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Jan 28, 2013

Go Ahead...Try It On!

We really should not be surprised that when it comes to our appearance, the majority of us tend to think more negatively than positively.  Our owner’s manual should come with a warning about emotions.  Something like this:

PLEASE BE AWARE….This woman comes with insecurities and unexplained tears due to bad hair days, bad complexion days, muffin tops, wrinkles, age spots,  sagging, chipped nails, bunions, calluses, unwanted hair, and overall body issues.
RED LIGHT WARNING….all of the above is exaggerated during operational time known as MENOPAUSE!

Our insecurities drive us to believe all kinds of things.  For some reason, I have believed that I do not look good in pastels.  However, I look at this outfit and think well it is not so bad.  Gigi is constantly telling me that she has wonky legs and her legs don’t look good in slim leg pants…I think they look fierce in this outfit!

I learned from WHAT NOT TO WEAR a long time ago, that we should always try on the clothes we think will not look good, because often we are pleasantly surprised.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are items and colors which do not look good on me, but now I try them on first before I say that.
My daughter picked these up on sale at Anthropologie!  She loves them!
You are not going to see me in pastels very often, but after trying them on in the last year, I will no longer shun them.
Is there a garment or color you stay away from that maybe you should just try?  It costs no money to try things on!!
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Pam, I think you look *gorgeous* in that blue, but it's also more saturated than what I tend to think of as "pastel." And Gigi does look fierce in those pants! You're right though, we get these ideas in our heads and should just try something anyway if we like it.

  2. I do have those days when I REALLY feel my age. They seem to come more often now....sad.
    You do look pretty in baby blue! You definitely should wear more pastels.
    A long time ago, some one told me that mustard color washed me out (whatever that means). I've never worn that color since. I just might try! ;)

  3. I used to hate chartreuse but now it's one of my favorite colors! I guess I finally tried it on and liked it!

  4. You are looking good in pastel Pam!
    I used to never wear red, but now realize that was a big mistake
    I still stay away from colors that wash me out though, no mistaking that they are bad news for me!

  5. Patterns. I even look back on pictures of my 20's and 30's and I'm always in a solid top and jeans. I think once I got past the girly romantic look of Gunne Sax of my teens and early 20's, work clothing was just more practical in solids. Or at least that was my excuse.


  6. I have never fear clothes; although I also believe we are our worst enemie. I love being daring and going up a notch, LOL

  7. You both look great!

    Maybe some pastell icecream colours are not so ideal for you but this brighter turquois (this is how it looks on my screen) suits you really well.

    I can't see any wonky legs on Gigi and even if it was the case I think black straight trousers are ideal anyway. Maybe not the skinny type pants but certainly slim. It is all about the right fit.

    Personally I stay away from knitted garments like sweaters (I don't own a single one) and certainly no turtlenecks for me.
    I don't normally wear bright colours but need to try out a few selected ones like red or the new Emerald green. Accessories are always a good start, aren't they?

    Lady of Style

  8. Pam you look gorgeous in pastels
    Pastels are great, they light up your complexion
    Very, very pretty
    Tell Gigi that she gorgeous as well!

    Ariane x

  9. I never wore purple as a young woman, now I find it a rich and elegant color. The same with red. I think the key is to find which hues that are flattering. Certain purples are too cool for me and some reds have too much "blue" in them. It's just trial and error. I don't like floral prints, but that could change tomorrow.

    As I said in a previous post, I think you would look terrific in teals and aqua. And I can imagine you in soft peach in warm weather. What do you think?

  10. Hi there,

    I totally agree about trying things on. With most things, there's a version we can all wear. For example, I can definitely do mauve, can do dusty rose pink and even some cool apricot colours. I can get away with lemon, but not baby pink or baby blue (except in pjs where it doesn't matter so much).

    I think with your warmer colouring you could definitely do apricot, dusty rose pink, a pale grey-blue and pale sage green.

    Red is another good one - there are so many different reds from nearly orange to nearly plum, there is definitely a red to suit everyone.


  11. I love What Not to Wear! And surprisingly, so does my husband.

    I, too shy away from pastels - For some reason i equate them with being elderly. My go to color - besides the usual black, cream and gray - is cobalt blue. I love the turquoise color you're wearing today!

  12. Lovely post, Pam...you made me laugh with your owner's manual ;-)
    I never use to be a fan of pastels...although I do like a pale pink, very pretty and you look GORGEOUS in the light blue.

  13. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of color. It's been my experience that color, especially around the face, is as good as a facelift for older woman. I like the pale blue of your sweater, but I love the saturated tones in your scarf. You look vibrant and terrific!

    I find I can't wear "oatmeal" or many of the beige tones. It washes me right out. Purple is my signature color.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  14. Pam I wanted to let you know on the ALT summit blog there are many people doing great quality recaps of many of the seminars presented. I know you are interested in gleaning info from the material presented.. Also, the Alt twitter feed has many people mentioning recaps they also have done.... just wanted to pass on the tips to you my friend.

  15. Love this blue on you, Pam! And you made me laugh out loud re: the owner's manual during menopause : > You are fab.

  16. Your post made me smile and, by the way, you look great!

  17. AMEN to menopause! We deserve a medal.LOL!
    I love this look on you as I am fond of pastels, greys and black all donned up together.
    I usually avoid any type of crayola green,blue or yellow.
    big hugs

  18. I was told a long time ago that pastel pink was "my color", yet I will not wear it now...so washed out...and I don't like red on me, my pastor and choir members say it is great...I used to literally hate yellow, but now it is one of my favorite colors. I must say that I seem to have gravitated to black since my son passed away four years ago. This was not a conscious decision, but it is what I wear almost every day. I do try to add brights, when I think about it though....and you guys look great!
    P.S. What is written about menopausal women had me rolling with laughter!!!! And men can get so scared of us then.....LOL


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