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Mar 22, 2013

Why Does This Still Happen??

These ads just infuriate me!  I get so upset at retailers who want to do this to women  even those who are 106!  Women deserve to look fabulous no matter their age...and this just drives me crazy! My mother use to call these moo-moos...I call then no-nos. I guess these would not exist if there was no response...nevertheless, I wish they would go away.  Instead, I prefer a retailer who does THIS to women:
I would rather dress like this!  I love this Gauze Pullover from Soft Surroundings.  I bought it last weekend when I was at the store...it is completely me!!
I made the necklace from two old necklaces....and the watch is from Chicos... purchased last summer.

I feel edgy, chic, and fun...all in one outfit!!  I hope you can join me on Monday, because I will have a beautiful topper from Soft Surroundings to give away to one of you!!  Please come back and until then...HAVE A FUN SATURDAY!!

Your "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  No matter how tired you are at the end of a long week, resist all temptation to wear a moo-moo and dress as if you are 106!


  1. I like clothes that are not form fitting. But the moo-moo is a thing whose time has come and went. You are so right about this.

  2. Oh, I so agree and you look absolutely stunning in that smart outfit.

  3. That advert made me laugh. The older women here in rural France wear dresses/coverups similar to that. My daughter has threatened that if ever I come to that she will disown me, Ha ha ! never happen.

  4. Pam, you are so right!!
    In Germany we had a similar retailer who sent out catalogues (way before the Internet and online stores) called Klingel. We used to call this style "Klingel dresses".

    Your look is fabulous! The wider top with skinny trousers, the big necklace and leo flats. Love it.

    Lady of Style

  5. So sorry Pam I got distracted, I wanted to say how fabulous you look in your chic casual outfit.Have fun and Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Does anyone actually but those things?! Cool & breezy - who are they trying to kid? Your outfit is a million times better.

  7. I hate those sundresses, too. I still call them mumu's but I like your spelling better - MOO MOO's. It says it all.

    I LOVE your outfit. I wish there was a Soft Surroundings near me. I may be on television soon, and of course the first thing I fret about it - what should I wear? Agh.

    Thanks for another lovely post. I always look forward to them.


  8. Great post my dear! Your necklace is absolutely Fabulous!! You are oh so chic!!!

  9. Oh, my goodness, your look is fantastic .... just the way we should all strive to look!

  10. I see those ads every Sunday and just shake my head. I can't imagine anybody wearing that awful thing!!! Love your top. Will have to check out soft surroundings.

  11. I'd love to add that as a petite-sized woman, many of the offerings in my size are polyester and matronly. Ugh.

  12. Three for $32? They'd need to move the decimal point to the left if I'm ever going to wear their Flu Moos :-(
    Oooh, goodie, Pam. I'd love to have something from Soft Surroundings - can't wait!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  13. Hi Pam! Up with chic-like you and down with the moo moos (which sounds an awful lot like a cow). Happy Weekend and you will rock it in that outfit!

  14. Well, due to the standard American diet (SAD), I think there is still a market for those types of dresses.


  15. You can't pass judgment. - Gail

  16. I guess I will be the odd one out.

    I see a real need for simple house dresses. And if anyone has ever been a care giver for an elderly woman, one can appreciate a simple dress, rather than wrangling off pants in the toilet.

    While I wouldn't like the cotton/poly blend, not everyone has washers and dryers. A simple dress which can be rinsed out and hung to dry is useful. A dress like this would be much cooler in hot weather with no air conditioning (we don't have it here.) Based on what I see women wearing, such as leggings and tight T-shirts, I would rather see these dresses, please.

    Considering all the T-shirts I ruin while cooking and cleaning house, maybe I make myself a couple...in cotton.


    1. I think a spirit of acceptance is important.

      I used to throw something like that on when my kids were little. I'd get dressed, slip, stockings - put my zip-up housedress on- and get the kids up. Spit-ups and spills landed on that dress. Once everybody was fed and made ready for daycare I'd take the dress off (usually into the laundry basket) and slip into my work clothes on and off we'd go.

  17. Those mail order houses make a fortune on those unflattering house dresses to shut-ins, overweight gals and women in rural America who still think its okay to wear them, not only in the house but to the market etc. My friend who is a book group leader finds the most celestial blouses and tops from Soft Surroundings. To my knowledge, there isn't one in my area, so she orders from their catalog. You look amazing in your ensemble.

  18. The mail order houses that sell these make a fortune on them from shut-ins, overweight gals, and those of us who live in rural areas and aren't close to shopping. My book club leader wears the most celestial blouses and tops from Soft Surroundings. There isn't one in my area so their catalog is the best bet for me. You look simply amazing in your ensemble.

  19. Some women should be protected from making fashion faux pas.I like your collection of flats.

  20. You look great Pam! No No to the Moo Moos!
    Art by Karena

  21. Wow! Such a beautiful outfit:)


  22. Pam, you look great in this outfit! It makes you look young and fresh, and the necklace you made is gorgeous! My favorite outfit from you so far! I am surprised there are business for these retailers! But I do suppose that if anyone wants to wear them it is not wrong, although it might not be the most flattering garment. I don't think anyone is forced to buy these (in my opinion) ugly dresses.

  23. seriously, is that ad for real??
    my grandmother used to call those housecoats
    who actually buys these things????
    ps...i still can't believe what a nice mom you were to go get your daughter her fav Easter candy!!
    hope you had a great weekend

  24. I don't know Pam. I am thinking that moo moo might look spiffy with the right pair of Chanel pumps. :-)

  25. Those catalogue clothes belong to the 1950s! I love your necklace, but contrary to others (maybe because I am from the UK?) I still feel you could do better than this clothes wise, brown is very dull and draining and I would also like to see you in a less shapeless top - you deserve to be bright and beautiful and show your character, not hide it under a sea of brown spodge!

  26. As always Pam your look is lovely. Like 'Anchorage' I must add that these dresses, colorful, comfortable, easy on and off, and easy care are reasonable alternatives for some older and physically limited ladies. With toileting issues, mobility limitations etc. these dresses are a style-ish alternative. When I visit my 95 year old Mother (in an assisted living facility) and see the multiple versions of dresses like this I am happy to see all the different colors a neckline treatments. I sew and customize such items for my Mother, she is envied by her friends. While not in our fashion focus do not forget that we all may be reaching for the MuMu someday.

  27. Hello,
    Love your outfit, and the two necklaces together is very creative. As to the ad, well I think there's a market for it for some ladies. My goal is to continue to be fabulous no matter my age.

  28. Hello,
    I love the outfit and the two necklaces together is very creative. As to the ad, I think there is a market for it but I plan on being fabulous no matter what age, just like my Mom. Still wearing heels at 72!


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