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May 1, 2012

SCARVES: How Many Is Too Many?

130!  There I've said it…it’s out there…I confess that I own 130 scarves!  Now, before you start accusing me of using my children’s college money on scarves…let’s take a closer look!
I could not find one scarf in my possession that I paid full price for in a retail outlet.  They predominately came from these sources;
1.       Discount retail:  Marshalls, Ross, Stein Mart
2.       Sales with coupons:  Mostly Kohl’s,  some Chico’s, a couple Lane Bryant
3.       Thrift:  Goodwill and garage sales
4.       Blogger accessory swaps…thanks to Reva and Ariane for sending two each!
5.       Vintage:  Grandmothers
6.       Gifts:  Once you are labeled the SCARF LADY at school, then a lot of gifts come from students which feed the habit!
Scarf: Ross
Steve Madden Bag: Ross
Carmen Marc Valvo Eyewear: Provided by The Designer!
Whenever I perform a closet purge, I rarely give up scarves.  They are the accessories which can save a drab outfit in a heartbeat…I just never know which one I will need at which time.  I have them hanging on a beautiful vintage hat rack…pulled through layers of golden curls.  Sometimes, while showering, I will stare at the hat rack (which looks a lot like Cousin It from the Addams Family...ooo, I should get it some sunglasses) and receive inspiration for my daily outfit.

Now, maybe you are able to understand while picking just one scarf for today’s collaboration with Jill and Adrienne was so difficult.  But, this is my recent purchase at Ross for $6….it has a Hermes feel to it and spring colors…so today, it is my favorite scarf…but tomorrow, well that’s another day and another scarf!

Recently, Karena hosted a giveaway for an artist in New York who makes beauty out of antique bottles.  I won the giveaway and here is the beautiful bottle I selected for the antique grouping on my den mantel.   I highly recommend you click on the the Cross Bottle Guy and visit Artie's handiwork.  Like a beautiful scarf, his artwork adds just the right touch to my d├ęcor.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Pam, that's hilarious!!! 130 scarves!!!! I can't even imagine what that looks like! I'm thinking you may need to do a post on how you organize and store them.....scarves are the kind of accessories that can be difficult to fold and store. I'd LOVE to see how you do it with yours! Big hug girly! BTW, I tried to comment on your blog yesterday, but when I hit publish, nothing happened. Just wanted to let you know that even when I don't have a chance to comment, I never miss a post of yours!! Big love! ~Serene

  2. Great bottle!
    With me it's headbands and nail polish. Oh, and perfumes!
    Never let anyone tell you it's too many.

  3. You are right that this scarf turns this outfit from average into WOW. Love this scarf and looks very chic on you. Love the pop of colour. Although I used to work for a scarf company and still own many beautiful scarves from that era, I have never been a scarf girl. It doesn't help that they are stored in a drawer so I never get to seem them. I should find a solution to hang them as you do, so they get more use.

  4. WOW??? Well, your collection I AM SURE is put to wondrous use my dear! You look as lovely as ever! Anita

  5. I haven't counted mine which I will right after but they are way less.I love this accessory because it's both practical and a plus to any outfit.

  6. Radiant as ever, my dear Pam.
    I will try and join the scarf girls too

  7. Pam- I resurrected some scarves from my attic storage recently. For a while it seemed as if scarves were slightly out of style. Then I began to follow your blog, the Vivienne Files and A Femme d'Une Certain Age and I was delighted to see scarves figuring prominently in the blogs. I thought you were wearing an Hermes in this picture. It is gorgeous!

  8. That is quite impressive, Pam! Like Serene, I'd love to see your storage system. I have trouble keeping mine organized and visible, and I only have 11! I'm with you, though -- they are hard to get rid of. I've kept some that I never wear because I'm just certain they'll be perfect, some day. But you wear them so well -- if there's anybody who should have such a large collection, it is you!

  9. 130? Wowsa! Well, that just gives me license to buy more for myself. I wear pretty simple clothes most of the time so a scarf to me really makes a statement. Just bought one this last weekend on a sale table.

  10. You wear them so well, Pam! I probably have 20, but they rarely come out to play : < I must let you inspire me.

  11. I have a couple of cold-weather scarves that I use for warmth, but I rarely try to accessorize with a decorative scarf. I often think that scarves look great on other people but ridiculous on me. Apparently I just don't know how to wear them. I'm glad you enjoy yours so much.

  12. Pam, I just read your beautiful comment on the Style Crone blog...so movingly written. You too model change...with dignity, hope and optimism! Thank you!

  13. Ah, I love this post! 130 Pam, wow! I probably own about 20 (well, you know what, I should do a count, there's probably more than that). I wasn't into them when I was younger but they grew on me over the years and now I love them. Thank you SO MUCH for sending us a picture, dear Pam. Adrienne and I love having you join us every month. You are the best! XO, Jill

  14. I am a huge fan of scarves so I can definitely relate! I think you have quite the collection and the vintage ones I am sure are fantastic!

  15. I remember when you first organized that scarf rack, but you didn't reveal how many you had. 130! I'm impressed. I've begun to buy more...and my collection is at 10 or so.

  16. OMG Pam! One time I stopped when I got to 100 and there were more ;) Great minds..........
    They are so pretty, useful and add that perfect POP to any outfit, plus I LOVE wearing them in my hair!

  17. Love the one you're wearing today!
    130 scarves...WOW!

  18. Pam I too love scarves...a scarf and great earrings can finish the look!

    I adore the bottle you chose from Artie at Cross Bottle Guy!! His works of art are amazing!

    To see more Artistic Beauty.......2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist; Anita Rivera ( of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is in on my site! I hope you will visit...

    Art by Karena

  19. You can never have too many scarves. They can add so much to an outfit. I use them whenever I need a pop of color or some texture to my outfits. I love them!


  20. Thank you for this post! As a scarfoholic, I counted by scarves and found that I have around 140 and that was before, I found one last box of scarves I forgot about. I, too, cannot get enough. It is the most inexpensive pick me up that I have found so far!

  21. Wow that is quite a lot! I guess the more the merrier!
    I own about 6 right now


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