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Feb 2, 2013

Thoughts for Tonight.....

From "Second Calling" by Dale Hanson Bourke:

Self Caring People:

"Do for others because they want to; not to get something in return
Act without fear of what others will think because they get satisfaction  from the action itself, not the reaction of others.
Share love and are able to accept love in return
Are able to care for others  because they recognize and find the love and attention they themselves need.
Know they are neither marvelous NOR insignificant
Understand they are important but not indispensable.
Allow others the dignity of making their own mistakes.
Accept themselves and others as they really are, with all their faults, and strengths.

Self caring people are not people-pleasers, but take care of their own real needs!"

Just a few thoughts for this beautiful evening!  See you tomorrow evening for Visible Monday!


  1. What a wonderful way to end this day! Thanks for this!!! Hugs my friend!! Serene

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the lovely thoughts...


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