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Oct 31, 2012

House of Fraser and Coast

I told you recently how much I love my email since becoming a blogger…well here is something else I love…traveling around the world as I sit at my kitchen table in South Texas.  Through blogs I can experience England, France, Spain, Australia, or Canada... and go places I might not otherwise be able to go.
 Today, I am traveling to England to visit the fabulous House of Fraser…a signature department store with 62 locations throughout the UK and Ireland and a growing presence on the web.  They have been around since 1849 and carry so much fabulous merchandise it would be easy to spend all morning on their site.  

 But, for purposes of this trip…I am going to spend some time with the Coast Collection.  Coast offers ladies of a certain age chic affordable options with great fit, and I want to thank my readers for telling me about them! It is exciting to have so many of you from the UK reading this blog!

I found pieces in each division of the current Coast collection which I found to be fabulous.   At House of Fraser online, Coast features dresses, knitwear, pants, blouses, outerwear, and skirts.  So here is what I would purchase in each area as I visit the UK, sip tea and shop!


Add chttp://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Coast+Tanya+trouser/174522588,default,pd.htmlaption

My trip to England and the House of Fraser has been so much fun...if you go, let me know which pieces you like the most and see yourself in!  Then, on Thursday, go visit the lovely bloggers from Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Oct 30, 2012

The Truth About Style: A Book Review

In the past two weeks, I have found myself each day on the counselor’s couch evaluating my life...pouring out everything inside. Then, I watch with awe as my counselor ends the session by taking my hand, leading me from the couch to a rack of the latest trends and becoming my personal stylist! Such is the feeling I have when reading Stacy London’s new book, The Truth about Style.   Many of you know my story.  I went through a wake-up call at 50 and began a reinvention.  My style re-do for the next three years would be totally guided by What Not To Wear.  I will never discount the importance Stacy and Clinton played in the birth of a new confidence for me.
Order from Amazon
London’s book has the same impact.  She takes us through many of the nightmares in a woman’s life which can lead to "style shut down,"and shows us how to literally START OVER.  The refreshing part is her humility to share her own story as a child traumatized by severe psoriasis to a young woman facing the reality of an eating disorder to the successful business woman she is today.  Within that story is the secret to her signature gray streak in the front of her hair!  However, her story,entwined with the stories of real life women she selected for the book, makes this honestly the most powerful style book I have read since beginning this blog!!

Here is just a sampling of my favorite quotes:
       Style doesn’t start with your body – it starts with your brain.
       By changing your style, you’re forced to change the way you perceive yourself.
      It’s everyone’s right to feel good regardless of age, size, and budget.
       You limit your options every time you do not try your best….(I will be using this quote in my classroom in high school).
       When we allow others to control how we feel about ourselves, we give up an essential sense of power.
       The goal should always be to look good for your age, not to look as if you are chasing your youth.  Nothing screams “out of touch with reality” more than trying to look twenty years younger than you are.
       After 40, you hit the new A.G.E.: Attractiveness, Generosity, Experience
       It takes the same amount of time to put on good clothes as bad clothes
      Perfection is the enemy of style.  It’s actually the enemy of all of life experiences.  If you don’t try, you don’t fail – but you don’t succeed either.

OK…I will stop there…though I have a longer list.  But, I want you to buy the book….because I believe it is an important one.  The chapters about younger girls also will help us in guiding those younger women around us to make good decisions with style development.   This book is a proclamation of strength and healing...not just the usual fashion advice of wear this dress or don’t wear that….but understand who you are, where you have been and that anyone can Start Over!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Stay Safe!

Oct 29, 2012

Leather Garments: Are Fakes OK? And Winner Announced!

Since I became a blogger, I love to open my email!  What will over50feeling40 have for me today?  Whether it is a new advertiser or reader request, I always find something there of interest.  One reader  wondered, “Is it acceptable to wear fake leathers and furs….or does that cheapen our style?”
Boots:  Ross
Gloves: Stein Mart
Great Question!  Personally, I believe it is acceptable to wear fakes in order to save money as long as the fakes are good ones! There is no material more beautiful than a soft, buttery authentic leather. But for some of us, the purchase doesn't come easy.   I have always heard that the way federal agents find counterfeit money is to study the original.   By doing that, they are more likely to find the fakes.  That is why I study original leathers….then I find it easier to shop for fakes…the more authentic they look, the better.   I only own a couple of authentic leather garments…the others are the more affordable fakes.   Living in a warmer climate also makes it cost effective to buy the fakes, because we do not get to wear leather jackets and skirts that often.  I have not had success in thrift stores with leather…the ones I have found are either in despicable shape or made for really tiny people.

Today’s outfit is one way I mimic the look, but please know there are some really cheap fakes out there and they can look horrendous…shop with care and remember….study the originals in order to know how to shop for fakes!

Email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com if you have a topic you would like to discuss!!

Which item is real leather:  The Gloves!

Jacket:  Lane Bryant
Skirt: Talbots
Simply Vera Vera Wang Purse: KOHLS

TA DA!!  The Winner of the GOOD WORKS bracelets from San Antonio's Apricot Lane boutique is Judith!!
Judith please email me your address so that I can mail the bracelets to you!!

Have a safe Tuesday...still praying for my east coast friends!

Oct 28, 2012

What A Difference Confidence Makes!

Eight years ago, I would not have had the confidence to wear this leopard cape!

Thank goodness I have been through a major reinvention since then and now do not mind having heads turn when I enter a room...even if it is for the garment!!  I entered my 50s with me on the back burner, but will leave them with me sizzling up front!  I have re-gained my confidence!

Despite the gray hairs, wrinkles, extra pounds, and limited funds...I feel great about where I am and who I am.  This does directly affect some of my purchases...I am more likely to make a bold statement.  A statement I would have been shy about just eight years ago!  That  is why I purchased the leopard cape from Lane Bryant when it hit their catalog in early September.  Today is the first day I wore it (because the weather finally cooperated!!)  I feel great in this look!
Chicos Jewelry
My advice...step out of your comfort zone...even if it is just baby steps!  Believe me, it is so much fun!  Allow confidence to guide your clothing purchases!

On a more serious note, if any of  my readers are in the path of the storms, please know that I am praying for you....stay safe...heed the warnings!

  Now, go enjoy the bloggers of Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

Oct 26, 2012

Tuesday Morning for a Saturday Morning! And Winner Announced!

Happy weekend!!  While you plan your Saturday, keep in mind Tuesday Morning Fashion savings!!
Gigi purchased this fabulous coat by Paparazzi at Tuesday Morning and I just cannot take my eyes off of it!!  Yes, the lovely thought above is sewed into the jacket!
She is an avid Tuesday Morning shopper for quality fashion and beautiful home decor!  Her favorite Michael Kors bag was also a summer purchase.  Currently they have Tory Burch bags on sale as

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...and if you go shopping...have fun!!

Also, the winner of the $25 gift card from Meesh and Mia is the gorgeous, University of Tennessee fan, Jeannie of Gracefully 50!!  Congrats to Jeannie...I cannot wait to see what she selects to support her favorite team!

Oct 25, 2012

Apricot Lane Boutique...Plus A Giveaway!!

San Antonio Fashion Week is happening at the same time as Breast Cancer Awareness, so there are many events around the city raising money for the cause!
The fashionable ladies of Apricot Lane invited me over today for their Pink Party!  Apricot Lane is a franchise boutique and this is the only one in San Antonio!
They have a concept I love...their goal is to have mothers and daughters shop their boutique together...so the buyers look for styles appealing to ages 16 and above!
Besides being fun, I would call Apricot Lane AFFORDABLE!  Most of the clothing I looked over was between $20-$60!! 
While I was there, a mom forty something made enough purchases to walk away with several cute looks and a Pink Party goodie bag!
Apricot Lane wanted one of you to get a goodie as well!!  So, I will draw a name on Tuesday to win these precious pink good works bracelets!  Just tell me in a comment if you want your name in the drawing and make sure I have your email!!  (Would be a cute stocking stuffer for a daughter!!)
It was another fun fashion week event....hope you enjoyed our time there!  Make sure  you enter the contest!!

Now, have an Amazing Friday!!

Oct 24, 2012

Emotional Attachments to Clothing

Memories of our past....they influence us in so many ways...good and bad.  I have heard women refuse to wear plaid, because they wore it every day in private school....or women refuse to wear florals because it reminds them of Grandma's couch!
Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear has little patience with people who avoid fashion trends because of past experiences...he says simply GET OVER IT!
From Goodwill...brand new!!
But, sometimes we wear clothes because they bring back good memories.  When I was young, my ballet teacher wore drapey, loose sweaters much like the one I am wearing today.  I thought she was so beautiful and fun.  I loved to watch her more than I loved to learn the positions.  When she moved away and the advanced toe shoes hurt my feet, I quit ballet.  But, when I see this style, I think of her.  So, right or wrong, I am drawn to this style from good memories.
Sweater:  Chicos
So, what do you think?  Does anyone avoid some form of clothing from bad memories or wear something because of good associations?  

Let us know, then visit the bloggers from Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!! on Thursday!

Thursday Favorite Things

Finally, have a terrific Thursday!!

Oct 23, 2012

The Eye of the Beholder

My back yard is a small, middle class neighborhood backyard.  The grass is dead from recent droughts, and lack of funds has limited my gardening.  My son’s dog occasionally comes to visit and has “rearranged” the outdoor furniture and decor!  

Nevertheless, I can sit there, find peace and still discover beauty around me.  It is in the eye of this beholder.

I have learned with age to always look for the rainbow….the bright spot amidst the dark clouds.  It is critical to living with joy! 

Without seeking to find the glass half full, the heaviness of life will overcome us and plunge some into the depths of despair.  I could easily find something to lament over every day and I admit, there are days that the temptation is great to just give in to the doldrums.  But, it completely wastes our time and our time is so limited.

Now, I choose to see a rhinestone on a leaf….where there is a drop of water.  I see autumn while the heat lingers on….and I see fun in my closet though the budget is small.  It is fashion week and I cannot attend many of the events because I am a teacher….but I will do what I can and have fun with it!  The eye of this beholder chooses to see the beauty first, and not the blemishes.

What brings you joy today?  
See...a few leaves have changed colors!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!