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Aug 30, 2012

What Caught My Attention!!

Hi everyone!  So many sent sweet comments yesterday and I am fine...just dealing with some issues of life!  I do want to once again remind you: just live one day at a time and live that day with joy to its fullest!

I thought I would end the week with news about a few fashion related items which have caught my attention and my praise!  I have searched for a long time for a lip balm that I like, and finally found one at ULTA, Raisin color!  It's on sale this week, buy two and get one free.  I really like the color and the way my lips feel!


Also, I noticed Nicole Ritchie's new fall line for MACYS in the TODAY'S NEWSPAPER and I fell in love with this blouse.  It would look so great under a suit jacket!!

Finally, the fabulous Catherine of CASHMERE LOVER
brings us these beautiful CASHMERE PONCHOS!  I just love the way they look!

Has anyone else discussed some great looks or new beauty products you would like to share with us??

Have a Fabulous Friday, everyone!  

Aug 29, 2012

Neutrals and a POP of Color!

Today, I bring you simply OUTFITS OF THE DAY!  I have some emergencies going on around me and I cannot get the blog done properly.  Please forgive me! Hopefully, waters will still over the next couple of days.  Until then, please enjoy these outfits purchased mostly at consignment boutiques.  Oh yes, Gigi is the pop of color!  Have a wonderful Thursday...each day
is a gift...enjoy it that way! 

Aug 28, 2012

Oh, My Aching Feet!

Progress Report On My New Healthy Lifestyle:

I ended summer walking every day and with my eating under control, but I have to admit the last two days have been tough.  Upon entering my second week of teaching, the work hours got much longer, more junk food was available, and fatigued, my  self- control hit a wall and shattered.
But, it has only been two days, so I plan to get back at it on Wednesday.   During the end of summer, I faced all kinds of obstacles with my walking. 

A coyote in the neighborhood...acting funny!

I was charged by two big bucks and a doe  (so sorry there is no video!)

My new very early morning hours have me walking in deep darkness, and it is hard to see obstacles.

Finally, my feet and one knee began to throb with pain for days.  My husband, who has become an avid runner, quietly said….YOU NEED NEW SHOES!  I am someone who loves to shop and purchase new clothes…but not for exercising.  I do not get the point of having expensive workout clothes…I would rather spend it on REAL clothes!  I confess I also felt that way about shoes.  But, walking on concrete hills quickly wore them down.

Mr. B sent me to the NEW BALANCE STORE.  There I entered a cloud of nostalgia where shoe salespeople cared about waiting on you, measuring your feet, and bringing you scores of shoes…as it was when I was young and SERVICE was important in retail.
They placed me on a treadmill and watched me walk….put my feet on an infrared gadget to see when I put the pressure the most when I walk…then made recommendations based on my level of exercise.  It was great and I felt like I was walking on a cloud!!  More than a difference…Mr. B was right!  Service is still the best asset in retail!   I was actually informed that I would need new shoes every six to eight months and they showed me how to tell when the shoe was breaking down.

For now, no more knee pain and my feet feel much better….tomorrow, I am  on the ROAD again with a few regrets for eating those cookies and one piece of pizza…oh, yes, and the breakfast taco!



Thank you, NEW BALANCE!!

Aug 27, 2012

Scores from the Summer Sales

Our second week of school is well underway and I am exhausted!!  But, excited to be wearing some of my purchases from the summer sales (I love so much!)

Gigi is back to being my photographer and we are sneaking outfit shots when we can up against the grey wall in my room!  It gives us a chance to giggle and think of something other than teenagers for a few moments every day!

I literally happened upon TALBOTS one day this summer when they had their sale items on 70 per cent off…just for that day!  I didn’t know about it in advance, but what a wonderful surprise.  I walked out with six pieces for $150!  So far, my husband has liked all of them and wants me to be a loyal Talbots shopper.  He prefers the classic styling of Talbots to the, let’s say, more creative styling of CHICOS.   I find myself in both places!
This skirt was one of the six pieces.  I am wearing it today with a Chico’s blouse I found online and on sale for $13.  The Tahari navy blue cardigan is from MARSHALLS and I purchased it there over the summer for $17.  Many of you have seen the necklace before.  It is one of my favorites created by local jewelry designer, Deborah Long-Shirley. 

Summer sales give me a way to go back to school with some fun, new pieces.  Now I must get down to work. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!!

Aug 26, 2012

Finding My Fall Wish List at Goodwill!

Whenever the fall looks hit the fashion scene, I begin to lament over my serious lack of funds.  However, if I take my seasonal wish list with me into GOODWILL, I can usually come close to fulfilling my desires.  For example, the skirt pictured below from Talbots’ new line has been on my wish list ever since I laid eyes on it.   I went on a recent Goodwill shopping spree with the skirt swimming in my head and found a practically new Lane Bryant version…which I believe was from Fall 2011. 

Currently at Talbots for $109
My version from Goodwill for $3.99
The Talbots skirt was pictured in the catalog with a bright blue sweater…so I pulled out this bright blue blouse to style my version.  Just as cute….with more money in my pocket.  It is worth it to take your fall wish list to Goodwill and see what you can find.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from other treasurers I found at our Highway 281@ Bitters location.  Then go enjoy the ladies from VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE; and make sure you have your own fabulous Monday!!


Aug 24, 2012


Everywhere I have turned lately, red is being proclaimed as a major part of Fall 2012 fashion!  So, when I saw this catalog from 

I thought, well I do not have the super fun Chicos pants, but I can come close.  That led to this inspiration outfit.  I've learned not to get depressed if I cannot purchase the exact look, but to give styling something close to it a try!  

Now, go have a fun weekend!  And enjoy what's left of summer!!  But, make sure and tell us what red you will be wearing this fall!!
Dana Buchman Bracelet from Kohls
Red denim:  Lane Bryant
White blouse: Foxcroft Collection
Black jacket:  Old Navy

Aug 23, 2012

Just For the Fun of It....One More Video!!

Here is one more video done by my students this summer at Langford Market.  Thanks for your sweet words about their work.  They are very talented.  It has been a long hard week, back to teaching and I am exhausted.  SO, enjoy a little bit of this meaningful event.

I have another inspiration look to show you tomorrow!  See you then.....


Aug 22, 2012

Gilmore Girls...Bunheads...and Creative Style!

I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls;
 no show has better dialogue as far as I am concerned.  So, my husband was the one who told me about the new show on ABC’s Family Network called BUNHEADS.  The show is written Amy Sherman-Palladino of Gilmore Girls fame, and actually old faces from the original show appear in BUNHEADS every now and then…like Kirk, one of my favorite characters!
I found myself placing the show on my DVR list, not so much for the plot of the show, but to see what Kelly Bishop would wear.  In Gilmore Girls, she was the wealthy, socialite grandmother (Emily Gilmore) and in Bunheads, she is the Bohemian, flighty ballet teacher (Fanny Flowers).  I really like Fanny Flowers comfortable, easy, yet creative style.

While I love the professional, classic dress as I modeled on Tuesday and have a need for those looks, I also love this easier, freer style like I am wearing today.  Fanny gave me some great ideas for fall.  Bunheads has completed its first season and is scheduled to return during the winter.  But, for now, Flowers character has provided plenty of inspiration to keep me thinking for awhile.

Red Dot Sale at Stein Mart: $7

Pink sweater: Chicos (on sale)
Brown cami: Vintage Chico's
Knit skirt: Coldwater Creek ($17 summer sale)
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!  Make sure you visit the other wonderful blogs in

Aug 21, 2012

See the Work of My Students Reporting Fashion Stories

This little video was produced by my students over the summer, so I thought I would share it with you.
We take our broadcast team out to do special projects to beef up their portfolios for college.  They run the camera, conduct the interviews, and edit the footage.
They enjoy attending some of these events and then have fun producing the videos!!

Hope you like it...have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Aug 20, 2012

Clothes That Say I AM IN CHARGE With A Discount Just for You!

Wow, thanks for a great discussion yesterday for VISIBLE MONDAY!  There were so many great comments… I know I will return to that post to read your words again and again  I think the conversation proves that many of us enjoy blogs because they reach into our lives right where we live!

Today, I want to discuss the power of a classic, professional look for work!  Sometimes we just need to send that message…I AM IN CHARGE!  When I want to make that statement, I go to my closet for one of my FOXCROFT COLLECTION blouses.  They give me the best fit of any of my blouses and a soft, comfortable wear under a jacket or alone.  And they hold their fit...wrinkle free...always looking crisp!

I just received this blueberry one and that excites me because navy has returned to the fashion scene in a big way.  I first met Foxcroft last year, and discovered I was slow to the party.  Many readers told me they had known of the company and loved their clothing for years.  They often buy these pieces in some of the finer department stores.
But, just for you, Foxcroft Collection is giving a special discount for an online order.  When you place an order ONLINE between now and September 30, just use the code OVER50FX20 to get a 20% discount!!  They are a great friend to have when you need a power statement with your professional dress!
Now, go out and have a powerful Tuesday!!