still have a dammed good try. Love your positive approach. You look great in the lovely printed shirt/jacket.

  13. loving the zebra print
    i think i actually appreciate my surroundings more now than when i was younger, there is so much beauty out there in the world

  14. I love that there are now more blogs by older and wiser women who are interested in fashion, decorating and pretty much in everything in life that is interesting and beautiful.


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