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Nov 1, 2012

November Fun

Gigi and I are so happy....it's November and it's Friday!!  November and December are my favorite months. The time and temps are changing. And we both loved wearing autumn looks this past week!
I enjoyed this color block style from shoes to jacket...it was fun!  I know I wear this purple knit jacket a lot, but I really love it!
Gigi is one of the best advertisements for Tuesday Morning around. Lately, she has been modeling the most chic and stylish looks all from the Dallas based outlet...here is another one:
Now, it 's the weekend and I am hostess for a Kitchen Bridal Shower for my future daughter-in-law....there is much work to be done...so I will see you ladies for Visible Monday!!  What is everyone else doing this weekend?  Hope it is a good one!!


  1. OMG, I love Gigi's jacket. I shop at Tuesday Morning all the time, but mostly for housewares and gifts.

    You look great in that jacket, Pam. I love seeing real woman wearing their real fave clothes on a regular basis.

  2. what a great brocade jacket
    have a great time at the shower

  3. Beautiful jackets. I love dressing for cooler weather and all the fall colors.

  4. We had two cool days! Now back to warm, so I am envying these gorgeous jackets. I love it that you wear your favorites frequently, like a "real person". : )

  5. Wonderful both of you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I also love november and december. Months of magic!!!
    Happy weekend, my dear friend.

  6. Love that brocade jacket! That is such a current look.
    We had some seasonal fall weather while I was on vacation in Hawaii. Now that we are back, it's climbing back into the 80's. Darn it!

    I have lots to do this weekend...catching up on my favorite blogs is one thing I am looking forward to. The rest of it is mostly errands and chores.

    You look great in purple...it really is your color. Have a fun weekend!
    xo, A

  7. You look gorgeous in plum, Pam and Gigi's coat is just stunning! xo

  8. I love both outfits and I have never heard of a kitchen bridal shower...I am sure will be awesome!!

  9. wow you 2 are quite the stylin ladies!! I love the plum color of your jacket paired with the olive green.. I love tights as well!! oxox J

  10. Have a terrific weekend, Pam!
    You and Gigi look so wonderful in your fall outfits. Purple IS your color!

  11. I love your shoes and Gigi's jacket!

  12. Love the deep purple with the neutrals. And black tights (especially with patterns and texture) are my fall and winter fave...

  13. SO in LOVE with your shoes!!! Perfect for this time of year and Gigi's coat...oh dear, so awesome! Have a great weekend.

  14. I'm inspired by your love for November. For me, November is the cruelest month (waning light, you know). But there is a cozy crispness to the air that can be lovely, and you have me appreciating the colors, too. Love the purple jacket.

  15. You both look fabulous. I mean fabulous. The purple jacket looks so good on you and Gigi's jacket is just the coolest ever.


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