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Aug 14, 2012

Art and Fashion: Fabulous!

Gigi returns...she bought this amazing jacket at Garment Exchange for
only $8; and the dress at Costco!!
Anyone who has followed this blog knows my wonderful best friend, Gigi!  Gigi is a very accomplished art teacher and always dresses with an eye for great style on a budget!
Gigi found Michael Kors at Tuesday Morning
I almost had to bring you sad news over the summer.  Gigi almost moved to Dallas, but fortunately her family remained in San Antonio….much to my glee!  She is my partner in crime…shopping that is!  We have been friends for years…raised children together, taught together, laughed together, and she was the one who talked me into starting this blog!

Her looks today are composed of pieces from resale, Costco, and Tuesday Morning.  Of course, as an art teacher, she always has an eye for color and detail. 

Top and Pants from Tuesday Morning!
Also, in honor of art, I have included a link to an amazing mail piece I received from Neiman's….I know they are expensive, but this is worth your time.  It is brilliantly done.

Neiman Marcus Art Mailer

Make sure you join me Thursday for my latest giveaway…it is easy and someone is going to win a great prize!  HAPPY WEDNESDAY ALL!!


  1. Gigi is great, so cheerful! Thank you for linking the NM brochure - oh those dresses! The Carolina Herrera has me swooning, as does the black Etro gown.

  2. Gigi looks amazing and I'm thankful the two of you didn't need to part ways. And the dress on that mailer IS remarkable.

  3. Gigi has great style. She must be fun to go shopping with!

  4. Gigi is beautiful, just like you. I bet you two can really shop 'til you drop together in San Antonio.

    That Papell jacket was only $8? It's so modern and isn't that brand pretty expensive? Good for Gigi!

  5. Embroidery/beading. Yep, it's all in the detail!

  6. Love love the jacket, I agree those little deatial always finish off an outfit

  7. Gigi looks sooooo good in that jacket. I love it on her. I need to shop with you gals. I'd get some great deals and have money left over to put into my Hermes fund! XO, Jill

  8. Gigi is so very stylish. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. I always look forward to seeing her outfits.

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  10. Gigi is adorable! I love that $8 jacket... I could so work that one. :-) Can't wait to read about the art we live in. Thanks Pam. :-) xo

  11. Pam... I saw the first dress and then had to look away... oh my goodness... the Dolce & Gabanna... those type of dresses don't sell on eBay at a discount.

  12. I love tose bracelets! She looks great!


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