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Mar 14, 2013

A Time for Blooming!

Ok, I am going to date myself…does anyone remember the guy on the Ed Sullivan show who kept plates spinning on poles all at the same time??

That is what my life feels like now that I wear so many different hats.  I am constantly running up and down the line of poles working to keep the plates spinning…so nothing breaks!   This time of year in San Antonio is so refreshing and always gives me pause for reflection about my life. 

 I might be growing older, but my work ethic has not changed.  In fact, I have added several plates to the ones already spinning.  So, what helps me to face that trick every day and not have broken pieces lying all around me?

Here is what seems to work:

     * Get plenty of rest and protect your rest as if it is a precious jewel.  I rarely change my bedtime schedule during the week for anything.
     * Of course, healthy eating and vitamin assistance are helpful.  I drink a vitamin B-12 packet in my water for an energy boost each day.  We also take Juice Plus...BTW, my hair dresser has noticed a difference in my hair, and my dentist has noticed a difference in my teeth and gums since taking Juice Plus!!
     *I always have more energy if I am faithful to exercise at least 15 minutes a day….I go through stages of stopping and starting…but I know when I do, I am more energetic.  JUST MOVE!
      *Enjoy life every day.  Look for something new to learn each day and live it with passion and vision and joy.  Stay up-to-date, educated and informed.  Don't just sit around...get up and get out!
     *Prioritize those spinning plates…they do not all have to be up in the air every day!  Make sure there is an occasional quite time, where next to nothing spins.
     * Practice saying NO.  If there is something or someone sucking the air out of you…maybe you just need to say NO or good bye.
When on the move, comfortable shoes are a must. These are from Ross!
Spring is such a powerful time of year…new growth, new opportunities, new plates to spin!!  Breathe it in and know that you can still accomplish anything you wish ladies!  And the result is strong,vibrant living when you just keep blooming!

How do you keep your plates spinning?

Have a glorious weekend!!


  1. Yes, I remember Ed Sullivan show, saw The Jackson Five for the 1st time on his show. Anywho, I need plenty of rest because of all the plate spinning I do - which is why I love the weekends!!!!

  2. Love those cute lazer cut sandals
    I can relate with the spinning plates, right now I don't even care if they are actually spinning just so long they can stay on the pole LOL

  3. Excellent advice, Pam - esp about setting priorities - everything that looks "urgent" isn't necessarily "important". I think you 're doing a fabulous job(s)! xoxox

  4. Which ever plate is about to fall and break I spin! I don't have to spin every plate at the same time and some of those plates just seem to spin longer than others.

  5. Thanks for your very inspirational blog. You always encourage me stop and think about things in a different way. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  6. Ooo, nice deal on those sandals! I'm not a good bored person, so I have several project that I work on. I even read two to three books at a time .. lol.


  7. Awesome advice and love your flowers :)

  8. Love this post! :) I feel all plate-spinny all the time!

  9. Great advise! Yes, my plate is always full, and I'm terrible at handling stressful situations. You'd think with age, wisdom follows?
    Seriously tho, my rock is my Savior. I'd be a mess without Him.

  10. Hi Pam-I do remember those spinning plates (and when they went wonky and smashed!). I'm feeling the same as you do. There is so much to do-especially since I've added blogging and my online boutique to my real job as a school psychologist. I like your list of things that help keep us all in balance. I like that move everyday-even if for 15 minutes (sometimes the hour is too daunting!).
    Hope you are enjoying your break!
    xx, Heather


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