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Aug 7, 2012

Dana Buchman: From Mannequin to Me!

I love starting a new school year with a few new looks just to make me feel fresh and special!  That is why I spend time in July with sales, resale shops, and thrift shops. 

Last Friday was one of those days when KOHLS will allow the customer to stack coupons…so I had a coupon for 20% off, another one for 15% additional to pick your day for a sale, a $10 off coupon from the newspaper, and another $10 off coupon because we live near a KOHLS which was recently remodeled and they gave an incentive to come in and check it out!   With all of that…they are practically paying me to shop there!  My oldest son and husband needed some unmentionables, and with all of this it made sense to purchase mass quantities of coffee for our Keurig coffeemaker, a few items for the upcoming newlyweds, and, of course, I just had to find something for me…to reward me for my shopping skills, of course!
I strolled by a mannequin dressed similar to this: 
 And immediately thought of my red denim!  The Dana Buchman Floral Sequin Top was only $18 after all of the coupons kicked in!!

I recently purchased this thin, classic jacket on top at CHICO'S (of course with coupons) and I love it for summer heat! The bracelet was another coupon stacking event at Stein Mart.  Always check out your sales to see exactly how much mileage you can get!  You just never know how low they will go!


  1. I love that tank. I don't usually shop at Kohl's but I would stop in to our local store to have a look at that tank.

    I bet it would look great with a black jacket too for an evening look.

    Good job using all your coupons! You are so savvy!

  2. wow you could be on the coupon show
    i am never that organized and if i am, i forget the stupid coupons or can't find them lol
    dana buchman is a designer i was not familar with until i started working at dress for success and then i started seeing it everywhere.
    great look and fun to start the school of the school year
    you know i am all over that bracelet Pam!!

  3. I really like the sequin top, Pam. And your couponing skills are amazing!

  4. You're a very savvy shopper! This is a beautifully coordinated ensemble.

  5. I haven't been a student for years, but Auguse still puts me in the mood for back to school shopping.

  6. I'm so ready for back to school!

  7. As always, you're looking very smart, Pam. I can't believe it is back to school time for you. My son is a teacher in Massachusetts and he, too, returns next Monday. In NY, school starts in September. So we are in "high summer" right now. And I do like Dana Buchman. I talked my fashion shy friend into a few Dana B. things and she was delighted.

  8. Love the outfit Pam!! you and gigi will be the most stylish teachers at the school!!
    I love shopping at Kohl's using coupons and sales--you can REALLY get great deals

  9. you look lovely. Coupons yea for coupons! xo

  10. Well Pam, you do look fresh and lovely and ready for a new school year. You are so smart and wise to do the coupon shopping you do. You are my inspiration! Hope you have a great school year.

  11. Great shopping! I always love fall; the whole back to school thing for so many years was exciting. Couldn't help but notice your lovely nails in your bracelet shot, too!!

  12. Wait, I am so confused. Which one is the mannequin? :-D Nice outfit and cute little toes Pam. :-)

  13. Lovely colors on you. Super cute.



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