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Nov 13, 2012

Leaving Dusters In The Dust

Chico's new catalog arrived yesterday....and my eyes went immediately to this:
Artisan Duster
Isn't it beautiful....I really love this garment....however, I made a decision recently to stop wearing dusters until I lose more weight in my hips.  On me, they are just not a flattering look....and I have several...and I love them all!  But the last time I wore one for the blog, I just stared at it in amazement at how much bigger I looked wearing it.  
So, for now, I am going to wait and go for the fitted jackets.  Not as much fun, but a much better fit for where I am at this moment....we will see how long I last swearing off dusters!  Actually, I think I will  make a gorgeous duster, like the one above, my incentive to work harder....then I can reward myself with the duster when I am closer to my goals!!    I will confess that I ordered something from the new Chicos Holiday Collection Catalog which is part of a potential wedding outfit!!  To be revealed later!
The rest of you might want to click on the Chicos link above  and make sure you add that gorgeous piece to your wardrobe!

Jacket: Stein Mart
Pencil Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant
Necklace: INPINK Jewelry
Bracelet: I just do not remember! :)
Boots: Ross

So, how do you feel about dusters?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. I love the look of fitted jackets - sort of the sexy sophisticate, you know? :) You have the best jewelry.

  2. Beautiful necklace and bracelet. You look lovely.

  3. You look great in the fitted jacket, as Lynne said. A question I ask myself about an item is "does this enhance me as much as it could?" If you don't feel that dusters are your best friends, then I agree, try other shapes. The Chicos catalog is great fun!

  4. I think you're looking gorgeous Pam! The fitted jacket is a great look! And those boots. Need I say more.

  5. I am fairly short (5'3") and fitted shorter jackets or sweaters look much better on me too. I don't know how tall you are but a duster is a hard look for anyone who is not pretty tall and slender. The fabric is beautiful though - perhaps something similar in a jacket or skirt?

  6. This brown outfit is very pretty. I agree that dusters are hard for ANYONE who is super tall to pull off, they actually overwhelm most people. I miss you in the group and hope you will keep posting. You know I am forever your fan, no matter what you decide! Also, its fun tracking your wedding progress as my son is getting about the same time as yours. Here's to our sanity!

    1. Hi Shelia, I am a little overwhelmed right now and may live in this place until January. I have my pregnant daughter and her husband living with us for awhile, my oldest son is getting married in December, and my youngest son will be on his way from overseas in December. On top of a full time job, freelance writing and blogging...WHEW! Life is a little crazy. I should be back to my being involved in January...until then, I am just keeping my head above water!!

    2. Oh my Shelley....of course I know you are not Shelia!! Now you know how nuts I really am!

  7. Gorgeous duster and it looks like YOU!!!
    I love them but they aren't a good look on me at all!! I love your autumny outfit today!!
    Can't wait to see your wedding outfit!

  8. I really like you in fitted jackets better. Good idea to reward your goal with that beautiful duster....Chico's is a little out of my price range right now but, I did see a cute one at the thrift. Now you have me thinking about it................

  9. I love that RL sweater - so much so that when you posted a picture a few weeks ago, I went out and bought one! In fact, I had to search for it at several Kohl's until I found it! You look marvelous in it! Praying for you as I can see you are skating a thin line right now! But I am enjoying reading and seeing the fashions everyday - and sharing a bit of your life. Hugs to you, my friend...


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