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Apr 23, 2013

Are the Fabulous Women Superficial?

Words are important to me…as a writer, teacher, reader…the right word selected can mean everything.  I no longer want to be pretty as a high school prom queen….I want to be stunning as an Audrey Hepburn.  I do not want to just live my life…I want to be saturated with life.  I do not want to sit with friends and talk…I want to steep their words in conversation.  So when someone tells me that the word "fabulous" is superficial...I say, au contraire!
Today, I am once again writing for GENERATION FABULOUS about...well...being fabulous!!  Is it superficial to desire to live up to this word?  Just click HERE for the rest of the post!

My pictures are one of my ways of celebrating Fiesta, and tomorrow I will show you how San Antonio women salsa the runway.

Until then,  have a fabulous Tuesday!!

Excellent discussion, ladies, from the WHOA Network:



  1. Loved the video with the Whoa Network. And the article you wrote.

  2. I am with you on the power of words, Pam. And I think "fabulous" is well, fabulous, to describe your project at GF. And you, too!

  3. I really enjoyed your article Pam... I left a comment over there... and you do indeed look fabulous... xv

  4. Wonderful post, you always look stunning :)

  5. I loved your feature over there. Love the crystal goblet and I love your comment that life is too short to drink out of paper cups!! Great job, Pam!! xo

  6. Fabulous is never ever superficial. I think we all have the right to decide to make the best of our lifes. And since Sex and the City being fabulous is quite a common thing, isn't it? Well, at least for me ;)


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