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Dec 26, 2012

Fashion Resolution: Fun With Color and Prints!

Hello, everyone…I hope you are staying warm, safe, and joyful on this day after Christmas!  We had a wonderful family time and now we are on the fast pace toward our son’s wedding this weekend!
My awesome children!
In thinking about a New Year, I thought I would mention setting some fashion resolutions for your wardrobe. 2013 could be a really fun year and time to step out of your comfort zone.  I started using my Parisian Chic 2013 Weekly Planner, written by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet (which fits nicely in my purse!).  They write about New Year’s Eve:

*And, if you’re ever going to dare to wear that kooky dress, now’s the time, because none of your friends will remember anything in the morning!

Well, maybe we should push ourselves to go a little farther this year with color and prints on more than just New Year’s Eve... and when all are sober around us!   Goodwill is the place to begin….you can go out of your box and not spend vast amounts of dollars doing so.  If you like it….add it to the wardrobe….if it is a one- time look…re-donate it and treasure hunt at Goodwill once again.

As I was purchasing this vibrant red blouse, a woman looked over from another counter and said, “Oh, I almost bought that!  I really liked it, but just did not have the courage to wear it!”  She appeared to be middle aged, so I gave her my card and encouraged her to join in the fun for 2013!! 
Remember, now is the time when people clean out the closets to make end- of- year- donations….Goodwill’s are well stocked!!
Where would I wear this?  I think it is perfect for entertaining at home…a fun dinner party with friends or even lunch on our cultural Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio!

I also picked up this colorful tunic which I know I will wear for spring and teaching summer school!!
It’s time for some fashion fun and Goodwill is a treasure-chest waiting to open!  Would anyone like to share fashion resolutions with us?? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Your blouses are so pretty and fun, Pam!

  2. oh Pam, I love that watercolor blouse
    I can't believe you have a wedding this weekend
    I hope it all goes beautifully!
    Can't wait to hear all about it

  3. I love all those wonderful colors on you. The tunic is beautiful.

  4. I loooove Goodwill! I have found some great things there!

  5. Hope your son's wedding goes well. I'm sure you will look fabulous!

  6. You have a very lovely family.
    The first top is so much fun! It makes me happy to just look at it. The second tunic is one I would've snapped up. I love the colors in it.

  7. Gorgeous family Pam!! I love both your new tops!!!!I've got gift money put aside to do some Goodwill shopping!!!

  8. I love the conversation you had with that woman...I bet next time she sees something interesting, she'll think of you and go for it.

  9. I love that tunic on you! You are so right, I just cleaned out my closet and dropped my donations off but didn't have time to go in and shop. 2013 I will add some zest to my wardrobe.

  10. What a gorgeous family! They come by it honestly : > I'll be shopping at GW this week too : >

  11. Your family is beautiful. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  12. How exciting that the wedding is so soon! Can't wait to see the photos.You have a gorgeous family. Hope your holiday was lovely and I love the floral top on you. xo

  13. Wonderful family.
    I am so glad for all the good things coming your way: the wedding, baby on the way, and your gorgeous family.ENJOY IT ALL.
    That first blouse should be mine, by the way, lol.

  14. I love both tops on you- and the fact that you are "brave" enough to rock them! I hope that lady gets as inspired by you as I am- I know that it's ok to stretch the comfort zone a bit, and glam up no matter what I may have felt before. Your love of color and style show your zest for life!

  15. Happy holidays Pam, to you and your beautiful family. You are stunning in your vibrant blouse and an inspiration to all.


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