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Jun 18, 2012

There’s A New Man In My Life

He’s brilliant, skilled, servant-hearted, and tender to the touch….and YES, my Mr. B knows all about him!
Last summer's purchase at Chicos
Here is how the story goes:  It is embarrassing to admit, but in the last five years I have developed a horrible, painful problem with ingrown toenails. 
It is the main reason I stopped going for pedicures.  They were just too painful to endure.  I have wanted to leap from the chair a couple of times and sprint out the door.  I have had two podiatrists perform very painful in office “digs.”  The last time I paid a doctor for relief, it was $75!!  That was around the holidays.
I remember that my dad also struggled with this and I have wondered before if it is hereditary!  Anyway, some of my sweet students gave me a manicure for Christmas at a nearby salon, but one I have never been to.
I went to get my manicure and then during the process they asked if I wanted a pedicure…to which I responded, “Oh no…it is too painful.  I have to do my toes myself because of ingrown toenails!”  The owner just smiled and said, “You will feel no pain here.”  Well, at that time, I did not believe her.

Shoes from Target;
Toes by Kym
So, it was months later when I was in great pain with ugly nails that I thought, “Well, I might as well give the salon a try.  It is cheaper than the doctor and I at least get pretty polish there!!”  That was when I met Kym….he is a genius!  He takes care of the ingrowns and somehow….I feel nothing!  He is truly a master. I have now decided that no pain is worth budgeting these pedicures into my essentials for the month. 
I am happy with happy toes!!
Does anyone else experience this at a salon or are you still dealing with the problems other ways?  I will say the last salon I went to did not have a Kym…in fact, just the opposite.  For now, I am his loyal follower!  You may not have a Kym, but I am here to say there is hope that one exists!!


Happy Tuesday to everyone!!


  1. I don't have a problem with ingrown toenails but I do love getting my nails done at a salon. Glad you found a great one!

  2. My problem is that my feet are incredibly ticklish. My regular ladies know not to worry if I twitch and jump sometimes. But I'm glad you've found some help for what I understand can be a very painful condition!

  3. So happy you found him! My neice has a lot of problems with them too.

  4. I don't get ingrown nails, but Ido love getting my nails done. I'm glad you found a nail tech who helps your feet!

  5. The first photo is gorgeous--your feet are smiling. I've not suffered from this problem...but isn't it great when you can solve a long-standing problem.

  6. I totally understand! I have had problems with ingrown toenails my whole life. And I also avoid pedicures for that reason. (And, yes it is hereditary--I get mine from my mom!) At one point I was having so much of a problem with them that I went to a podiatrist and had the edges surgically removed. However, the podiatrist didn't tell me until afterwards that he didn't kill the nail bed! (If the nail bed is still alive then the toenail just grows back.) I was very upset with him and never returned. Although the procedure sounds painful, it isn't much worse than the pain from an ingrown nail. I'm glad you have found someone who can give you a pain-free pedicure!

  7. I haven't experienced them but heard ingrown nails are painful. So glad you found someone to help you that knows what they are doing!! xo

  8. I do my own pedicures but it's strictly because I am kind of poor right now. I think you are so smart to have someone else do them because of ingrown toenails. My husband has them too and he makes it sound terribly painful. I love your starfish necklace, btw, and completely off topic, Adrienne and I are doing red, white and blue for July. Will you join us? We'd love to have you back! XO Jill

  9. My eldest stepdaughter had ingrown toenails and she suffered horribly from them. There is a simple surgery you can have that can cure then forever. It involves removing part of the nail - but it still looks like a normal toenail when it heals. If you have a podiatrist, ask her about surgical solutions. I don't think it's a very involved procedure.

  10. You look super-cute--especially your lovely toenails!! glad you found someone who can help you out with the ingrown toenails and get a pretty polish to boot!!

  11. any sort of medical or semi medical procedure that is pain free I like it! Kym sounds fabulous and I hope the mister won't get too jealous :)

  12. You now have both smiling and pretty feet (love the sandals as well !) Pam I would love to find myself a Kym!

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  13. Keeping your feet nice is important!

    I've been involved with several aging relatives, male and female, who've eventually needed extra help, and inevitably their toe nails are awful looking. Maybe it gets hard to bend over, maybe there are more pressing concerns during aging than your toes, maybe it's easy to forget about them, but it's almost a given that someone who can't manage the daily activities of living will have horrid nails.

    My take is that maybe if we attend to our nails we'll always be able to handle daily living activities! My ideal end-of-life would be to be like the woman in the movie who keels over dead at the manicure salon - hopefully after you've tipped the gal.

    Bad toenails are the beginning of the end - we should never tolerate them!

  14. I am so glad you posted this! My 14 year old daughter has had two surgeries and the ingrowns came back, it was $350 each time! I am going to take her to get a pedi, maybe it will help.

  15. I have a bit of a problem and sometimes when I get a pedi they cut the nails too short which hurts. I think part of what makes it easier though at a salon is that they soak your toes for a while which softens the nails and the skin.
    I am glad you found somewhere to go to get relief.
    Oh, and I love that necklace!

  16. I found this a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting it! He is absolutely incredible! A no-pain pedicure that keeps my ingrown toenails at bay is something I thought was only a dream, but I've had three now and my feet have never felt better! I go every two to three weeks now and, while I'd usually consider that a luxury expense that I wouldn't indulge in, with him, I consider it preventative health care, due to the alternating excruciating pain and numbness that I used to suffer from. (Plus, as a mom of an infant, it's a nice thing I can do to take care of myself, which I'm usually really bad at.) Thanks again!


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