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Jan 9, 2013

Rainy Days and Fashion, Always Get Me ...Stressed!

I know we all have our times when it is really difficult to motivate ourselves to fix up and look our best.  My most difficult days are when it is raining. While I would like to stay home from work on rainy days, it just doesn’t go well with my boss!
Now, I am not complaining about rain.  Any rain we get is a blessing in our drought-ridden area of Texas.  But, it is not fun to straighten your hair, put on cute shoes or even a skirt when the wind is driving rain into your face!
Scarf: Old Navy
Boyfriend, wool jacket: Goodwill
Gray T, Simply Vera Wang:  Kohls
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls
(all bought in the last two years)
What has helped me is to own two cute trench coats found at a bargain in Ross and Marshalls.  One has a hood and combined with an umbrella can usually protect my hair.  Also, two years ago my husband surprised me with a pair of fun Sperry Rain boots he bought at Academy.  I really think they are so cute, I enjoy having a reason to wear them.  I usually wear my dark denim - trouser jeans on rainy days…it just seems to be the best choice when it is wet.
Espirit Trench Coat: Ross

So, how about you, ladies….do you have a special go to outfit or piece for rainy days to lift your spirits.  After you tell us, make sure  that you check out the bloggers of Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!.  


Happy Thursday everyone!!  The skies have cleared and it's going to be a great day!


  1. That scarf is gorgeous! and so different. You look great in it. And the boots are super cute. Rainy days, I go for my oversized dark blue tweedy cardigan, yoga pants, boots. Or just stay inside in pjs!

  2. Love those sassy boots, Pam! And I hope this doesn't sound too full of self-love, but you're dressed like I dress today (dark jeans, gray tee, accent scarf), and you look fab! : >

  3. Look how great you look even for rain!

  4. I love that coat and those boots! The only pick-me-up on rainy days are my rainboots. I have 3 very colorful pair. :)

  5. I've always found that shoes are the tough part in the rain; you have that problem solved!

  6. I live in Vancouver and we get our fair share of rain, that's for sure. I have several pairs of rain boots in fun colours; red, flowered, yellow, blue and white etc. I also have several umbrellas with either fun patterns or vibrant colours. I also have three raincoats; a red one, a green one and a yellow one, not to mention other winter coats. It may seem excessive, but I got so tired of spending most of my fall, winter and spring in navy. I agree with Paula, the shoes are tough in the rain. Also, my curly hair can get crazy in the rain. I will often pop a cute pair of shoes in my handbag and change into them if we are dining out for example.

  7. You look very pulled-together and rain-ready! I really dislike windy weather. Rain? With boots and a raincoat I can handle it.

  8. Like Sue above, I'm near Vancouver and there's a reason we call this part of the west coast the
    "wet coast"! My boots are all waterproof or waterproofed, and I carry my good shoes in a bag to work. I have a fun umbrella and an orange raincoat to keep my spirits up.

    Hope you are well, Pam. :)

  9. You look cute! I love the boyfriend jacket, and of course jeans. I also like the way your bangs are whispy and soft instead of perfectly blunt...makes you look younger. :D

  10. We haven´t had rain for months now. I love a rainy day if I am going to stay at home.
    Lovely trench, dear Pam.

  11. You look so stylish on your rainy day. I love that classy trench coat. So pretty. That black and white scarf is lovely also.

  12. It's one of the first skills I had to learn in England, how to get to work on the bus and arrive reasonably dry and unfrozen. Trench coats with linings and hoods, boots with skirts and large scarves or snoods worked a treat. Still my favourite uniform when I'm retired.

  13. I prefer dresses/skirts when it's raining. It avoids floppy damp pant hems later in the day.

  14. You look beautiful and those boots are so much fun. I don't know what it is about rainy days but I always feel frumpy. It makes my hair go limp. I think it's the lack of Vitamin D but my moods are very weather affected. Here is too sunny skies and good hair days! xo

  15. You look like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day-love your outfit!!
    I am going to HAVE to get a pair of cute rain boots!! I hope a pair my size shows up in the thrifts soon!!

  16. I don't mind the rain as much as I do the snow and wind! Living in N.W. Indiana can be pretty brutal although, this year has been incredibly mild so far. Trench coats and Wellies are the way to go around here in the Spring!

  17. I need to find a cute pair of rain boots. My husband is a fisherman in Juneau, Alaska. My son and I are moving to join him in the spring. It rains there, a lot. I refuse to wear the ugly fishing boots everyone else wears. I need a cute pair! What a fun post!
    Thanks for linking up with Katherine and I today!

    We Three Crabs

  18. Love that cute little scarf you are sporting!
    Rain automatically equals a bun or ponytail for me!
    My hair is a hot mess in the rain

  19. I love the rain, you know how to do it with style my friend. I like the wellies too. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo


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