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Feb 26, 2013

Saggy Bras, Hair Nets,....And A Winner Announced!

“What are you writing about today?” a co-worker asked.
“Cardigans!”  I replied.  “They are excellent transition pieces as weather gets warmer.”
“I hate them,” she said.  “They make me feel old.”
This print cardigan is an older Simply Vera design from Kohls
I walked off pondering the conversation.  Cardigans make me feel anything but old…I always connote them with bobby socks, swing dancing, boyfriend jeans, and good old rock n roll!  This conversation got me to wondering if there were any garments which make me feel old.
Besides the obvious…clunky shoes, saggy bras, hair nets, and hose…I had to confess there are a couple of garments which do bring images of my teeth in a jar.  One would be lace.  Now, I know lace has been in-style for several seasons…but no matter how I style my lace garments, I always feel older in them. So, I finally took all to the consignment shop!
Also, I feel older in maxi-skirts.  This just might have more to do with body image and size than anything.  But, I always try on beautiful long, flowy skirts…stand in front of the mirror…SIGH…and think… NO!  
So how about you…are there any garments which make you feel old?  Have you restyled them or just avoided them altogether?

CONGRATULATIONS to  Toni Pelletier…winner of the Hydro Chic active wear!  Toni, please email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com.  I need to get your email address and pass it along to HydroChic!

Everyone else…you have until 5PM (CST) on Thursday to enter to win the Coldwater Creek necklace, bracelet, and earrings…just go HERE and follow directions!  Winner will be announced on Friday, March 1!

Your “feeling-40-tip-of-the-day”     Be willing to learn something new every day…stay open minded.  Maybe add modern touches to the garments which make you feel older.  But, if the fountain of youth feeling does not follow, be willing to send the garment on its way!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Great post, Pam. I totally agree about saggy bras and hose and "old lady" handbags (they look cute on very young women but not on me). I feel older when I'm too "buttoned up" so I try to loosen my collar.
    Gorgeous kitty!

  2. Lucky Toni. I can't think of anything in particular that makes me feel old. Mostly my weight makes me feel frumpy.

  3. Yeah, interesting subject. I love cardigans, especially in wild prints, bold colors and unexpected fabrics. I will love them forever! I can't think of anything that makes me feel old except baggy clothes. Do you have time to join Adrienne and me for 'How I Wear My: Green'? We'd love to have you with us once again! You can send a picture to either of us by March 4. XO, Jill

  4. What makes me feel old? Bermuda shorts, big sweaters, and bell bottom jeans (so mom in the early 2000's!)

  5. Hello Pam - I like your blog's new look, and your cardigan, trés chic!

  6. I love cardigans too. They are so comfy. Bow blouses make me feel old depending on the style. I usually steer clear of them.

  7. Thank you Pam - I can't believe that I won your Hydro Chic give-away! I am so thrilled to get moving in something new and so versatile.....

    I can't think of anything that I own that makes me feel old -As the saying goes, Aging is mandatory, Maturing optional!

    Had my first cataract removed yesterday with implants, and the second eye next Tuesday - I already feel 10 years younger, so I refuse to let my clothing age me.... Love your blog - now I have to get ready to help hubs shovel our 13 inches of snow from last night!

  8. There are colors that make me feel old - turquoise blue, baby pink, yellow, any pastels. I feel frumpy in most dresses.

  9. I haven't run across anything that makes me feel old...yet!!
    although I'm not a big lace fan, either.
    But CARDIGANS!!! LOVe them in any form!!

  10. We are so much alike and it was obvious in your post today. Lace, YUK! Long flowing skirts, YUK! You know why? Because our body style/personality is classic and not romantic. Neither of us will ever feel comfortable or look our best in anything frilly or flowing. I admire it on others, but it's just not me. So, stay with the classic designs that are so becoming on you and don't worry about all the other stuff.

  11. Clunky, "sensible" shoes make me feel ancient. I also avoid pastels like the plague!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  12. Congrats to the winner! Your cat is adorable. xo

  13. I will not wear capri's, they make me feel very old
    I also shy away from certain styles of shoes for that fact
    love the brown, i always forget about that color


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