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Mar 5, 2013

Choosing A Frame for Your Skin Tone


Get some tips on how to choose the best color eyeglass frames. Elements like skin tone and hair color factors to consider when finding flattering eyeglasses. Read more and get an idea of what color eyeglasses might be most complimentary for you.

Choosing the Best Color Eyeglass Frames
With so many options to choose from, finding the right eyeglasses can be a challenge. But, it’s well worth putting in the time to select the most flattering pair since glasses are not only a prominent feature on your face, but can also be an asset to your appearance. The color of your eyeglass frames is one element that plays a large part in what will be most complimentary on you. Below, is a breakdown of some factors you can take into consideration when deciding on a color for your next pair of prescription glasses.

Skin tone
The first step in choosing the best color eyeglass frames is to identify your skin tone. People generally fall under two categories skin tone-wise – warm or cool.
Warm skin tone: If you have a warm skin tone, your coloring is yellow-based with peach undertones. Gold, copper, beige and brown will be the most flattering neutral-colored frames for you, with orange, coral, aqua, red and white taking the prize for the best colored options.
Cool skin tone: Cool-skin tones have a blue-based cast with pink undertones. The eyeglass frames that work best for people with cool skin tones are black, grey and silver if you’re going the neutral route, or pink, magenta, plum and jade if you want frames with a pop of color. 

Hair color
Once you’ve identified your skin tone and narrowed down the colors you want to choose between, you should factor in your hair color. If your hair is a bold shade like red, black, white/grey or light blonde, eyeglass frames in lighter colors such as light blue, pink, gray or beige are best. For those with more basic hair colors like light- to medium- brown or blonde or deeper red, eyeglass frames in the tan, brown and gold color families will be most complementary.

Eye color
While your eye color isn’t a major factor to consider when choosing a flattering shade of eyeglasses, it’s a secondary element that can be used to play up your eyes. For example, if you have green eyes, jade-colored frames will work to make them pop. The same goes with plum and purple tones for brown eyes, and aqua, grey or even red frames for blue eyes.

Personal style
Of course, your choice in eyeglasses will also be influenced by your own style, fashion choices and personality. If you’re someone in a creative field with a larger-than-life personality for example, you may prefer statement-making prescription glasses with a unique shape, bright color, or eye-catching embellishments. Or, maybe your wardrobe will dictate your choice in glasses by swaying you toward more conservative frames to offset your love of wearing boldly colored clothing. Prescription glasses can also be a great way to change things up if you’ve gotten bored with your look, or want a simple way to give yourself a fresh or more modern update.

The best game plan when you’re shopping for eyeglasses is to try on frames in as many colors as possible. You might surprise yourself and find that a color you never would have considered actually looks great on you.

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  1. Pam, I like your new banner. Thank you for the pointers...I always have a hard time deciding what frames to choose.
    Sometimes I don't feel that the opticians are honest about how they look, or are in a hurry to finish and move on so they "like" everything you try.

  2. Great post.. I just got my eyes checked for the first time in my life- and they put those crazy drops in to make my pupils get big.. I was blind for hours afterwards.. they thought I was weird at the work meetings I went to after that.. lol no need for glasses for me yet..!! but when I do need them I want leopard print design-- of course!! Jodi

  3. Too late, I already got my new glasses! I love the shape, but I wouldn't mind if they were a little lighter color. Oh, well, they're fun!

  4. Love the New Look Blog, Pam...Fabulous ;-)
    Great post...good advice.

  5. OH now this is interesting...I had the best pair of reddish-pink frames years ago, and those were the best for my skin tone! I wear rimless glasses now. PAM DEAR! You beautiful person, you...coming to visit today! I hope you are well and that spring is opening itself up to you! Not here yet..we have had too much snow!

    Love to you, Anita

  6. I admit... I love cool glasses, and tend to have 2 pair at any given time in two colors. I've had everything from standard black to red (lots of red!) to amber, tortoise shell, blue, and green!

    I think glasses can be a great fashion accessory, and if we need them (even half the time), why not something fun and playful for some venues, and more serious if needed for the office?

    (Love Lenscrafters, by the way. And no, I'm not being compensated to say that... Great selections, consistently wonderful service.)

  7. Fabulous post Pam--I'll be bookmarkinhg this as I am due for new glasses later this spring!


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