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Jan 14, 2013

Cold Weather Wear Changes....

There’s a terrible misconception out there about your life after children become adults.  The premise somehow handed down to me was that life is easier…mostly smooth sailing.  Well, I have discovered that this is simply not true…the changes in my life after fifty have been fast and furious.  It is not all about my children leading me into constant change, but really just all the “life” around me.
Jones of New York Coat from Ross
I already confessed on this blog one day about how I really do not like change, but like it or not, it happens.  Many of you who are early readers know that my husband experienced an economy-related layoff for three years.  He is now employed full time, but the experience took us through adjustments which still sit on our horizons today.  Suddenly, we are forced to stare into the face of reality which, like it or not, includes aging.
Foxcroft Collection Blouse
Jacket and Skirt: Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Boots: Ross
Tomorrow I will discuss how I am currently facing change, but today, my immediate change is finally to have cold weather in San Antonio, TX….WOO! HOO!  It is refreshing and feels amazing, but does require a little thought before getting dressed for work.
Layering is very important in Texas.  The temperatures may easily be twenty degrees apart from morning to afternoon.  Also, just because we get so excited about turning the heater on, heat tends to be a little excessive in the classroom during the day.  Here is a look I wore and the layers I peeled off during the workday.  The only draw back is that all of this extra padding makes you look like you have extra padding!!
Black, V Neck Sweater: Lane Bryant
I have really been into Stacy London’s quotes lately…so as she said in her book The Truth About Style

“Style doesn’t start with your body, it starts with your brain!” 

Sometimes, layers just make sense!

  See you Wednesday for some talk about change…until then have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. So in love with the window pane coat you are sporting
    At 19 and 21 my sons have never thrown so much change, uncertainty and surprise than all the years together up until this point
    Why is this kept such a secret out in the parenting world?????

  2. Love the windowpane coat! I've learned that lightweight layers work better for me, rather than a single bulky (if warm) piece.

  3. Pam, you look wonderful! I love that quote, because isn't it the truth?! But truly, doesn't most of everything start in the brain? Big hugs my sweet friend! ~Serene

  4. That's quite a few layers. It must feel pretty cold!

  5. Your Jones of NY coat is beautiful. Love all these outfits.

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  7. I can relate to change with a 19 & 20 year old...change is a daily occurrence in our house! I love your layered wardrobe today! Enjoy the cool weather, it does give one plenty of opportunities to "change" up your wardrobe! ;)

  8. I love that quote from Stacy - it really sums up style! And your layered look is very fetching, and I am a bit jealous -- 81 degrees here tomorrow and even jeans feel too hot : >

    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on change . . .

  9. It's funny how you get excited about the cold temps. I prefer a 70ish degree year round, thank you! I need to move to Hawaii!
    As for change....I hear ya! Loud and clear!
    Classy and smart outfit today!

  10. Each layer that you reveal presents a different look, which must have been fun for those around you. The color of the coat is lovely with your hair.

    Happy to hear about your husband's full time employment! And in total agreement with the idea that style begins in the brain. Enjoy the adventure of layering with style while it lasts.

  11. Glad you're getting a little cold weather there, I live in Iowa and love winter! Aren't Foxcroft shirts the best?! Great photos...

  12. A very thoughtful post, Pam...yes, the winds of change stop for no one...you just have to embrace life good and bad...and keep warm ;-)
    You look great, as always.

  13. Changes always move our core. In my opinion most of the time is for the best if we know how to progress.
    I love seeing you in skirts and layers.

  14. I have a hard time with change too, especially when it's a major one and that is all I've had as of late. LOVE the yellow coat. You look beautiful as always. xo

  15. Great outfits! I'm looking forward to the post about dealing with change at our age.

  16. I so get this, living in Houston! Unfortunately, the heat doesn't work in our office, so we don't take our coats off during the day. I am layered up for the Antarctic! I keep threatening to wear PJ's under the coat, but I'm afraid my tush will freeze off!! You look fantastic in your layers and love those boots!

  17. We must have sent our cold weather south to you as it's +3ºC (37ºF) here in central Alberta this morning. For us, that's amazingly warm for mid January. The art of dressing in layers is an absolute essential here.

  18. I love that coat, and your layers. You have great style, so I guess you have a pretty stylish brain!

    Layers are the only way I can cope with hot flashes! No more pullover sweaters - I need cardis and jackets over cotton tops.


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