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Jan 23, 2013

Best Buy and Best Apps....Amazing!

Surprise, Surprise!  I have to give kudos to Best Buy and the Geek Squad!  They found multiple viruses, but had me up and running within just a few hours! Just a little was lost, but most still in tact.  Thanks to all of them...and to those of you who offered a sympathetic shoulder!
So, because I am just getting things back up and running, please allow me to show something special to you today...APPS JUST FOR THE VERY SAVVY OVER 50 CROWD....

Money Saving Apps This infographic from Castle Cover takes a look at some of the top money saving apps for daily activities. View the interactive version here.

Then please join the other bloggers of Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!!  

Rejoicing over my healed computer and wishing you a joyful Thursday!!


  1. I am glad to know that your computer is fine, what a fright, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love, dear friend.

  2. There is nothing worse than computer problems when you are a blogger!!!!!! So glad you are getting up and running. xo

  3. Hooray for the Geeks! It's no fun to be "down" when we depend on our machines so much. Welcome back : >

  4. Hi Pam, glad you are up and running again, computer problems are depressing to me, I feel so powerless when they happen! Right on to the Geeks for getting you back on your blogging feet! And I love the fish pendant, btw. Amazing! XO, Jill

  5. Happy to hear that you tech problems have been solved and thank for the intro to the apps. So much to explore!

  6. Glad you've been restored!

    I recently got a smartphone. Nobody has suggested that us 50+ folks have been bankrolling our teens and now 20-somethings phones. Both my kids are finally off our family plan so now I can have one!

    If only I get get them off our auto insurance....

    I love photo apps.

  7. So glad you were able to get your computer up and running again. Nasty viruses... A pox on those who create them! One comment though, about the "ridiculous" amount of money you had to spend to get your computer fixed: my husband is one of those computer geeks who pulls many folks' bacon out of the fire when these things happen. No he's not one of the Geek Squad; he works independently. But I can tell you that the amount of work put into cleaning up that kind of mess is worth every single penny! He earns every bit of it.


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