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Nov 23, 2012

Support Small Business Saturday!

Saturday has been set aside as the day to celebrate and support our country’s small businesses, Small Business Saturday.  Since I began blogging, I have met some amazing women running shops throughout our community.

Women like Marilyn Caskey, owner of Garment Exchange, a fun consignment boutique.  Marilyn is a single mom working hard to make a living for her family doing something she loves.  Supporting her is a pleasure.
My Christmas decorations all began with the little snowman closest to you, when my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary in the Texas hill country.  I will always hold that little gift boutique close to my heart!
My Christmas decorations come from three places: small gift boutiques; gifts to me; and vintage decorations from both sides of the family.  I decided twenty two years ago to collect snowmen after falling in love with them in the small business boutiques of Fredericksburg,TX.  They bring me so much joy and each one has a story to tell of a small shoppe and its community.

 And, there are so many of those boutique owners who each have their own stories to tell, and who work night and day to be successful.  Our economy is built on their sweat and tears.   So, please, this holiday season, find one or two small businesses to encourage with your dollars.  It’s not about getting more stuff….it is about helping our communities grow and thrive.  It’s about blessing those around us with small gifts that say we care. 

Have a Wonderful Small Business Saturday!  Would you tell us what small business in your town is your favorite??


  1. This is such a thoughtful and caring post. It would be too difficult for me to choose just one small business as my favourite, as I really do try and support them all.

    I love your snowmen, and how much they mean to you.

    Sue xo

  2. Very good post and very important.

  3. Here's my article on Small Business Saturday so you can see all the local businesses I'll be supporting today. http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2012/11/clarkston-michigan-stores-shop-small-business-saturday-video/ I'd love to visit the Garment Exchange with you!

  4. Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!!!

  5. I love the idea you've expressed in this post. Rather than save a few dollars and give more profit to some billionaire (Walmart) why not support a hard working local business person and help them make a modest living. I live within walking distance of great local stores, I want this to continue so I support them whenever I can.

  6. I try, and when I go to sit-down restaurants, I tend to avoid national chain restaurants. One local restaurant in particular has become our hangout pub... we just went to their free community Thanksgiving dinner, which was wonderful!

  7. lol, my favorite small business is my own

  8. Pam, I have several favorite local shops. Some I can no longer afford to buy from, but I do try to shop local whenever I can.
    Your photos are lovely!

  9. Wonderful post, Pam. We do eat at locally-owned cafes, and shop downtown as much as we can. And it's more fun!

  10. I supported a new small business this weekend - a crepe stall that's just opened up and wasn't looking very busy. The cheese and spinach crepe was delicious and served with care. I'll be back!



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