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Oct 11, 2012

Thank Goodness for Fall Fridays!

Hmmmmm…..what do I like about Fridays in the fall??  Other than the obvious…I get a break from work?

Currently, I like:
Pumpkin spice candles glowing while I work and relax
Cooking for my family and time with family
Time to walk longer in the morning and not feel the stress of getting ready for work
Coffee on the patio
The sound of football games on the television
30-60 Minutes of quiet! (When you teach teenagers, this is golden)
And, I always love a more casual style with fun accessories!

Scarf: Marshalls
Denim Pants and Bracelet: Lane Bryant
Silk Purple Jacket: Chicos

What do you love about Friday?

Whatever it is….Have a great one!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Alderberry Hill, I'm so glad you came by!
    I am your newest fb fan!

  2. I can totally relate to your post. It seems you and I both have our Fridays off from busy days are you in Education too? I'm a School Psychologist 4 days a week and sneak in Lifestyle blogging at all other hours. Love the candle (I light one too-to help me unwind). Fall Fridays are the best! Enjoy yours to the fullest.

    1. Hi Heather...Yes, I have taught high school journalism for 13 year. I actually started the department at our school and it has really been exhilarating...they just wear me down sometimes. Thanks for joining us here on my blog!!

  3. i'd have to say for me it's all the pumpkin pie. this year i plan to finally try a pumpkin drink at starbucks! great bracelet!

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  4. Fridays are my slow days at work, so I am definitely feeling this post, haha. I am planning on making pumpkin muffins tomorrow and going into work late.

    Your outfit is gorgeous. I love the blue of your top and the splash of orange and yellow from your scarf. So pretty!

    Fleur d'Elise

  5. That demob happy feeling! I like your pants, they're a lovely shape & very flattering fit. Have a good weekend!

  6. I'm baaaaacck!! Probably didn't even notice that I left huh??? LOL anyway looking gorgeous as always.... I love love that scarf with that jewel toned navy blue. VERY pretty. Now that I am not working (Im out on sick leave), Friday doesn't really mean much except that my Doctor's office is closed so I don't need go in and see them (yah!!).Besides that my Fridays are like my mondays are like my Wednesdays are like my Saturdays. Not as glorious as you would think though, I miss work but right now it just isnt possible so I don't get the opportunity or luxury to have a Friday to look forward to...


    1. You are so wrong...I did miss you and often wondered what happened...you are one stylish lady and I enjoyed your posts!! It always saddens me when a favorite blog goes away...so I am so happy to see you return!! Hope to see some great styles soon!

  7. Lovely casual look, Pam. I have always loved Friday, since my corporate days - the promise of leisure and fun to come. And college football!

  8. Brilliant, enjoy your break, dear Pam.

  9. Oh i love this outfit on you. On my ipad the top is navy? And the scarf with that orange is just perfect for your coloring...you look great!

  10. Your silk jacket is beautiful, I can almost feel the fabric! The contrasting scarf is great with all the autumn colours.

    Out of curiosity, what does a pumpkin spice candle smell like? We don't anything like it here, you see, and I'm just wondering if it really smells of pumpkins.

    1. OOO, it smells almost exactly like Pumpkin Bread cooking in the oven! The ones I use have a heavy spicy aroma to them...different from the apple cinnamon candles I love around Christmas, but still spicy.

  11. I knew the jacket was Chico's as soon as I saw it. That color is your color. It flatters you and brings out the beautiful color of your hair and eyes. You always look so lovely. It must take a lot of thought and time to be so put together.

  12. Hi Pam!

    I work on Fridays - but Friday night we got out for supper at our favorite place in the hood - Le Cabotin - I love Fridays as well because i know i won't have to wake up early the next day;)

    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  13. You look gorgeous!!
    I love my every other Friday-off! I take the time to putz around the house or go to town and visit the thrisfts!

  14. I like your Like list, too!

    Orange is a good color for you.

    I like sleeping in tomorrow.

  15. I love pumpkin spice candles!
    I also love your scarf - I'm starting to think I'm a closet scarf-lover, I am starting to get my own "collection".
    I saw your shoes at DSW but was afraid it was too "shiny" .... reminded me of Catholic school and patent leather no-no shoes. :)

  16. Another great outfit. I am loving checking out your outfits for fall.

  17. Pam you look great as always..all pulled together. I am finally getting quite a collection of scarves and wear them all the time. Love your flats!

    Art by Karena

  18. I love the scarf with the purple top. Great combinations. Sorry I haven't commented much but I do poke my nose in.

  19. One of your better outfits...makes you look so thin and sleek!


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