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Jan 17, 2013

My Love Affair With Black

After such wonderful comments about wearing color, I almost hate to confess to the latter.  For some reason, when the weather is cold, my go to looks are mostly in BLACK.  I have heard all of the fashion advice about wearing browns and navy blue instead of black.  Supposedly, black is so harsh on our complexions,it is better to go with the other colors for a softer look.
I agree, but I just cannot break up with black….we have a long history together.  I also am not sure why I want to wear more of it in the winter, but I do.  I often have to make myself focus in the mornings to make sure that I do not put on black every day in January (usually our coldest month).  Yes, winter white is lovely, but for some reason, not really me.
Jacket: Lane Bryant (2 years ago)
Black Blouse:  Goodwill
Lauren Denim Skirt: Macy's (1 year ago)
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Liz Clairborne booties: Marshalls (3 years ago)
There is a very chic and professional feeling to me about wearing black.  If you were to ask me today, to dress for a boardroom meeting, I would most likely reach for black.  Blogging has helped me to add in blue, brown, and gray….and I do not regret those decisions.  I just cannot get black out of my system!!
Bracelet and Belt from Kohls
What I wore today, it one of my personal favorites and it did bring many comments from people who see me every day.
I found this on a KOHLS clearance rack last year for $3.
I, also want to thank Shelley for her comment yesterday about REALITY.  She wrote that after she read the post about my financial struggles, I am now more real to her.  That is exactly what I have wanted to be on this blog.  A real woman who is struggling to be strong and powerful despite the every day struggles of life…whether they are finances, illness, aging, family, work….whatever... (allow me the last word, I hang out with teens all day!)

"Style is not VOGUE.  Style is not SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  Style is not New York or Paris.  While all of those are part of it, style is how a woman communicates confidence and strength.  I believe we can find style right where we live …no matter where that is.  Your runway may be on a sidewalk, a hallway, a living room, or a backyard.  But, we all definitely walk on one! "  -Pam, over50feeling40

Thank you so much for reading and commenting……Have a great weekend, everyone!

Please tell us how you feel about wearing


  1. Pam, I've stopped fighting it. :-) Black is my "feel good" color, my power color. I feel more at home in black than anything else.

  2. I agree, I pretty much live in black dress pants .I always feel more pulled togther in that color.

  3. I love your definition of style!

    Until recently, I didn't wear black except for pants and skirts. I have a very pale complexion and both black and white made me look like a corpse! I'm not sure why, but now that age has added silver to my hair, I seem to be able to wear both black and white and am enjoying adding them to my wardrobe.

  4. As you know I am not a huge black wearer, but I do like to wear it occasionally and it can be very appropriate for many occasions
    You are looking very chic and that necklace is fantastic

  5. Pam, I'm right there with you! I ADORE black! And while I love color, I usually like it most against a back drop of black! You look gorgeous!! Hugs! Serene

  6. That know necklace is stunning!

    I'm also in love with black... perhaps I will wear it tomorrow. It's hard to feel "off" in it, I usually feel crisp and powerful.

  7. I too feel most comfortable when wearing black. I feel that accessories really "pop" against a black background , much like your great bracelet and necklace. For work, its black pants, on the weekend, black leggings and for special occasions its that little black dress. Black works in both hot and cold weather, at home and travleing and at all times of day. Less expensive clothing looks better in black and stays in syle longer. But if I want to splurge, I will choose-- wait for it- black-- because I know I will actually wear it. I add color in sweater, scarves and even shoes, but since I started to build my wardrobe with a black base, I feel I look better and waste less money on stuff I buy but never use.

  8. I love to wear black. I do dress it up with large jewelry, belts, scarves, and an occational colored jacket. Any you my dear, look lovely in everything that you wear. Blessings Paula Lusk

  9. I remember distinctly the first time I dressed all in black when I was in my twenties. I was going out dancing and wore a black lacy top and black skirt. I felt so together and chic - I really did feel different! Now black is more of a standard, and I see no reason to apologize for it. I would get tired of wearing it all the time, but I couldn't do without it.

  10. You look both sleek and hip. I love wearing black too. I think it's very polished and sophisticated but can also be edgy and street smart. If I do it too much I have to add some color the next day. Especially if my pajamas are black!

  11. Like you I can't quite let go of black. I try not to wear it near my face and if I do I add scarves or jewellery. I do my best not to buy new items in black except trousers.

  12. Gosh, what a surprise to see my name! And here I was worried my comment wouldn't come across right. I'm glad you understood. Living in England made me a real fan of black: it attracts the winter sun, it doesn't show dirt (and public transport is often dirty), it seems to echo the post holiday solemnity. I still have way too many clothes and for the past few years have played a game with them, having a 'colour of the month'. Black is my January colour. I tend to wear darker colours in the colder months and I try not to wear any black at all in the warmer months. I'm not sure black suits me that well, but there are always scarves...

  13. Unfortunately about 60% of my wardrobe consists of black clothing so I have to make a concerted effort to purchase color. I love black. Your outfit is lovely.

  14. Well said, Pam - black is my staple color too! I usually rely on scarves to add the color, but I really do need some colorful tops and dresses for Spring : > Love your necklace.

  15. You look fabulous!!! I love black for my bottoms--i need something to ground all of the color I throw on!!

  16. I am with you! I love black and it's the background of many of my ensembles. It's a canvas and I'm sticking with it. Sometimes I think the fashion advise about black and aging is just another 'rule' to break. It makes me feel good and that's the criteria I live by.

    You look chic, sleek and confident in your January black!

  17. Pam... I have loved your last few posts... I flirt with colour and am deeply in love with black... we shall never break up...:)

    I am sorry you are selling your home but I do believe.. truly and sincerely.. that out of tough decisions comes strength and so often a wonderful outcome..

    Have a wonderful weekend... and keep in with the black.. you look fab... xv

  18. I definitely have a love affair with black Pam...and you look fab in it.
    I'm sorry to hear that things are a little difficult...the storms we have to weather in our life do I believe make us stronger and allow us to change and grow...I know I certainly have over the last few difficult years.
    Have a great weekend too;-)

  19. Hello,
    I do love black. But I do feel the white blouse and colourful scarf, helps to soften the look. Black for the evening is the ultimate of class, an open neckline and great jewelry, and a great red lipstick help brigten the look.

  20. Yay for black! It's always been my go to color.
    In my book of style, black will never go out of style. Love your quote on style, Pam! I so agree!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. My dear you are the picture of chic style!

  22. I feel like I'm the black advocate! Love it, it always looks great, (is slimming;) and it makes me feel great about myself. I must confess crayola green,yellow,red amd blue are very hard for me to wear and i've tried (and probably will again!)
    Missed you-hope i'm back on your reader!

  23. still my go to 'color!' its always striking.

  24. Black (or white) is not not color. It's a must have and you wear it beautifully! It allows you to wear so many bright accesories. You are the best black ambassador!
    Hugs from the Florida Coast.
    Have a great weekend :-)
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  25. Pam, I do not see any reason to fall out of love with black. It can be fun to toy around with other neutrals, but I too always come back to black. It has a simple sophistication that can't be paralleled by any other hue. And if it is layered with interesting cuts and textures, as you have so expertly done here, then it is interesting and intriguing to the eye. I say keep falling in love with black!!! ~Sarah

  26. The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar said it best: Black is the new Black.
    As much as we love color NOTHING can be an easy chic wear as an all black ensemble. Timeless, classic, cool as fuck, BLACK.

    And, for winter? Perfect? Unlike white which relects light, black absorbs. So it draws in the warmth, heat, light from your environment- so practical to wear black in the winter. Which is probably why you are intuitively drawn to it in the colder months.

    I love black. And it plays a good counter point to the crazy colors that I wear on other days.

  27. You can never go wrong with wearing black. It's timeless, classy, and sophisticated all in one package. And, I do need to add, you hit all three of these in this outfit, you look stunning!

  28. As much as I love color, this year I am drawn to black. I am not sure why.

    I think you look great in black and I love this outfit!

  29. Black is not on my list of best colors as a cool summer but I can't resist it. I feel elegant and chic whenever I wear it but I do try to pull another color in around my face. You look great in black! (...well actually all the colors I've seen you in!)

  30. Like you I wear a lot of black in the winter. It's chic and slimming (I'm up 5 pounds after the holidays!) but mostly it's really comforting. I know it will look good. No questions, no does this go with that. I love it, and like you don't want to part with it just yet.


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