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Feb 4, 2013

Ready for Date Night!

After 27 years of marriage, Mr. B and I strive to make dating a priority.  We agree with all of those who say it is important for our relationship.  The short time of our empty nest life was really fun…but now children are in house and living nearby, so we are busier and just have to make sure that dates are added in!
Friday night is the best night to catch some time alone, but it poses a few “challenges” for me…beauty wise, that is!  By Friday, I am weary and worn.  If you add that with my seasonal allergies (peaking right now with Mountain Cedar) then my eyes often reflect the fatigue I am feeling.  But, with not much time in between work and going out...what can I do?
This is why when Le Metier de Beaute sent me a new product…The Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo designed to restore, revive, and refresh my tired eyes…I thought perfect to prepare me for date night!  When the package first arrived, I noticed the cooling factor could be enhanced by placing the eye mask in the refrigerator…so I did that immediately…in San Antonio, TX, we can use as much cooling as possible.
Place in the refrigerator for extra cooling!!
This is a translucent, seaweed-based eye mask which delivers intense hydration for 15 minutes.  So, I rushed home after school, opened the refrigerator (looked past the tempting food) and reached for the mask.  I applied it for the 15 minutes while deciding what I would wear for our date out.  I was excited to think that the redness from my allergy-eyes would be gone and my puffiness from tired eyes would be gone…so Mr. B could look longingly into these eyes!  The cooling effect also helped to put me at ease and place my busy school day behind me.

The results??  Well decide for yourself…here is what I wore to join my husband for a casual meal out…

This is a fabulous product which made a huge difference in how I looked for my date.  I also wore Le Metier de Beaute eye shadow, lip color and nail polish.  (I loved it when a friend told me I looked so much younger than my husband….in reality, I am five years older!!)  For those of you in San Antonio interested in trying these products, just stop by Saks Fifth Avenue at North Star Mall and ask for Carol or call for an appointment at 210-341-4111.
Please tell her that over50feeling40 sent you.  
The man who does my pedicures commented on the quality of this polish...how smooth
and beautifully it goes on.
Then, on Tuesday, go visit the other date night fashions at either JILL or ADRIENNE'S blogs.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and why not plan a date for this weekend!

Date Night Ensemble:
Silk Purple Chico's Jacket
Black Travelers Chico's capris
Rhinestone collar, cream Lane Bryant Tunic
Wanted Flats from DSW
Cream watch from Chico's
Stein Mart Bracelet
Alfani clutch from Macy's


  1. Ooh, what cute flats! I like metallics.

  2. You look fabulous!!! Have fun! and the flats are so pretty..

  3. Happy that the product worked for you
    Looking lovely for the date
    I find it so cute that your are making time for you 2
    I love your flats!

    Ariane xx

  4. You look BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE them flats!

    ~SimplyyMayra of
    PonderWonders @ www.simplyymayra.com

  5. You truly look radiant! That blue is a gorgeous color for you.

  6. Look at you! you are glowing!
    And I love those flats. Just adorable.

  7. I LOVE the midnight blue on you....looks fabulous.
    What is your outfit for your date night this Friday ;-)
    Have a great week, Pam.

  8. Good Morning Pam, You look gorgeous for your night out with
    your husband.
    I am going to see if I can find the Eye Mask here in England.
    Thank you.
    Best Wishes

  9. This is a perfect outfit for a date night. I love your purple jacket, and your flats are so sweet. What great colors.

  10. I love your jacket, I could do with some of those eye masks I think.

  11. You positively glow! I love the outfit you chose and thanks for sharing the beauty tips!

  12. Thanks for the tips, and you looked fab!

  13. I couldn´t agree more with you. It is always important to keep dating your hudband.
    You look fabulous, dear Pam.

  14. Love the flats. Hope you had a GREAT time!

  15. Great date look, Pam! Love the purple jacket - it's a perfect date night piece : >

  16. You are radiant, dear Pam. Mr. B. will certainly appreciate!!! It's good to hear that some couples are still in love after so many years.
    DH and I have been married for 22 years and we are still in love too... It's a privilege to be able to say that.
    Have fun :-)
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  17. Hi Pam, wow, I loved reading about this beauty product, I may have to try that myself! Also, I love that featured the accessories up close. Your outfit looks so good and I am happy to see the details. Those ballet flats are particularly lovely! Thank you so much for joining us for the Date Night post. You are our one regular! XO, Jill

  18. You have such pretty hands and nails, Pam.
    Beautiful jacket on you. You look radiant.

    Thank you for joining us for another HIWM!
    xo, A

  19. You look radiant, Pam! Great product. That jacket is stellar. I hope you guys had a great time!


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