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Sep 25, 2012

Leopard Lovin'

Loving Leopard....because it is really always in style!  No matter the season or the year!  I read so many articles salivating over animal prints as if we have never seen them before, but thank goodness, we have!  Animal print garments and accessories are worth holding on to...they just do not go away!
Leopard Blouse: Chaps at Kohls
Skirt and Jacket: Lane Bryant
NOTE: Later in the day I buttoned the top button of
the blouse and it looked a lot better!!
Bought these two years ago...still love them!!

Gigi and I decided to pull out the leopard this week and celebrate these looks for any woman...professional, casual...no matter your calling...they work!!
Have a great Wednesday...now go out there and ROAR!!


  1. Oh wow you guys are rocking the leopard prints; it seems to be leopard week in the blogosphere - I wish I'd gotten the memo :)

  2. I do love leopard. I agree, animal print is always chic!

  3. I just retrieved a leopard print garment from the storage room this morning! I haven't worn it in several years but couldn't bear to part with it. I can hardly wait to wear it again!

  4. Love your ballerines. I like a touch of leopard but not too much or it tends to overwhelm my colouring. I like the print but often prefer it in another colour. Who ever heard of a grey leopard! Oh well.

  5. Always in style, for sure! You and Gigi are fabulous - love both pairs of shoes : >

  6. I am LOVING Gigi's shoes, although I am certain I would trip in them. Doesn't Marshall's have the best shoe dept now? Love it! xo

  7. You two ladies are rockin' today in leopard! Fantabulous!

  8. Wow, Pam...Like Cutest outfit EVER! Plus, you give me inspiration. I have a new CaBi jacket and skirt and wasn't sure what to wear with it..I like the idea of the leopard print with it (my top might be cheatah) HA! Pinning!!

  9. OOOOO-red, black and leopard--one of my favorite combos ever!!
    You and Gigi are Queens of the jungle in your leopard!!

  10. Absolutely agree with you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    This must be your BEST outfit everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  11. You're both so elegant in leopard print, with great shoes! I only recently learned to love leopard print - two years ago, to be exact. Now I can't have enough - and seeing your outfits just convince me, I need a leopard duster, or maybe just a cropped jacket (I've found a second hand Michael Kors but it isn't cheap enough - yet!).

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  13. I love animal prints myself!!! U have a great style sense! :) Love your blog and Look forward to more posts!

    xx. Seepz.

    PS. I just started a new blog myself. Here is the link http://that-sassy-girl.blogspot.com/. I would love for you to go through my blog and follow it. :) Thank u!


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