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Sep 10, 2012

Watch Out for the Teacher!

SHOPPING is really an art...despite what my husband and others think.  To do it right requires time and dedication.  I have my regular stops which I do often...really because it is fun and it pays off....which is important for teachers and back to school looks!
I try to stop at least once every two weeks at my favorite consignment boutiques, Goodwill, Marshalls and Ross.  I know that Tuesdays at Marshalls is when the new merchandise hits the racks. Of course, I try to keep in mind all the pieces from my wardrobe so that I know how to stretch it and not burden it. By burden, I mean those pieces which sit in the closet and are never worn because they just don't fit with anything else. And, I really never know where I will find something great for bargain basement prices...see Gigi's necklace below that she found at the CAR WASH!

My look today has me fall ready with a variety of pieces from all over the place!  It is worth it to take the time to circulate your favorite places often.  I noticed yesterday that a new THRIFT store has opened near my house...can't wait to get down there later in the week!  So, how often to you get by your favorite places to purchase clothing???
Ballet Flats: Target (back when Target wasn't cool)

Have a Fabulous Tuesday, everyone!

I am participating in EBEW: BACK TO SCHOOL looks!!


  1. You reallly are very artistic - that purse is amazing, and the jewelry looks custom made.

  2. you are looking quite chic
    love the shape and pattern of that bag

  3. I agree that regularly visiting one's favorite stores pays off. I visit my thrifts weekly--though it doesn't always come together in a look right away. I love the colors and the patterns in the sharp look you're wearing today. And Gigi's necklace is a lucky find.

  4. I really like how the bag and scarf play off each other. I hardly ever get much time to shop "on foot." So I tend to target venues I know will either carry my size or carry brands that have worked well for me.

  5. I don't particularly love shopping, but when I need a wardrobe addition, the thrift store is always my first stop, especially on discount day. Nothing makes me happier than a bargain.

    I love your blue necklace!

  6. i love your term of 'burdening a wardrobe'...so aptly put my dear! I absolutely agree...having pieces that don't relate...impacts the clarity of choice in ones closet! Makes me think maybe I need to look again at my closet...and perhaps unburden it a little!

  7. Love the bag! I will have to take my "burdens" out of my closet! Maybe my closet will make more sense then!

  8. You always look so put together, Pam! You must be the best dressed teacher in the district! xo

  9. LOVE today's look!
    Sadly, I live too far away from shopping to do it frequently...mostly online shopping and maybe once a month to an actual store.

  10. STUNNING outfit Pam and I ADORE the purse--so unusual!!
    There are 4 thrifts here in Frederick where I work i hit weekly and the 4 thrifts in the town near my home (Hagerstown) i hit weekly. I just realized I am hitting EIGHT thrifts per week!! LOLOL I often don't buy anything but I have a wish list that I always am looking for!

  11. That's a great outfit for a teacher and esp what you did with the scarves! Happy school year!

  12. My closet is already so full I've been avoiding shopping. Usually I suddenly will find myself with time on my hands, and I'll hit all my favorite places at once. The credit card suffers on days like those. Sigh.
    Love love love that purse!

  13. This outfit is so elegant - I love how you've coordinated the scarf and the bag! You're raising the standards for teachers' dress code!

  14. What a great mix; I just love red, white and black together. That bold bag really makes the outfit!

  15. This is the hardest thing for me, Pam -- when I'm teaching, I get into this rut: work-home-work-home-work-fall into bed. There are a few stores that are conveniently located enough so that I COULD swing by on a Friday afternoon -- Macy's, Kohl's, TJMaxx. Everything else requires a weekend day, and as teachers, we know: there are not enough weekend days!!!! Bottom line: I'm lucky if I swing by my favorite shops even once a month. Usually far less. And I wonder why my wardrobe is small!

    And by the way: that sophisticated outfit of yours is JUST to die for.


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