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Apr 29, 2012

Visiblity Questions and Winner Announced!

When thinking about what to style for Visible Monday, sometimes the question becomes…exactly how visible do I want to be?
I really like this outfit a lot.  I feel like a woman (to coin a cliché) and I feel beautiful in it.  But you might be surprised to also know that I probably would not wear it out anywhere…without a small adjustment.
Dress:  Lane Bryant
Top:  Chico's
I have never felt comfortable in low-cut attire…in fact, I really watch how much the “girls” show.   My low comfort level may come from where I was raised…Southern, conservative, Texas towns.   But, it also comes from the desire to control what I communicate with my clothing.   Though a major city, San Antonio is also a small community.  I rarely go out without running into someone I know.  As a high school teacher, like it or not, I am a role model to my students.
Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry
I also think my lack of comfort comes from the size of these “girls.”  Believe me, I am not bragging…I often wish they were smaller!  As I age, I have become a bit more courageous with what I wear out.  But, for now, this look is strictly for VISIBLE MONDAY (and Mr. B)!   We each have to find our own comfort levels and decide what our communications will be….mine is not necessarily what yours is…I recognize that…and even applaud the courageous!

CL by Laundry Sandals: Ross
Now, for the big announcement!!  The winner of the gorgeous Soft Surroundings blouse is the stunning Cindy Swanson of Notes in the Key of Life!!  Congratulations Cindy…you should hear from Soft Surroundings soon!!
Happy Monday everyone… hope you will return tomorrow for Jill and Adrienne's scarf collaboration…I am still baffled that they want me to select ONE favorite scarf…how is that possible??

Now, head over to Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle to see the great looks!!  And have a fabulous week!!

Apr 28, 2012

There's Nothing Women Can't Do!

Yesterday, I was behind the scenes of the largest parade in America overseen by all women…and, I observed, mostly women of a certain age at that!  It was a well-oiled machine run with precision, accuracy, efficiency, and loads of laughter.  I was amazed to watch these ladies of the Battle of Flowers Association gather at 8:30 AM, well aware long hours and rising heat lay in front in them, but their smiles never faded.
   The Mission Control room was more like a war room with members of the National Guard surrounding the women with protection and support for the tasks at hand.

On every street corner, underneath the freeway, next to each entry, I spied the ladies answering questions, directing traffic, assisting with last minute work on floats, decorating cars, unloading trucks, and encouraging participants.  I was not aware of any problems or complaints…as it should be.  Yet, they are overseeing thousands of parade participants, including parents of children, in the parade and police officers.  Each lady in yellow understands her position and job description and its fascinating to witness them pull a huge task together!

I decided to bring you two photo galleries.  One is dedicated to the Behind the Scenes work at the Battle of Flowers female brigade, and the other is a taste of Fiesta Street Style.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

While I loved working around these fabulous women, my favorite personal moment was when someone who came to watch the parade jumped off the sidewalk and said, “You are over50feeling40!  I read your blog every day!”  Thanks Marilyn…you just made my day!  That is the first time that has ever happened to me!!
Sweet Marilyn...you made my day...and your look
There were so many other Fiesta events, and I hoped you enjoyed the few I was able to cover.  Maybe more next year! But, Fiesta 2012 is officially behind me.  See you soon for Visible Monday, and have a great weekend!!

Don't Mess with the Tiger...just avoid the road!!

Apr 27, 2012

Fashion Fun with Fiesta Continues Plus the Royal Court!

“Fashion is all about happiness.  It’s fun. It’s important.  But it’s not medicine.”  - Donatella Versace

Fiesta is fashion fun…anything goes in San Antonio for two weeks.  Extreme color, bling, pattern mixing, hats, fascinators, medals, crowns, masks….it’s all about fun!
Dress: Ross
I enjoy having fun with it…in my own way.  While my version is a bit toned down, I am still smiling along the way!  Today, I give you a couple of my daily looks from this week and one from Gigi!  We still say Fiesta…but not shouting at the top of our lungs.

Scarf: Gift from Reva
Bracelet: Stein Mart
Thursday night was the Fiesta Band Festival and I was invited to attend for the first time!  Today, I am behind the scenes of one of the largest parades in the country, The Battle of Flowers Parade. Our whole city is out of school and off work for a parade!  Tonight I collapse for a while!!  Of course, the heat is close to 100 degrees this week…gotta love it!

Fiesta accessories include medals from the different events!
The more color you bring out...the better it is!
Talk about joyful fashions...here are a couple of pictures of the Fiesta Royal Court from the San Antonio Express News...each dress costs well over $30,000 to produce!

The whole two week celebration closes on Saturday night with the Fiesta Flambeau Parade….a gorgeous night parade of lights!  I hope to bring to you some fun pictures from the Battle of Flowers and the Band Festival! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!

Apr 26, 2012


First let me say, I am receiving no monetary or gift payments from Ulta for this post…I just really wanted to tell you how much I like the store!  I avoided walking in for a long time, because it honestly “looked” from the outside like a place I would not be able to afford.  But, now I know, that I cannot afford to shop without Ulta!
Ulta was founded in 1990 as a discount beauty retailer.  There are many, many reasons why I love what they are doing for the beauty business.  But, here are just a few:
Easy Access:  I can find quality products without going to the mall.  I park in front …run into the store…get what I need…and am on my way in a matter of minutes!
Service with a Smile:  When we have discussed what makes a great retail outlet on this blog, service is at the top of your list.  Ulta employs people who great you at the door ready to help with all questions.  They are there if you need them, but not trying to sell you things that you don’t need.  In fact, I asked once about a product I was looking for and the Ulta employee said they didn’t carry it, but told me where to find it for the best price!
Rewards Club Pays Off:  I love their rewards club!  You can see some of the items I have received for free pictured today!  They send  a quarterly report with a level and list of free items available to me.  Through this club, I have tried several Ulta Brand items such as eye shadow, nail polish, and make up brushes and found them to be excellent!   I also discovered one of my favorite hair care products after receiving it free at Ulta.

Four of these items were free and I love all of them!!  My Chi was purchased for $79 with an Ulta
20% Sales:  I think at least twice a year, I receive a notice of a 20% sale on the entire store.  I purchased my new Chi flat iron for $20 less and bought three months’ worth of my face and eye creams during this time.  It really helps me to save money in the long run!

Lots of Free Samples:  I recently sent my daughter overseas a cute Ulta makeup bag full of Ulta Brand eye shadows, liners, and mascara and she was so happy to receive it!!  I often get FREEBIES for things I purchase.  Currently they are giving tote bags for Mother’s Day Fragrance purchases, but I also have received robes at Christmas for fragrance buys.  They carry fragrances you normally have to go into the mall to find…so glad I can get my husband’s Ralph Lauren there!
SALON Specials:  Ulta is always running a salon deal…currently, an OPI gel manicure for $25!!  But, sometimes it is an exfoliation, or brow, or hair cut deal! 

Clean, Beautiful Store:  The Stores are well kept, always clean and shiny, with great displays.  A pleasure to walk into.  Don’t be intimidated like I was at first.  Take the plunge…you will enjoy it!

Yes!!  I ULTA-LY love ULTA!

Make sure you enter to win the Soft Surroundings Blouse in the top of the sidebar.   Finally, make sure you check out the other bloggers at Katie's Blog Hop…….  Have A Fabulous Thursday!!

Apr 25, 2012

Unwanted Guests

They were on my doorstep again last night.  The unwanted guests I often have to send away.  Fortunately, I am beginning to see a pattern of when they appear.
You know them.  Mr. & Mrs. If Only accompanied by Mr. You Are A Loser!  Their negativity can be toxic and addictive.  If you allow them in your home, then there are times, they become squatters and just will not leave.
Hopefully, with age comes wisdom and I am beginning to recognize what might cause these guests to think I have left the light on for them.  When I do not care for myself….lack of sleep…lack of exercise…overwork…over worry…poor eating habits…all will open the door to the negative team.

If only I had learned to love exercise early in life…
If only I had cooked healthier meals for my family…
If only I had not said no to that job…
If only there were no gray hairs and wrinkles popping out…
If only I had more courage…
If only my kids were still at home…
If only…
I am going to develop a plan to oust these guys…hit them from their blind side…I refuse to allow them squatters’ rights.  I need some rest and a new health care plan I commit completely to living by.  But soon, very soon, they will once again have the door slammed in their faces.

Have these guys showed up at your house lately?


Apr 24, 2012

Neutrals and Chocolate

It’s time to take a small rest from the extreme colors of Fiesta and put my life in neutral…literally!  I really prefer today's neutral based style (pictured below), but, I will admit, bright color dabbling has been fun!

While thinking of neutrals, I could not resist an invite to a CHOCOLATE RECEPTION at the The International Culinary School on Interstate 10 in San Antonio.  They wanted to boast about the talents of their chocolate class and being a teacher, I wanted to give encouragement…right?  The chocolates were just too fabulous and very unique with buttery, smooth fillings and exotic flavors.

We were able to tour the kitchen and visit an Asian cooking class.  At the end of each class, they put all of the food on one table for the students to sample and discuss.  It looked like so much fun…but I am in enough trouble with my weight without joining a class like this.
Bon Appetite!
Cardigan and Blouse: Lane Bryant
Ellen Tracy Short Pants: Stein Mart
Ballet Flats: Target
Simply Vera Necklace: Kohls
Apt. 9 Bracelet: Kohls

Happy Tuesday All!

Apr 22, 2012

Fiesta Shopping the Goodwill Way!!

No problem….that is what I said when Goodwill SA asked me to shop for FIESTA celebration ensembles!!  Hopefully, you caught my post here about the Fiesta Ole Fashion Show and you can see how San Antonio ladies love to go over the top and have fun during this two week celebration.

I think I had fun, yet remained controlled enough that I can easily wear the items I purchased throughout the year and not just during Fiesta.  I filled a cart with items and camped out in a dressing room for almost an hour…they kept knocking on the door to make sure I wasn’t dead in the room!!
Necklace:  Chicos
Bracelets: Kohls
Aerosoles Sandals:  Ross
Nail Color:  OPI, Cajun Shrimp (Spicy like Fiesta!)
Finally, I chose this fabulous Carole Little maxi-dress ($5.99…yes, I said $5.99)!!  I am going to wear it to an outdoor dinner this coming weekend!  I also wore it to the Art Institute function I blogged about here.  I love, love, love this dress!!  There is every reason to believe that it was originally priced close to $200.  Now that’s savings!

I also picked up this colorful Chico’s blouse ($2.99)…perfect for Fiesta functions!!    Below I showed you some of the items I would have purchased if they were in my size!  Goodwill is the go to place for designer shoes and fashion…plus it is great to save some money!!  There is still time to discover great styles for Fiesta this week…I have heard the parade will be HOT, as usual…so prepare with shorts and sleeveless shirts at Goodwill…also don’t forget sunscreen!!

There is nothing more VISUAL than San Antonio’s FIESTA or the money you save at Goodwill….and you will also enjoy the very visual fashions on Patti's VISIBLE MONDAY  and MONDAY MINGLE AT MOM TRENDS..so head on over now!!

So sad, what I left behind:

lew magram collection from New York found in Julia's Attic