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Jul 30, 2012

The Joys of Being a Turtle! (Not a Hare)

I have made so many confessions on this blog that I should not hesitate to make one more…but I know some of you will laugh…and scoff…and even call me WIMP!   But, here goes….I HATE SPEED…not the drug (though that’s bad as well) but, actual SPEED.  I do not enjoy going fast in anything…not a theme park…nor a swing…nor down a mountain of snow…roller coaster…and especially not a freeway.  My husband says it is a control issue and he is probably right. My kids think this shows my age...maybe they are right as well!  But, nevertheless, I do not really like to leave my comfort zone for speed.  Texas is one big super freeway and they are very difficult to avoid.  When I worked in Dallas and Houston, I sometimes sat on a freeway for over hours just going to and from work.  Of course, I have to get on the freeways every week even in more laid back San Antonio…
You won't see San Antonio's famous MAGNOLIA PANCAKE HAUS from the freeway!
But, if I have the time and the preference, I will avoid the highways for the byways.   What is great about living in the slow lanes and not the fast is when you drive the byways, you will often find great little businesses which you might have flown by when up in the fast lanes.  I have discovered some great cafes, boutiques, and consignment shops just while cutting through the city making my own routes. You can see all of the major shopping areas from the freeways, but it is the hidden places I discover and so often like the best!

Gigi took me out last week to one of these favorite spots, SERENDIPITY CLOTHING SA, a consignment shop…which happens to be right next door to a new Mediterranean CafĂ©,COOL CAFE, which is said to have amazing crepes!

We popped in just for a glass of tea and promised to return for crepes another day.  For my birthday, Gigi was treating me to shopping fun…the resale way!  I will model the looks for you after school begins.  Also, Gigi's looks will return to this blog at that same time!  I have seen some of her new outfits and you will love them!
Gigi finds a fun book and a great pair of COACH sandals to go with
her new pink pants!!

Another great store found on the byways is STEIN MART.  I recently told you that my husband has lost a lot of weight and is about to start a new job.  So, we scored big at Stein Mart!!  Two Ralph Lauren Sports Jackets, three pair of Ralph Lauren slacks, three Michael Kors dress shirts, a pack of Kenneth Cole Socks, a cashmere sweater vest and a belt…..ready for this, all of it for well under the cost of one suit.  Both RL sports jackets were originally priced at $400 each…at Stein Mart, $150 each.  You just have to love July sales…not to mention what you find living in the slow lanes!  I promise to bring you some more great places as I trek around the city at mine own pace on the byways!

I styled this look for Mr. B, but he made a different choice.  Michael Kors shirts
fit much better than the Izod.
 On Wednesday,  I will join JILL and ADRIENNE for a tribute to Coco Chanel!  Jill is making her own Chanel jacket and I cannot wait to see the final product. 
Coco Chanel said: "I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite which I would like."

  (hmmm, kind of like I found joy in staying off freeways!)
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Jul 29, 2012

Jackets+Teachers+Goodwill= Ready for School!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the time is drawing ever so closer to the beginning of another school year!  For me, it is just 12 days before I return to full-time status!  With that in mind, I would like to share with you one of my pet peeves.  I do this knowing I might upset some of you, but I hope you will read my thoughts before clicking the CLOSE button.

Purple Knit Jacket by Target's Merona, and leather merlot bag
both from GOODWILL on Hwy 281 @ Bitters Road
I really do not understand teachers who go to work looking sad and pitiful.  Taking the time to fix up is so important for teachers and there are just no excuses to keep you from it!  I realize that if you do not care about your appearance that a deeper problem may be going on, but I want you to know I have been there.  One of the best first steps you can take, is to force yourself to start fixing up and gradually you will feel better about yourself!
First of all, in order to be heard and received from students, you need to be at the top of your game.  Taking the time to fix up instills confidence and joy in who you are and you will communicate those messages when teaching.   It is just a fact that when we are enthusiastic about our presentations and how we look presenting them, then students will be as well.
Navy Jacket has tiny dot print, found at GOODWILL on Hwy.410@Blanco
Also, like it or not, we are role models no matter what age you teach.  We are modeling confidence, joy and professionalism when we take the time to fashion a nice look for the classroom.   They do notice.  They have taught me that they notice.  I have one young lady who loves to see what scarf I will pull out next!  We should never be commenting on what they choose to wear if we are not giving consideration to what we wear.
This multi-colored jacket was purchased at Goodwill, Hwy 281 @ Blanco. If you are creative, Goodwill
is a great place to find high quality, unique garments!
The great news is, with places like GOODWILL, we can afford to look our very best every day!  So, here is what I recommend:
       Take inventory of your closet. 
       Make a list of your separates to carry with you.
       Then go shopping at Goodwill for great jackets to stretch this wardrobe.  Jackets give you a professional touch.  Also, a great fitted jacket will make you look so much slimmer and just pulls a look together. 
      Remember this fall, the big colors will be navy, burgundy, burnt orange, saffron yellow, slate greys, bright purples, deep browns and forest greens.
       Do not leave Goodwill without checking the shoes, jewelry, and bags for completer pieces to your looks.

It is worth it, teachers or anyone other working women….you will just be amazed at what you can do with only $25!!! 

 Now, please, for more ideas go visit the lovely ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE....and have a great one!

Jul 28, 2012

Scarf Tying Tips....Worth Your Time!

Please forgive me...today is turning out to be a bit busier than I expected!  I promise to hit the makeup area soon...this is one area where I keep making changes anyway!  For now, this Eileen Fisher video on scarf tying is well worth the time!!  I plan to practice with this lady for fall looks with my scarves...and try to mix it up!
Have a wonderful Saturday all!!  I will see you again soon!!

Jul 27, 2012

Anti-Aging Secrets…of Mine…Part 2!

Great comments yesterday, ladies!  We can all learn from each other!  I have to say that the best anti-aging secret I try to practice every day is JOY and LAUGHTER!  So, I started this day with LAUGHTER to see I was selected by 12 MOST as one of the 12 MOST READABLE BLOGS FOR WOMEN!!  What a wonderful honor!  I am anxious now to check out the other eleven! 

When we stopped yesterday, I had just cleaned my face!  I want you to know that I have read great reviews of the CLARISONIC system and only went with OLAY for affordability.  But the results have been nothing but positive on our end.
Once a week, I do a deep cleanse with the OLAY REGENERIST MICRODERMABRASION & PEEL SYSTEM kit.  My husband also likes this one.  It is a more intensive home kit and will feel a little bit of burning.  But, the results are immediate.  I always do this at night, because your face will be slightly red and need overnight to rest.
Then I use ROC products for my facial creams and serums:

Seriously...feeling great now at 59!!
NOW FOR THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, THE MOST INCREDIBLE EYE TIGHTENER I HAVE USED SO FAR!!  My daughter was the one who introduced me to PETER THOMAS ROTH products.  They are excellent and a slightly more than ROC products.   The INSTANT EYE TIGHTNER is the one product worth the cost to me.  This little miracle cream makes your eyes look amazing all day….instantly puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles just disappear.  Now, you put it on in the morning, let it sit for just a few minutes, and then gently wipe away any residue left behind.  But, it will shave off all fatigue and aging in literally just a few minutes. It can also be mixed with your favorite eye cream.  I haven’t done this yet, but I plan to mix it with my ROC eye cream and see what happens.   Ways to bring the price down, are by using coupons at ULTA or sales at my newest sponsor, SKIN CARE RX.
They did not ask or pay for a review post, but I will tell you that their website is the easiest to order from I have experienced so far.  It was pain free and the products shipped and arrived in a very timely fashion. I was pleased.  Sign up for their email specials and save money there.

Tomorrow, we will discuss makeup….always a work in progress!  Happy Friday Everyone!


Jul 26, 2012

Anti-Aging Secrets ...of Mine!

Blog readers are just the best and sweetest around!  I cannot tell you, how much your sweet comments meant to me about how I look at 59!  I will say that in the last four weeks, I have received the most compliments I can remember getting in a long time about my looks.  The birthday posts led to a few emails asking me how I do it….how I look younger than 59! 
Well, I am sure there are days that I do not look younger, but it pleases me no end that some of you think I do.  This summer has been about getting me to look healthy (and of course, feel healthy).  In answer to your questions, I will share with you some of my personal techniques which I have been true to this summer.  These are products and advice I actually use… and I am not plugging or supporting anything for any other reason other than I use them….every day!  I am going to divide this into two posts…maybe three!

#1 The Sun
Yes, the very thing that is said to age us has helped me!  I was told last year that I had a serious Vitamin D deficiency and I would need to not only take a supplement, but also get out in the sun more.  The advice I was given was to get out into the sun at least 15 minutes for three times a week and that would be sufficient.   At the end of the school year I was as white as vanilla ice cream and the pasty face was looking older.  Fifteen minutes for three times a week has been perfect to put a toasty, healthy glow on my skin…the healthy way.

#2  Juice Plus
For months now, my husband and I have tried various food supplements in an attempt to change some bad reads in the blood tests.  Nothing has really made a difference. So, we are trying JUICE PLUS, vegetable and fruit supplements.  We are impressed with the studies and research we have read, so we began Juice Plus one month ago.  I will say that the most significant difference I notice right now is that I am just not as hungry as I used to be.  Also, I have more energy and my complexion looks great.  I will update you on this occasionally and let you know how it is going.  For right now, I am really glad we are doing this.
Other habits I have formed for every day:  I only drink water, green tea, others teas, and coffee!
 #3 The Cleansing Machine
At the beginning of summer, my husband and I purchased the OLAY PRO-X ADVANCED CLEANSING SYSTEM and we both love it!  We use it in the evenings and he uses it in the mornings before he shaves.  I really think our complexions are brighter and there are far less wrinkles to look at in the mirror!  It is similar to the Clarisonic Machine…only cheaper!
That gets us started!  I will tell you about my face serums and the most amazing EYE TIGHTNER EVER in tomorrow’s post!

Have a wonderful Thursday and make sure you visit the other bloggers from KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Jul 24, 2012

Summer Thoughts

Take time to look into the faces around you...into the clouds above...and appreciate life today!

Have a Happy Wednesday everyone! What do you have
planned for the day??

Jul 23, 2012


My dear friend Gigi has been out of town and, of course, there is no better way to welcome her back than with lunch out and resale shopping!!  We had so much fun…she found five different tops from places like Talbots and Saks Fifth Ave. 
Though I like to carry my small vintage Louie Vuitton occasionally, I was super excited to find this beautiful red B.Makowsky bag at GARMENT EXCHANGE on Thousand Oaks.  After I used some income from my own sales in the store, I walked out with this amazing bag for just $40!!  It really is beautiful and I did not own a red bag…much less such a gorgeous, quality red bag!!  I just gave myself a birthday present!
Today I wore my Jennifer Lopez coral pants from KOHLS.  I purchased them last spring, but by the end of the season they were just too tight and uncomfortable……YES, after walking every day, they fit!!! BTW, I don't buy something because someone's name is on it...I buy for great fit, or its an item I want in my wardrobe, or it communicates the message I desire, or the price is right, or (most often) all of the above!!
Shopping…lunch….good friends…and pants that fit…WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE??
Have a terrific Tuesday!!   Does anyone else have a recent consignment shop success story??

Jul 22, 2012

Visible at 59….Really 59!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  One great thing about birthdays is you hear from so many people!!  Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes.
Of course, my 86 year old mother called (even after she supposedly denounced me as her daughter), and this was some of the conversation : 

Mother:  Happy birthday, honey!  I remember sixty years ago when the doctor…
Me:   What?!?! Sixty years ago!  Mother, I am 59!
Mother: What’s that??
Me (slow and louder): I AM FIFTY NINE!!
Mother (chuckling): Well, Ok, honey, whatever you want to call it! It can be 59 or 60…but when the doctor brought to me my baby girl…
Me:  Mother!  It is 59!
Mother:  That’s OK…don’t get upset…I’ll call it 59!!

At that point I gave up!  But it is 59!  My husband and I were discussing at my birthday meal how we really do not feel that old….we really do feel younger!  That’s a good thing…I hope we both continue to feel younger for a long time! 
The heat is on in Texas and I know many other places!  We also have an overabundance of bugs this summer since there were no freezes last winter.  You can be sure I will pray for freezes this winter!  Also heating up are the July sales….

I bought these fun rayon pants from Chico's for $20!  They will be great for teaching this fall.  The blouse was bought on a clearance rack from BEALLS for $10 just after Christmas, and the jacket is another clearance item from Chico’s last spring!  Shoes are AEROSOLES wedges from Ross!!(Very comfy to walk in)   The whole look would be about $70 as I build a wardrobe of separates to stretch the outfits! 

If anyone else out there is facing accusations that you are lying about your age….then I feel your pain!  Have an incredible Monday…..rejoice…and be very visible with the bloggers over at  VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!


Jul 21, 2012

Sliding Down Toward 60!

My 59th year began with an amazing sunrise as I walked this morning!!  There is much to be thankful for and my plans are to make this 59th year so much fun!!

As I take it one day at a time, I want to see flowers and beauty around me every day….I want to find someone to inspire e very day …and I want to laugh and smile and sing every day!!  Before I turn 60, I may not go to Paris, or climb Mt. Everest, or shop in New York…..but I will make each and every moment special and not take them for granted!!

Have a Wonderful Saturday and I hope all of you have a fabulous sunset!!

My favorite song on my 16th birthday...........

Jul 19, 2012

More Shoes….Loving July Sales...Answering Questions!!

You read it right!!  $3.23!!  For these cute Dana Buchman FLATS!  They were originally $64.99.  I found  them on a clearance rack for $12.99, during  KOHLS current sale, and I had in my possession a $10 coupon….VIOLA! $3.23!  They were the only pair of its kind on the rack and just sitting off to the side alone…calling my name!
I have loved the July sales for years, because I always make great finds during that time which work for all seasons.  It is rare that I have enough money to purchase new pieces at full price for fall, so the July sales give me the ability to enter a new school year feeling fresh and new.  When I return to work soon, it will be to begin my 13th year as a journalism teacher….it’s been so much fun!  This is a special year for many reasons and I plan to enjoy each and every minute!!

Yesterday, Katrina asked how I found flats that fit....well, true confessions, with every pair of shoes I wear (except flip flops) I wear Dr. Scholl's INSERTS.  I have done this for several years and I wear them for three reasons:
1. Arch Support
2. Comfort
3. Better fit
Actually, sometimes in the Sunday newspaper you can find $3 off coupons for these as well!!

If you head out to shop this week, take every possible coupon with you because you just do not know what treasure you will discover!

Off to watch the new season of PROJECT RUNWAY!!
Happy Friday all!!  

Jul 18, 2012

We’re Talking Shoes and the Smoothie Recipe!! Such Fun!

 THIS!  Just for the record….I did not wear my two knit skirts back to back, but with these posts it appears that way.  Here is the brown one which I wore with the same white jacket…but I do love these skirts!  Find the skirts in this POST.
I bought these flats at DSW with my birthday coupon and I am so in love with them.  I love the color, the style, everything about them!!  You will probably see them often.

THAT!  I received reader requests for the smoothie recipe!  It is very simple:
1 Cup of NONFAT milk….I have also used small cartons of Muscle Milk Light, French Vanilla
1 Heaping Tablespoon of NON FAT Greek yogurt
A pinch of cinnamon, and either chia seeds or ground flax seeds
Two packages of Stevia in the Raw
Cup of any frozen fruit combo you like….I usually toss in a few frozen blueberries with any other fruit I am doing…just for the power of the blueberries!!

MORE THAT!  I received a test sampling of the new 1st Step Pro Wellness Products now sold at Walgreen’s specifically for women.  The multi-vitamin is available in a liquid which is said to be better absorbed by the body.  I can say that the little bottle of Vitamin B-12 liquid did give an instant boost!  If you are a Walgreen’s shopper and searching for a new vitamin line made just for women, you might want to check them out.

Can't go wrong ending with jewelry!  Have a fabulous Thursday everyone...may something special  make you smile!!

Make sure you visit some of the excellent bloggers at KATIES FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP on Thursday!!

Thursday Favorite Things