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Jan 29, 2013

Toppers, Cardigans for All Print Fun!

Yes, Gigi’s new outfit from Chico's is the tops!  She received the total look as a Christmas present from her daughter and the colors are …well….just perfectly artistic, Gigi!
 Toppers and cardigans are great ways to add pizazz to a neutral based wardrobe.  All the work is done by the one garment.  Gigi’s can go with so many neutrals and some of the fun denim spring colors.  Mine works with red, black, khaki or gray.

Pants and Topper: Lane Bryant
We both just happened to wear fun toppers today…so, of course I had to share! Tell us where your favorite place is to buy toppers and cardigans!
Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry two years ago
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone…make sure you stay on TOP of your game!


  1. You two look fantastic! Artistic and visible and so chic. I think I need a topper : >

  2. Both outfits are great. Love the color and contrast!

  3. Wow, both yours and Gigi's toppers really make the outfits sing!

  4. Love them! Just did a post on print pants. Great minds and all that?

  5. I can't decide which of these outfits I like better. Both are just terrific!

  6. I really love both those toppers. They are so different but both so wonderful. You both look fabulous!

  7. You both look fabulous and I love the colors. Living in the NY area most of my outfits are black, so I welcome color. I also love Chico's as they fit me so nicely. Beautiful pics of lovely women.

  8. Hi!
    Just found this blog....this is exactly my style! LOVE IT! I am 54 years young and obsessed with all things fashion! It's wonderful to find kindred spirits. After having weight loss surgery 5 years ago and losing 115 pounds, I am determined to always look my best to make up for all those years when I couldn't wear the styles and looks I loved. I am not model thin but that was never my intent!
    Looking forward to staying with your blog!

  9. Pam Gigi looks wonderful, as do you. I have to say that Chico's sales cannot be beat!
    Though I have not been shopping a lot lately.

    2013 Artists Series

  10. I find some very nice toppers in Chico's and Coldwater Creek. And here, they are right next door to each other. Reminds me, I have some gift certificate money left over from Christmas for both places. I feel a scouting trip coming on.

  11. I love both of your toppers!! But Gigi's is really in my wheelhouse--all of my fav colors!

  12. Hi Pam! So good to see your smiling face. You look awesome! xoxo

  13. You 2 ladies look fabulous!
    Gigi should wear those colors more often
    My fav places are well you know ....forever 21, H&M...;)


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