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Sep 30, 2012

Foxcroft Blouses: You Have to See this Blouse!!

It's true....I really do love this blouse.  The minute I saw it on the Foxcroft Collection website, I knew I had to have it.  The silver, gold, black print is perfect for so many looks in my wardrobe.
A rainy weekend made me think of this cape I purchased last year at Stein Mart.  It pairs perfectly with the blouse.
I really have come to enjoy Foxcroft blouses so much.  They are comfortable, cool, no-iron fabrics and very stylish. I love looking at the end of the day, the same way I was looking at the beginning of the day! Here is one of my recent looks with my white Foxcroft blouse:

And, I even talked one of my teacher friends, Miss R, into trying Foxcroft.  She loves this new blouse and, being a drama teacher, brings her own dramatic style to the look:
Fashion you can rely on...so far, for me, that's Foxcroft!  Now, for some business...

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On Tuesday, October 2, catch me in a burgundy look with a blogger challenge hosted by JILL and ADRIENNE; and in a Goodwill look in Lynne's Goldwill Goldmine Party at PRACTICAL PARALEGALISM on Monday.

As always, visit the amazing ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE; then have a joyful first day of October!!


Sep 29, 2012

Favorite Looks of the Week!

Perfect autumn morning in Texas...it is pouring rain and cooler. I also have my typical fall allergies causing some discomfort, so I am happy to stick by home today.  I had big blog plans for the day, but I just do not feel like going out.
My favorite looks this week for both Gigi and myself included stepping things up a bit with professional-style!

Though we are both in the fine arts department, it is nice to pull out the classics occasionally.  For chic, you can always depend on great fitting pencil skirts and black suit pieces.  Gigi included a leopard sweater underneath her suit.
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday full of autumn scents and memories.  Each day is special...and you can make it that way no matter what is on your calendar!
Enjoy!!  (also, last day to enter the shoe giveaway, click the link in the sidebar.)

Sep 27, 2012

Recipe: Easy Schmesy Green Chile Chile!!

One of our favorite meals beginning in autumn is chile, with cornbread on the side, of course.  As long as my sons were living at home, we celebrated the season opener of Monday Night Football each year with this meal…even if it was over 100 degrees outside.
This recipe is a very quick, easy, no-fuss, mild, green chile - chile concoction I made up.  My husband practically ate the whole thing by himself last weekend.   I use Hatch Chiles , roasted in the oven and frozen in separate bags for moments like this.   Hatch chiles are only around for a short time, so freezing them works to bring that great smokey, spicey flavor to dishes for a few months. 

But, if you did not freeze them then look for the canned version or use the Old El Paso Green Chopped Chiles in the four ounce can.  Also, I tried making chile years ago with ground turkey and I was quickly outed by the males in my family.  So, this is a beef chile… but I do use extra lean ground beef. 
So, let's get started!!
You will need:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Lean Ground Beef (1-2 pounds)
1 Large Onion Chopped, (I like sweet yellow onions)
2 Garlic Cloves, Minced
3 large roasted green chiles, chopped
1 can of Pinto Beans (I like Bush's Seasoned Pinto Beans)
1 can of Kidney Beans
1 can of Mexican-style chopped tomatoes
1 can of Green Chile and onion chopped tomatoes
1 package of McCormick mild chile seasoning
Cook onion, garlic, and chiles in about a tablespoon of olive oil until onion is clear....sprinkle with a little garlic salt while cooking.
Add the meat, cover with two tablespoons of Worchestshire sauce (your favorite) and brown the meat.
Then add all of the beans, canned tomatoes, seasoning, and one-half can of water.  Also, I put in one packet of Stevia for a low calorie sweet taste.  Stir.....
Bring to a boil,  cover, lower heat, and simmer for at least thirty minutes.  
We like our favorite cornbread with our chile.  For this meal, it was a jalepeno cornbread mix, with corn added, from the famous Pioneer Bakery in downtown San Antonio!  Delicious!!!

This dish is just spicy enough.  My husband will spice it up if he needs more....but he knows I can only handle mild.  Try it...I know you will like it and what could be easier, right??

It's Friday!!!!!  Have a great one!  (If you haven't entered the shoe contest, do it now...winner drawn on Sunday night.  Click on the link in the sidebar)

Sep 26, 2012

DIY Confidence!

Most of us are familiar with Tim Gunn’s favorite phrase, Make It Work!  But, it helps me face challenges all of the time.  Whenever I find myself lamenting over a problem, I will hear that scholarly, kind voice in my head imploring me to MAKE IT WORK!
This happened recently when I picked up the latest Chico’s catalog and was salivating over new styles and lamenting over my lack of funds.  I became fixated on a long necklace which I was convinced was made just for me.  Yet, if it was made just for me….Why wasn’t there money just for me to pay for it!!  An eighty dollar necklace wasn’t something I could justify at this moment…though I tried really hard to do just that.

That was when I heard that voice….Well, Pam…MAKE IT WORK!  I went to my hatbox full of zip lock bags containing all of the necklaces I have received or purchased in my adult life and began to dig.  I found two necklaces…one a long beaded necklace from Kohls  and the other a short Chicos necklace from three years ago and placed them side by side.

They did seem to go together and had a similar style to the long necklace in the catalog.  I could have pulled out the needle – nose pliers and put them together that way, but the smaller one actually hooked onto the longer one and just for creativity’s sake, I put rope-like twine around the connections and it looked as if it was designed that way purposefully.  I could have added the tassel (my daughter's graduation cap from college!) but I chose not to...I liked it without!

I love it!  I think it is my favorite necklace right now.  So, next time you have a desire which looks impossible to feed….maybe all you need is a MAKE IT WORK moment…just for encouragement and courage to think beyond your circumstances.

Jacket:  Chicos
Black Long Sleeved T: Kohls
Brown Denim: Lane Bryant
Brown, Pointed Toe Flats: Old Navy
Bracelet:  Goodwill SA

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone and make sure you visit KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!

Thursday Favorite Things

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Sep 25, 2012

Leopard Lovin'

Loving Leopard....because it is really always in style!  No matter the season or the year!  I read so many articles salivating over animal prints as if we have never seen them before, but thank goodness, we have!  Animal print garments and accessories are worth holding on to...they just do not go away!
Leopard Blouse: Chaps at Kohls
Skirt and Jacket: Lane Bryant
NOTE: Later in the day I buttoned the top button of
the blouse and it looked a lot better!!
Bought these two years ago...still love them!!

Gigi and I decided to pull out the leopard this week and celebrate these looks for any woman...professional, casual...no matter your calling...they work!!
Have a great Wednesday...now go out there and ROAR!!

Sep 24, 2012

One Purple Jacket

At the end of summer, I purchased a Grace Elements ponte knit jacket at Stein Mart for about $28.  I love it and have found so many ways to wear it!  That is when I know a garment works for me...is when I actually have too many ways to use it! I should never spend money on an item that only has one moment...that would be a budget killer! 

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors and I love it
with grey, black, green, white, blue....even red!  Also, the knit is so comfortable and moves well for my active lifestyle!
One Purple Jacket has made autumn so much fun for me!  What do you think your favorite autumn garment is going to be?

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!!

Grace Elements Jacket: Stein Mart
Cynthia Rowley Gray Tank: Marshalls
Purple watercolor Skirt: Coldwater Creek
Flower Necklace:  Shhh, found it in my daughter's room
Gold Beaded Bracelet: Stein Mart
Nude Ballet Flats: R2 from DSW
Skinny brown denim:  Lane Bryant
White Knit Blouse: Chicos
Blue Scarf: Kohls
Blue, Silver Necklace: Kohls
Black Studded Flats: Goodwill SA
Silver Bracelet:  Stein Mart

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Sep 23, 2012

Go To Goodwill, Then Call Me In The Morning!

A friend called the other day to tell me she was sad...she had no money, wanted to shop, wanted to partake of all of the cute trends out for fall, and well...was just having a "Woe is me Party!"
I told her to get up and immediately get over to Goodwill...then call me the next day to tell me if she was feeling better!  And, YES, after shopping at Goodwill, she was feeling great.  Just like I felt when I found this brand new, tags still on, not worn, Talbot's orange tweed jacket.  The original price was $169...my price in Julia's Attic at Goodwill was only $12...BRAND NEW!
I am also participating right along with the polka dot trend with this great fitting jacket from Goodwill at only $4!!  Last week, you asked me on the Mother-of-the-Groom post where my outfit came from....you got it, Goodwill!  The leopard tunic and green jacket were both $1.99.  I have really worn this leopard tunic out with animal prints so in right now!

Finally, if dressing yourself doesn't get rid of the doldrums then possibly decorating your house for autumn will!  I bought a large basket full of autumn leaves at Goodwill for only $3!!

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, Goodwill is where I head...and that is a fact!  Now, go enjoy autumn, have a wonderful Monday and make sure you visit the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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