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Dec 20, 2012

The Power of Traditions....With A Little Denim & Velvet On The Side

It’s almost Friday before Christmas and our house is buzzing like it hasn’t since my children were young.  We are all together this year with the anticipation of a holiday wedding and our first grandchild coming in early 2013.

I am attempting to make it a special Christmas, but with all that has been going on, I thought, “Well, they are all older now.  We’re holding the big celebration on Christmas Eve.  I don’t think I will fill the stockings.”  Seemed reasonable to me…but when I mentioned it to my pregnant, 26 year old daughter, she basically freaked out!!  She wanted her husband for his first Christmas in our house to experience the entire traditional package from stockings to the special breakfast I have always made for them  (Monkey bread and applewood bacon!) 
I heard on the radio this morning about a study which revealed Americans look more forward to the traditions than the gifts.  That made sense to me, so after much consideration….I am out to shop for STOCKING STUFFERS for five over-twenty-somethings!!

Here is a look I have enjoyed for a few years….velvet and denim…with a little bling on the side!  Gives a nice holiday touch while doing the last minute shopping.  So, ladies, how about those stocking stuffer ideas…bring your best…remember, they are adults!
Premiere Jewelry

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 


  1. Happy Holiday to you too, Gf! Much cheer and love to you~Paula

  2. HMMM 25 year olds. How about an old tradition and a joke - a new pair of underwear! We always got new pj's and a new underwear each Christmas. saving cream, razors, travel toiletries ....

  3. Loving the velvet blazer and pearlish bracelet
    Isnt' funny what things the kids love the most, things we might not even consider a big deal
    My 19 year asked if he and his brother were getting their traditional pj on Christmas Eve
    I said, why wouldn't you, you have gotten them every year since you were born. He said, I thought maybe since I was in college now, you would stop doing it. LOL
    This is a tradition my grandmother started when I was little and it is still going
    Good luck on your stocking stuffer finds
    I love the dollar store!

  4. Have a Fabulous Friday too Pam...I hope you found your stocking fillers ;-)
    We're having a big family party on Christmas Eve at home...can't wait...nothing is lovelier than all being together.

  5. You and your home look so welcoming, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    We are having all the children round too. That is what makes Christmas so magic.

  6. You look fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  7. mari.hafenstein@att.netDecember 21, 2012 at 6:33 AM

    for the girls a purse size manicure kit and.or compact mirror. A sewing kit for the desk or purse...I can't tell you how many times I have needed one. We always got a new toothbrush and toothpaste in our stockings. handheld electronic games...they are cheap as can be now. Personality themed keychains? fun playing cards (our family used to play cards a lot), We always had an orange in the toe and a candy cane hanging out. Boys are always harder to buy for than girls. Let us know what you come up with.

    1. We had a tangerine, walnuts and candy wrapped as gold coins. In Ireland, tangerines were rare for my grandmother and these were the things she placed in her children's stockings. My mother did the same with mine, along with a coloring book and a paperdoll set. I had forgotten.

  8. For the women, small toiletries are always welcome - the guys stump me! Your family is lucky to have you, Pam, you're a treasure : >

  9. I agree with Mari., Patti and RoseAG, makeup, razors and small toilitries are always good-especially the travel kind. Batteries are always welcome at my house. Pens, pencils, small note pads, gum and candy too of course.

  10. Your house and you both look fabulous!!

    I'd suggest gift card to their fav coffee spot (Dunkin', Starbucks, Mcdonalds...)

  11. Fun! Hand cream is useful for guys and girls in winter, also lip balm. How about little electronic gadgets for the blokes (my husband can't get enough little earbud headphones - he loses them all the time). Something to wrap cables around might be handy too. Hand/foot warmers (those little reheatable chemical things)? A mini torch on a keychain? A special christmas decoration each? Christmas themed socks?



  12. I love the fuzzy super-soft socks, gift certificates to a favorite store, hmmmm.... a small photo frame. I'm sure with all of the comments you have a lot of good ideas. I think that you're right about traditions. My Mom stopped doing anything traditional when my parents divorced, and I really missed it. The past year or two my family has pretty much stopped all of the traditions and it's quite sad to me. No one seems very interested in getting together anymore. I'm glad to hear that you're continuing your traditions. I'm sure that your children will feel loved more because of it.

  13. Now that our kids are grown, when we get together for Christmas each of the grown ups contributes something to the stockings. It reduces the number of stocking stuffers that any one individual has to buy and we have lots of fun trying to guess who put what in the stockings.

  14. My 20-something son will tell you his favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree. He brought a girl home for this year's tree trimming--a first. Hmm--do you think it's a sign? I love your bracelet!!


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