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Dec 27, 2012

Fashion Resolution: Experiment With Beauty Products

Jasmina Aganovic

Another suggestion for a Fashion Resolution might pertain to our beauty routines and chosen products.  There are so many great lines available, I encourage you to do your homework and see what is best for the after 50 skin.   I would like to recommend one line, Bona Clara.  Founded by a young, intelligent woman, Jasmina Aganovic, the line of age specific beauty products is designed to enhance all stages of a woman’s life.  Jasmina was willing to answer a few questions for the over50feeling40 audience about her unique line:

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself!
I am 25, live in Boston, and my parents and younger brother all live in South Florida where I grew up!

2.  How did you happen to enter into the beauty industry and how old were you?
I was always passionate about the beauty industry... always grabbing the latest Allure. I actually didn’t consider this as a career choice until my junior year of college. I was put on a really interesting project that sparked my interest!

3.  Tell me about your strategy for developing product for different ages...how did that come about and how is it working?
The idea started when I was doing some research during my undergrad years. I was working with antibiotic formulations and using human skin as a test model. My results varied so dramatically by age that it planted the first seeds of: "why aren't more brands talking about this?" I worked in the beauty industry for a couple years after graduation, and that was where I saw how hungry for information the typical beauty consumer is. I saw a huge place for an educational beauty brand in the market. Our goal from the beginning has been to teach women about the changing needs of the skin by age.

4. Some women believe that skincare is completely hereditary and it does not matter what they do...they will age and look as mom and grandma did...please address that type of thinking.
I smile when I read things like this. Genetics are of course important and play a role (we are all envious of the woman with miraculous genes)... but they are not an excuse for helplessness! That mentality is the same thing as assuming that women with nice thick hair are the only ones that should bother styling it (or doing anything at all!). When it comes to skin, there are many things that we can do to enhance the appearance of our skin and overall quality of our lives. Wrinkles, for example, while caused by decrease in collagen and elastin, can also be caused due to dehydration. A great moisturizer can fix that! Another example: Our skin regenerates slower as we move from our 30s to 40s meaning that it looks a bit duller - a great exfoliant can solve that and give you back a rosy glow!

5.  Some women believe cheaper products work just as well as more expensive ones...please address those ladies.
There is no rule of thumb here, unfortunately because everyone’s skin has different needs, complexities, etc. What I can say, however, is that many companies that produce lower price point products use lower grade essential oils and actives. Furthermore, they use cheaper preservatives like parabens that have been a bit controversial as of late.

6.  Why is your line better than anything else on the market?
Bona Clara is a line of products formulated specifically by age. Not only do we offer high quality luxurious products, but we aim to be an educational brand first and foremost. Majority of the beauty brands out there choose an ingredient and build a story and marketing campaign around it. This cycle is repeated for every brand and ever product launch. We take a different approach, we start with the biological needs of the skin, and build potent formulations with tried and true ingredients that fulfill all of those needs.

7.  Finally, just tell us the top three things women over 50 should do to age gracefully?

Hydrate! Look to hydrate the skin from every step in your routine (ie: opt for a creamy cleanser). The moisture barrier starts to breakdown in the 50s, making moisture retention one of the biggest challenges.
Gently Exfoliate! Any exfoliants should be small and gentle on the skin. This is because the skin is more fragile and prone to micro tears. Opt for exfoliants with small granules and high amounts of citrus enzymes, which can work away at dull skin without too much rubbing.
Smile!  Makes everyone look 10 years younger  :)

Some of you know how much I love her last words…Smiling cures so much!!  I hope you have a great Thursday, everyone. 
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  1. what I always say, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, giggle. great post. thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  2. Sounds fascinating! I'll have to look into this line of skincare. I'm also a big believer in a) sunscreen and b) staying well hydrated. At any age these are important.

  3. Blog hopping - great post. I have been using the Anew line by Avon for over 20 years and love it! Happy New Year.

  4. I have been moizturizing my skin and using beauty products since the age of 13
    and genetics helps of course -

    See you soon Pam!

    Ariane xxxx


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