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Nov 15, 2012

Energized for the Weekend!!

Wow!  I am feeling really great….like wearing jungle-style fashion…and running laps!  I just completed a six day challenge with 1st Step Pro-Wellness B-12 supplement!  This is a delicious cherry liquid which is power packed with energy…I really have felt amazing every day and not hit the afternoon fatigue I so often have.   I drank it every morning for six days after my coffee and oatmeal!

My husband and I recently heard a doctor speak about nutrition and he extolled the virtues of daily vitamin B -12.  There is a noticeable difference for me.  This is one of many ways to easily take the vitamin and it is tasty!

Necklace: Gift (years ago)
Bracelet: Stein Mart
So, why not wear a little animal print to reflect a great, energized attitude!!  If you would like to try 1st Step ProWellness yourself, just click here for a $4 off coupon!!!    Also, you can enter to win a year supply of B-12 during The Great Taste Challenge on Face Book which ends this Monday, November 19!!  If one of my readers wins, we both get the prize, so make sure you tell them where you learned about the contest.
Dana Buchman Jacket; Simply Vera Vera Long Sleeved T
Lee Slimming Jeans:  All from Kohls

Have a wonderful, energy filled weekend, everyone!!


  1. Pam, you are FLAWLESS! Truly FLAWLESS! This outfit is perfection and you always know just what to accessorize with. I'm going to have to try some B12. I'm so bad about taking vitamins, but I really need to do that consistently. Big hugs to you gorgeous! ~Serene

  2. Great outfit. I really LOVE that statement necklace of yours.



  3. That sweater looks great on you Pam.. I love it.. I am envious of people who can wear all these funky sweaters and wraps in style!!
    xo J

  4. That's a crazy-great necklace! Love your whole look, and happy to hear how good you're feeling.

  5. Yes, I'll take some of your energy...as I'm slowly sinking into the couch as I type. I'm so worn out! B-12 pleeze! :D
    You look great, Pam!

  6. What an amazing necklace, and a perfect part of your outfit. You look great!

  7. You look fabulous! ... but then you always do. :)

  8. Hi gorgeous lady! I have fibromyalgia/chronic pain. Unfortunately, this syndrome often results in a lot of fatigue as well. I am willing to try anything that makes a difference in my quality of life. Thanks for the intro.!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo

  9. This is my favorite outfit all month. Who knew black would be so flattering on you! You are rocking it!

  10. Good to know.
    I love, love your pendant.
    Have a lovely weekend, Pam

  11. So nice you have found your power drink!Such a lovely knit you are wearing!

  12. Once again, that necklace is beautiful! I could surely use some of what you are drinking since feeling "pert as a rutting buck" is not exactly how I would describe myself lately!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  13. wow!! Love the cardigan & necklace-you look fabulous!!
    My doctor put me on liquid b-12 recently and i can notice the difference!!

  14. The necklace is amazing. Love it!

  15. Pam, I know I'm so late with my comment, but I had to let you know that my mouth actually started watering and my heart beating heavily when I saw your fish necklace! I love the colours and the ethnic style! If you ever get tired of if I'd be happy to help you!

    That vitamin drink sounds very efficient! Are you going to drink it forever after, or is it just for a limited time?


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