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Oct 3, 2012

What's Your Opinion?

In the past year, I have been poked, prodded and probed….but not by a doctor.  Retailers seeking information on how to improve their products have inundated me with opinion surveys. 
Now I actually respect those who are fighting to keep their businesses alive.  I respect the opinion survey and take it quite seriously.  What I don’t understand is when after months of surveys…. I not see changes??  Maybe I am na├»ve and it takes more time to implement changes, but I honestly do not know how much time some of these places have to wait.

They seem to want to know what is important to a woman of a certain age….yet, I do not see that reflected in the selections from their buyers…in their selections of models…and in their advertising.  There is at least one retailer I keep sending the message…IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE.  Yet, it doesn’t seem to change.

Now, I know I am being vague…sorry.  I do not want to be specific because I would like these places to keep asking my opinion.  It is interesting to give thoughts and know of their future plans…and , in fairness, I do not have the time to make it by some of these places often...so, maybe changes are underway and I missed them.
What do I want?
Great prices: Like this jacket from a resale shop
Great fit: Like these Lee Jeans from Kohls
Great Style: Like this Dana Buchman necklace from Kohls
Great shoes: Like these flats from Target
Ladies, what would you tell fashion retailers today is the way to keep or get your business?  Who do you think is targeting the Baby Boomer audience well?  Who is not?  We have had similar discussions on this blog before…but, with so many new readers, let’s see if anything has changed.
Tomorrow, I will tell you Gigi’s favorite retailer and why?  Til then, please visit on Thursday Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!  And check out Lynne's Goodwill Goldmine Party!! and see all of the fun looks from thrift experts!!!
Have a Marvelous Thursday, all!!
Thursday Favorite Things

P.S. Did you hear that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are making a Christmas CD??  Though this article calls it cheesy….I am all over that...I love occasional cheesy! Can’t wait for Danny and Sandy to return!


  1. I want a company that uses models my age (or at least not 16). I want excellent customer service. I love to see complete outfits as I am terrible at putting outfits together. I think Kohl's has really nailed it for me. eShakit has a model I like. I also like retailers who understand what happens to women's bodies during menopause and helps us to deal with them!

  2. The older I get, the more weight I give to great customer service. When I was younger, price, price, price was the main factor. I also look for good quality materials more, and a user-friendly interface (if online).

    Lands End Canvas, while not exciting, provides good basic clothing with excellent service. I am finding more and more of what I like at Nordstroms online too, and with their free shipping both ways, it's a no-risk proposition. Ditto for Zappos!

  3. You look lovely, Pam. You have the best accessories :)

    I'd like to see clothes shown on real women in catalogs, mailers, or online. I'd also like clothes organized by color, but that may be asking rather a lot :P

  4. It is no secret that Chico's is my favorite store. They have a variety of merchandise available and I always get excellent customer service. They also have really great sales, which I really love.

    Nordstrom's is another store that I purchase from, although it is online as we do not have a store anywhere near here.

    I agree that I would like to see more models my age in product features. Many stores are doing better about showing real plus size models, but I am not aware of any that consistently use boomer age models.

    I agree that customer service is a big priority. I like Dillards, but except for a few exceptional sales people, the service is not that good. I even had one sales person who thought I had worn a pair of shoes that had a distressed looking sole on it. It was made that way, but she had to go and look at them to be sure I was telling the truth. It infuriated me. She should've known the merchandise well enough to know that it was made that way. That makes me think of another issue--know your merchandise, it is key to helping your customers find something they are looking for.

  5. I like to go to the Mall for exercise on the weekend after my ballet class. First step is to look at how the mannequins in the window are styled. GAP is all androgynous clothing now, J.Crew is extremely boring and IMO their prices are way out of line. Lucky Brand also way over priced their clothing and slowly must be feeling the pinch from F21, Buckle, H & M that have similar items. Lucky now has a sign outside their store "All tops half off". Sorry Lucky Brand, an $89.00 cotton top marked down to %45.00 I can still find at the other stores for $20.00. Nordstrom's is over priced as well. All of their items are at least $5.00 or more above other stores. If the quality was noticeably different fine but it is seldom the case.
    Every store carries the same styles with little variations. Every store plays the same games with your money. If you do not play each stores game getting their card, take advantage of their coupons, fake sales, and buy two get one free forget about it. You will be cheated paying way more for an item that is well over priced. Why do I go every weekend? The thrill is in the hunt...and once in awhile I find something fun. If the stores offered quality items with realistic prices and no marketing gimmicks I may be too tempted to purchase instead of just shop.

  6. I'd like to see less variety - I'm completely overwhelmed in most department stores! and much higher quality. Strings hanging, poorly finished button holes, scanty hems...even in pieces for which they want £75-100! I know many sewists love their sergers, but I feel the poor quality of clothing relates in some way to the shoddy use of these machines. I'm a very novice sewist but I'm beginning to think I could do at least as well as the stores...

  7. Hey Pam! I found you over at Practical Paralegalism. I have to agree with all of the above. Models over the age of 16. Real people. And, I am almost 50. I come from a generation when we knew where a waistline was. I am not opposed to drop waist and hip hugger fashion, but if I pay 10 or 20 dollars for a pair of leggings, I want leggings that I don't have to pull up every two minutes of the entire day. Can anyone say trashcan? Also, I wish retail managers would make occasional trips through their stores to see what sales associates are actually doing. One fond memory includes my purchasing several items and being checked out by not one, not two, but three talking, gum-chewing teenage sales associates. Did they take the security devices off my clothes? No. Did I have to get all the way to my house and then turn around and go all the way back to the mall (half an hour's drive) to have said devices removed? Yes. In this case, one head would have been better than three. Thanks for asking!! Love your jacket, by the way. :)


  8. You always look so well put together. I don't take the surveys EVER. Perhaps I should. Danny and Sandy? Yes, please! A little cheesy is good. I love my Mama Mia soundtrack. xo

  9. First--I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!!

    I want retailers to put in a larger selection of plus size clothes. We got money and we want to spend it. Don't relegate us to the tiny back corner.

  10. It sounds like we're all looking for the same things! I often find shopping for clothes frustrating because so many stores (at least in our Canadian malls) tend to cater only to the very young. I don't want to look like I'm still trying to be a teenager but neither do I want to dress like my grandmother did! I would love to see businesses using older models. I look for quality clothing at decent prices and I expect excellent customer service.

  11. In stores, I would like to see a return of real customer service and polite, gracious sales staff.
    I think some department stores do target a broad audience and so include baby boomers, but I honestly can't thing of a retailer near me who targets boomers.
    I would love to see more high quality classics in stores or a store that specializes. Would love to see a store based on a Parisian style philosophy....buy fewer, but better classic and remix.

    Love your jacket!

  12. You look lovely ( as always). You opinion is valuable. What would I say...stop making everything with polyester for women over 40, LOL. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday favorite things hop. Big hugs!

  13. I have become a very discouraged in-store shopper -- sales associates are neither helpful nor friendly, clothes tend to be high on price and low on quality, and the selection rather bland. I do grow weary of seeing the same style of clothes in store after store. However, on the up side, I have become a big fan of online shopping ... suddenly the world is at my doorstep and there is so much from which to choose. I can take my time to look at the content of the fabric (without having to pull out my reading glasses at the store in order to read the fine print LOL), search for sales, and free or discounted rates on shipping. So far, when I do have to return something I have had no problems. Guess it's true, when one door closes, another one opens :)


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