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Jun 10, 2012

Parisian Influences: What I Have Learned from Ines

“Frivolity is the key to eternal youth.”  -Ines de la Fressange
I had to take a brief break from the Paris Collaboration for the Morning of Beauty already on my calendar.  But I cannot help but think that my new style icon for the last year, Ines de la Fressange, would  have approved of such an event!  A day of encouragement, empowerment, and pampering….I can see her all in for that!!
I first read and wrote about her book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide By Ines de la Fressange last summer in this post..  It by far is one of my most popular posts.  What I really have learned from her is: SIMPLICITY HAS POWER…less is more, if you will.

Up until the reading of her book, I was much more over the top with accessories.  I would wear large earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches all at the same time.  Since I read the book, I have stopped predominantly with the large earrings.  But if I do wear them, there is usually no accompaniment by a necklace or scarf.  Some pieces she loves that I also love are ballet flats and a great fitted jacket.   I also added navy blue to my wardrobe after reading the book.

Ballet flats are from Target Shoes
I thought for today, I would share with you what she says on page 123 for obtaining lifelong beauty, because there is great wisdom here:
1.       Be well-groomed.
2.       Smell nice…you need to pick up the book to see how she feels about perfume.
3.       Look after your teeth with professional cleaning every six months.
4.       SMILE!
5.       Be indulgent.
6.       Be nonchalant and forget your age  (YES!)
7.       Be cooler and more easy-going.
8.       Be less selfish.
9.       Be passionate about a man, a project, a house.  It’s an instant facelift.
10.   Do only what suits you.
11.   Accept that there will be bad days.  And make the most of the good days!
No big jewelry because the jacket is the star.  Jacket and travelers pants are
from Chicos
I AGREE COMPLETELY!   Now, make sure you visit Paris on the other sites from Anita's CastlesCrownsandCottages.  Then visit VISIBLE MONDAY on Patti’s Blog, and MONDAY MINGLE!


I am keeping you busy today with lots of great blogs and new friends.  HAVE A PARISIAN, FABULOUS MONDAY!!


  1. Wonderful and inspiring post! I'll get back to my Rosetta Stone French lessons NOW!! Thank you for directing me to Anita's post. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. I love that book...I reviewed it last summer too--great minds, great minds. As much as I love accessories, I agree that too many employed at one time can be too much. Thanks for posting her lifelong beauty reminders. I need to get some of my French chic books out for some refreshers.

  3. 6. Be nonchalant and forget your age (YES!)
    I actually forget my age for real!! I have to think about it for a second when people ask!
    Great post and advice! You look great!

  4. Wonderful post, Pam. And I love your look, so simple and elegant. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I've not read this book and appreciate the pointers you've culled from it. And this jacket is very nice, the piping is a wonderful detail.

  6. Pam, I LOVED the hints on simplifying, and will buy the book! Love your blog!

  7. Pam, right on! Right on! It's just so true! Look,if we were all trying to get noticed by The Sartorialist or some other street style blog, then I could completely see going over the top. But we live in real-lifesville over here and the fact is that I'd prefer to go for elegance everyday over flash. Having said that,there's something really flashy about a truly elegant woman....she just COMMANDS attention! As do you in your gorgeous ensemble, Pam! Hugs to you lovely! ~Serene

  8. Wonderful about the forgetting your age!I never can remember anyways.I have to ask My husband most of the time.The other point I agree with is the flats.I have always loved ballet flats. I would love for Lucille Ball's style to come back.She was also a fashion icon.Enjoyed your post My Dear :)Denise

  9. I have not read this book and would look for this in the library. I agree on being simple but elegant. One thing that I like to add on the list is "to take care of our hair" once a month haircut would do and it will add to the self-confidence too. I remember this saying "woman's crowning glory is the hair" and I agree to that. ^_^ Gonna scoot now had to read the link here...thanks!


  10. I enjoyed reading this post.I have been trying to simplify my life in a lot of areas and I agree completely with Ines de la Fressange's wisdom. Thank you for introducing me to her book!

  11. I liked this book as well. I think I discovered Garance Dore because she wrote about her blog. Lovely, striking outfit! I'm glad you found so many good tips in her book!

  12. Pam,

    I am going to buy this book!

    I really like your jacket!

  13. I've long been a fan of Ines de la Fressange, and her clean, simple style. Great jacket, Pam!

  14. Great list!! Thanks for sharing!
    I think you're right about the jacket...it's a star on its own. You look very chic today!!

  15. What great ideas to live by. She is gorgeous. Pam, you look fabulous - I love the jacket and the flats. The details make it. Definitely need to take that outfit to Paris! Thanks for your sweet visit.

  16. I think I'll have to buy that book. I still love my big earrings though! xo

  17. I absolutely love this book and have it on my nightstand. One of the things I have also curbed is the accessories ... I no longer wear a necklace and earrings, it's either or. I never was big on it, but went through a stage where I tried it out and always felt a little over done.

    Absolutely divine jacket you're wearing Pam. You look fabulous.

  18. Bought this book about 2 months ago after reading about it on A Femme d'Un Certain Age. It has helped me cull my closet and focus on building a simple, but quality wardrobe. I am still working on it. Pam, it made me laugh when I saw the highlighting in your book --the teacher in you is ever present. I agree, it is a marvelous book. As I have said before, I was into tops with beading and bling--very older lady on a cruise. This has been a style-changing revelation for me.

  19. First--love your outfit!! Your top is stunning!
    I am gong to have to get this book--it looks really interesting!

  20. You are such a wonderful frind, my dear Pam, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  21. You look lovely as always! Great tips too, I think I need to add this book to my list. xo

  22. I love this,Pam. I must get this book as I have been drawn to the simple elegance of French women for many years and have been slowly realizing that I also have this 'style' in my fashion make-up as well. I just thrifted a very simple burgundy dress and can't wait to don it!
    (My dress is on the way and is NOT simple,LOL!)

  23. PAM!!! THIS IS FABULOUS and we can learn so much from each other about how to take care of our precious selves! You look MARVELOUS and I knew you would be smashing in this! MERCI MA CHÈRE! Anita

  24. I don't think I could be like Ines. I just like bling too much. I think we each find our own way to what feels "right" for us. I think the chic outfit you have on today is lovely, but I also love your accessories.

  25. How elegant you look in this jacket! I haven't read this book, but you've convinced me that it's a 'must read.' I like the eleven points that you included from the book and I want to know what she says about perfume.

  26. I saw this book in the bookstore and went to leaf through it on the advice of a man friend who had bought it as a birthday gift for a woman. Well, the book was wrapped which made it even more enticing. I'm not ready to pare down my outfits right now, but I'm sure I would benefit from the book's advice regardless. You look fabulous in this outfit.

  27. I just had to come over after seeing you at Patti's! I love your outfit and your words of wisdom. I must say, I'm now inspired to refashion a shirt I have in a similar print to yours. It's a b&w print button down and I always felt it looked too unstructured with too much print - so I had added black cording around the collar and down the button placket. But it still wasn't enough. I wanted to add pockets but didn't have the same fabric and was thinking maybe some white print on black background patch pockets. Now I know what to do! Add that delicious looking cording down the front side sections - it adds the structure and is slimming too! Thanks so much Pam, for all the inspiration!

  28. Yay for being frivolous! :-)


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