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Jul 3, 2012

American Woman

 I'm joining in with Jill and Adrienne to celebrate America with our red, white, and blue styles!  I have always been fond of July 4th!  Mostly because I love barbecue, lakes, corn-on-the-cob, and ice cream…not to mention fireworks!

Red denim, blue blouse: Lane Bryant
Cardigan: Chicos
But, when I was eleven years old the local newspaper in Wichita Falls, Texas (The Wichita Falls Recorder Times) hosted a patriotism essay contest and I WON!  My column ran on the front page of the newspaper on July 4; I received a $50 savings bond; and I got to ride in the July 4th parade in a red convertible all by myself as the CONTEST WINNER!  Super Cool!

My daughter found these at a vintage shop in Austin years ago.  I do not know the name of the shop!
Then, as a parent, our little vintage neighborhood always had July 4th parades for the kids and games and food.  Mr. B and my precious daughter won first prize in the parade one year both dressed as cute clowns on a bicycle!   So, when I think of July 4th, I SMILE!!!  Except for tug-of-wars with heavy ropes...not a fan as a participant!  I bet I start smiling early this year as I enjoy the outfits if the other ladies!!
HAPPY JULY 4th to everyone in America!!

P.S. Make sure you come by on Thursday and enter my next contest!!  Also, check out the gorgeous jewelry from Charlene Sevier in the sidebar.  I would like to officially welcome Charlene as one of my new sponsors…she has some stunning geometric designs that I cannot wait to add to my jewelry!

What is everyone doing to celebrate this week??

In a Red Robin restaurant near my house!


  1. I am joining you all for the 4th of July, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. It seems a great tradition!Have fun this year & happy 4th of july!

  3. How awesome about winning the contest and getting to ride in the parade!!
    You look wonderful in your red white & blue!

  4. LOVE the red, white, and blue! xo

  5. Pam you look so great in your colorblocked red, white and blue! Thank you for joining us once again. I too am excited about corn on the cob, and I'm making a blueberry pie today especially for the 4th! Have a great holiday. XO, Jill

  6. you definitely have the patriotic look going on!!
    i totally miss those cheesy neighborhood bike parades and swim competitions.
    lucky for me the bike parade goes right by our house to the pool tomorrow.
    i look out the window and conger up memories of days gone by. lol

  7. Love your red, white, and blue outfit! (Jeez... now I have to prowl through my closet and see what I can come up with for tomorrow... red maybe... and blue jeans if it isn't too hot?)

    My favorite part of the 4th? Fireworks I can behind the trees in the distance from my back deck!

  8. Wonderful red white and blue, Pam, and cool shoes to match! Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

  9. The blue just looks so good on you. You should have re-published the text of your prize-winning essay!

  10. I lived in Wichita Falls for 5 years before moving to San Antonio. That's cool that you won the contest.


  11. Happy 4th of July Pam!
    I'm still in Hawaii, but I'll be celebrating by watching the turtles being released as a symbol of Independence Day. Apparently, this is an annual event at the resort we're staying. It should be fun!

  12. A ride in a red Cadillac convertible is something no one ever forgets! Nor are the shoes you're wearing - how cute are they? Happy 4th

  13. Happy 4th of July to you- we had our Canada Day this weekend
    Plus Happy 2 years blogging!
    Lots of work blogging and you write some pretty good stuff! i don't and i find time consuming but at the end lots of fun!

    Take care lovely Lady

    Ariane xxxx


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