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Jun 11, 2012

Parisian Influences: Date Night In Paris (well sort of...)

When Anita first asked me to join her Paris Party, I thought, “A whole week of Paris posts???”  How could I do that when I have never set foot in the country?  But, I began to look around me and found a little bit of Paris everywhere!  Yesterday, I wrote of the French influences in my style….and today, there are French influences in my dating life!!
What I might wear on a date to La Madeleine.
Bon Appetit!  These are the words which greet Mr. B and I when we go out to eat at La Madeleine.  It is perhaps our favorite place to eat out on a date.  Oh, sure, there are much fancier French restaurants in San Antonio, Texas….but, some of you may remember, we are on a budget!  We love the atmosphere of this French country café and always find delicious fare.  We really love it in the winter when we can get a cozy table for two by the fireplace.  I think what I love most about the atmosphere is that it is quite and we can actually have a conversation…rare in some places.

I asked what makes French Cooking unique, and the manager answered, “French Cooking always has excellent presentation, and is prepared with the highest of quality ingredients…fresh herbs, ripe fruits and vegetables, and lean succulent meats.”

Of course, I feel as though we experience a little bit of Paris when we eat there.  Where is your favorite location for French cuisine??  Make sure you visit Anita’s and the other Paris Party bloggers and have a fabulous, exquisite French Tuesday!


“America is my country and Paris is my hometown.”  - Gertrude Stein



  1. That plate of yumminess is making my stomach growl!
    We have a great French inspired restaurant in Sonoma that is pretty well known. It's called The Girl and the Fig. I love to get their mussels steamed in Pernod with grilled slices of sourdough (when I am off my low carb diet, of course).

  2. mari.hafenstein@att.netJune 11, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    My hubby and I love La Madeleine and eat breakfast there at least once a month. I love the French Lessons piped in when you go to the bathroom. Unique.

  3. My daughter loved to go there for our "dates" and I always got the tomato soup! You brought back great memories, thank you!! I like the juxtaposition of the green jacket and pink sandals, too.

  4. Is that onion soup? Looks so yummy.



  5. Man, I am dense. Are we suppose to write a Paris post everyday? I just did one on friday and thought that was the deal. I don't have other posts ready... oh gosh! btw, i love the salad and the pink sandals. you are so fun!!!

  6. Everything looks delicious,especially you in a skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Paris, paris, paris.

  7. Très joli, Pam!
    J'adore le veston vert!
    Now that my tummy's growling, gotta go find some food!

    Have a great day!

  8. You live in San Antonio? My husband and I lived there for two years when he was in the Army. Our first child was born at Brooke Army Medical Center. I LOVE that city!

  9. YUM--wow the food looks amazing!!!
    I love your outfit--navy and lime green is a favorite color combo and the punch of the pink shoes makes it WOW!

  10. Now I am so hungry and it's only 10:30AM!! Your little restaurant looks lovely, and so do you Pam. : >

  11. Fun to scroll down and read all your posts for the Paris Party. I love to eat at La Madeleine.

  12. Onion soup, YUM! Awesome photos, off to the kitchen now!!! :-D

  13. This sounds like a fun week of posts! I love French fanfare, it's delicious!

  14. Okay Pam, add green to your best colors list because you look fantastic in that shade! Orange and green, those are two of your colors! I haven't had French food in a French restaurant in so long but I do go down to our local patisserie, Almondine, to have macarons. They are very good, which I have yet to visit the Laduree that opened in Manhattan (where they charge twice as much for a macaron and I've read there are long lines!). XO, Jill

  15. I love the Gertrude Stein quote. It has been a while since I've enjoyed French food in a restaurant. The last one was a place called Aiox. How does that translate?

  16. Just thought that I would add an Aussie comment here. We have a vast array of French cafes and restaurants here- very traditional and extremely good eating! Yum!


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