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Jun 12, 2012

Parisian Influences: French Country Decorating

As I have written before today, there are touches of Paris all around me.  I really did not understand what my interior decorating taste was until one day, years ago, a friend asked me, “When did you begin to like French Country Décor?”  So, I began to look at some websites and magazines and realized my home decorating was French Country.
Ever since then, I proudly proclaim my decorating preference whenever asked.  I wanted to share with you a few of the websites where I find great ideas for French Country…they are:
French Country Cottage
Of course, since I also predominantly write about fashion and style, I thought I would throw in a look I might wear if I were to go out antique shopping.  

Flowy top from Target
Jones of New York blouse from Ross
Lane Bryant capris
Seychilles wedges from Ross
 Hopefully, you will also make the rounds of the other bloggers writing about all things Paris this week…it has been fun!  Have a fabulous Wednesday, everyone!!




  1. Pam,

    I love your outfit! The top from Target, is that a new item?


  2. Grey is such a lovely, soft color on you.

    I really love French Country decor too!

  3. Paris is the perfect place to find great furniture and clothes! And it is such a beautiful city - HAVE FUN!

  4. Your French Country touches are quite charming! And I like that grey top, perfect for summer.

  5. Love the flowy top! Have a great day!

  6. Love your outfit!!! I like touches of French country myself!!

  7. I was just looking at an Elle Decor magazine today! I love the floaty top. It elevates the classic basics of the outfit and you look great!

  8. You go girl...your posts for Anita's party are so fun. You did a lovely posts. Merci, Mary

  9. I am soo glad to see a 50 plus person blog about fashion, style and life ... For a minute I thought I was alone. Who takes your outfits pictures? I have been trying by myself but haven't figured it out yet. Do you have another person taking your pictures?


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