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Nov 5, 2012

Bloggers Can Make A Difference Day! Vote and Aid Hurricane Victims

Yes, it is make a difference day….make sure you vote and keep reading for how we can directly help some hurricane victims! 
My advice for voting attire would be the same as dressing to shop Black Friday…seriously!  Make sure you

Wear comfortable shoes
Wear layers…it may be cold when you get in line and gradually warm up as you stand there awhile.
 Wear a smile and patience…just like Black Friday, someone will probably push or say something stupid which will test all of your poise and grace.  Don’t give in…hold your tongue…keep smiling and you will enjoy the process much better!
But, honestly, it is more important that you vote than worry about what to wear!!

Now, as I was watching interviews with victims of Hurricane Sandy, I felt this gripping urge to help, but had limited resources to do so.  What does someone do who has plenty of extra “stuff” but not a lot of extra cash to send to the Red Cross?  I went right to a contact on the scene, the fabulous blogger Jill of Everything Just So.  She is in Manhattan and surrounded by the devastation.  Jill got right on it and after several emails, sent this one:

Hi Pam,

Okay, so one lead has come through. They are definitely taking donations at Camp Olympia, which is the pool where my son takes swim lessons, which is actually located in John Jay High School, a school close to me on 7th Avenue. I'm including the link so you can see how I found out about this:


I emailed Tracey and she says there is a need and she herself is working with a local youth group as well, with 25 families who lost everything at Breezy Point and the Rockaways and she says the families have upwards of 3, 4 and 5 kids each. She was excited to hear about the possibility of donations she can deliver herself! I emailed her asking for more specifics regarding what donations they are looking for. I hope to hear back from her later today. 

So, Jill heard back and I would like to encourage others to join us and send extra clothes, blankets, sheets and toiletries to
Hurricane Sandy Relief
c/o Camp Olympia
7304 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11209
I am going to begin gathering items and get them in the mail by the end of the week.  Tracey says donations will help families in Breezy Point and the Far Rockaways, both in Queens, and both places hit hard by the storms…I know I watched the fires in this area on the news with great sadness.  I have always loved Queens. Tracey told Jill the youth group she is working with would make family specific  packages with any donations they receive.
Pictures from the devastation in Queens from The Washington Post, October 31
So, how about it bloggers and readers, will you join us?? We can specifically help families  in a very direct way!  Let us all make a difference today!


  1. Wonderful work, Pam, finding the need and the way to respond. You are always part of the solution.

  2. Does Texas have early voting? I'm going to get my sticker until tomorrow!

  3. Thank you for voting Pam. I am in Afghanistan and me and all my co-workers are literally holding our breath for the outcome of this election. We all early voted by absentee ballot 3 weeks ago. Thank you also for your collection for the hurrican Sandy victims. Keep up the good work.

  4. Pam, your big heart and generous nature just always jumps off the page! Love that you use your voice for a good cause always. xo

  5. I love your voting outfit. Very big heart you have and I will also help.

  6. So kind of you and of Jill to share and post info. Thanks Pam!
    We in Florida know how precious help is after a hurricane...


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