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May 22, 2012

Stripes, Dots, What's Next? A Contest!

I know, I know…it looks fishy!  But, honestly, Gigi and I have not done this all school year and now at the end we have done it twice.  Last week, we wore the same color palette of polka dots on the same day (Polka Dot Post).  Yesterday, we both wore black and white stripes!! For those of you new to this blog, Gigi is my best friend...partner in crime...and fellow teacher.   All I can say is GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!

Her great jacket and belt are from Chicos!
My Nicaya Jacket is from Stein Mart
Deep Red Wine Bone Bangle
Make sure you enter the drawing from eshakti!  One lucky follower will win a garment of their choice from the eshakti website. Enter at the bottom here and follow all of the rules.  If I was able to enter such a contest for affordable custom fit clothing,  I would select one of these items:



Of course, I threw a scarf in there!!
Remember, mention this contest with your Twitter, or Facebook, or on your blog and I will give an extra entry
for each one!

Happy Tuesday all....did anyone else wear black and white stripes yesterday??


  1. Pam, I love your jacket!! I just love you two. You seem like you are always having a good time. xo

  2. I checked out their site and love the way you can customize each piece!

  3. You both look terrific. I wear some combo of black and white frequently : > I love the addition of the chunky red bracelet, Pam.

  4. Gorgeous belt and bracelet. I love Chicos. I wore black and beige stripes. Does that count?

  5. Great minds definitely do think alike! You two always look stylish and beautiful.
    I wore stripes yesterday, but they were pink and blue.

  6. Well, you know how they say that women in close quarters adopt the same "cycles?" Fashion is cyclical, too! Love that jacket on you, by the way.

  7. love that belt and you striped jacket is adorable
    so funny that you dressed alike two days in a row all of a sudden
    must be time for summer, you two are becoming one :)

  8. I just mentioned the give-a-way on my blog as well!

  9. It's true that great minds think alike! I've noticed at work that people tend to favor a certain color on any given day...and I often wonder what causes that.

  10. I wore polka dots and stripes yesterday (my thursday) and yes they are built for happiness! I love your blazer. I demand to see you wear it more. It is fresh and brilliant.


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