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Sep 21, 2012

The Mother Behind the Designer!

Accessories designer, Elaine Turner, realized at the ripe old age of eight that she loved fashion.   At that stage of her young life, her first muse was MOM.   Turner says, as a young girl, she was really engaged in the whole process of watching her mother put herself together from clothes to heels.   Somehow, she connected with the fact that her mother valued herself and saw her appearance as an important part of her self- expression. 
Marlaine White stands beside her daughter, Elaine, to greet customers at the opening of the latest Elaine Turner boutique in San Antonio, Texas.
When remembering those days, her mom, Marlaine White, smiled and quietly giggled.  “I had to watch a lot of crazy outfits made by Elaine, and make sure my reactions didn’t squelch her creativity.”   White said her daughter possessed this love all of her life, but attempted to follow an easier path.  “She went to the University of Texas and studied advertising,” she said.  “But it only took four years in advertising, before she came home and tearfully confessed this was not what she really wanted to do.  She wanted to be a designer.”
Elaine Turner now helps grown ups play dress up with unique creativity...so they can escape to dream destinations!

So, as any good mother would do, White called a friend in the fashion industry.   She said Elaine spent the afternoon with this woman to impart her passion for fashion.  They drove around Houston and even talked through the children’s carpool line.  At the end of the conversation, the lady was convinced and helped her to get her first big break on the fashion scene.

Now, White is proud to see all that her daughter has accomplished and be by her side for all of the victories.

Ladies, I was taken with how important caring for ourselves can be to our children.  They just might find a dream career from watching us!
Have a Fun Saturday!  Come back tomorrow to see what the stylish women of San Antonio wore to this boutique opening!


  1. What lovely accessories, and a lovely story about a mother inspiring and supporting her daughter!

  2. A feast for the eyes and inspiration for the soul!! Thanks for making my weekend a little richer.

  3. Hi Pam!

    Beautiful accessories and true about what you say about the children watching us could influence their choice of carreer
    Maybe my love of clothes and fashion inspired Izzy to do or what she is now

    Have a good weekend lovely Lady


  4. What wonderful accessories! I'd love to visit that boutique just for inspiration.


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