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May 16, 2012

Polka Dots! A Trend with Power Packed Fun!

No matter how you slice them...

 Tie them...

Or wrap them...Polka Dots are so much fun!  But what is even better is when you accidentally wear them in the same color palette as your best friend!!  That’s right…without a text, a phone call, or a plan, Gigi and I both showed up at school in brown and cream polka dots.  Yes….it was so much fun!

How do you wear your polka dots?
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I have polka dot PJs....but now I think I just want to eat that cake!!

  2. Oh, you two are just the cutest. I'm hoping on a plane and meeting you both for lunch... now where are my polka dots?! The students must seriously love you guys. xo

  3. You two are so delightful, separately and as a pair : > I shall wear some polka dots today and think about you.

  4. You both look great in your polka dots! I now have two polka dot dresses from Karina that I can't wait to wear.

  5. Pam I have a black and white Polka Dot sundress I have had forever, it is mid calf with a squared neckline! Love it!

    2012 Artist Series
    Art by Karena

  6. mari.hafenstein@att.netMay 16, 2012 at 9:07 AM

    Love me some polka dots! I seriously could wear them everyday. White on navy is my fave, but I will wear just about anything. i have blouses and dresses and skirts even a pink polka dot bra! They just make me happy.
    Mari (mari.hafenstein@att.net) my google id is messed up so I have to post anonymous

  7. I don't have one single thing with polka dots. Maybe it's time!

  8. How cute do you both look!!
    I LOVe polka-dots!! I have a red & white polka dot cardigan, black & white polka dot tunic, black & white polka dot blouse, an orange & white polka dot blouse and a black and white polka dot skirt. Polka dots, gingham and stripes are my favorite prints!!

  9. i will admit that before i began blogging, polka dots would not be caught dead in my closet
    now i own quite a few items with them
    funny how our perceptions can change

  10. I have to add them to my thrifting radar! Stay tuned.

  11. Style synchronicity at its best! You've inspired me to get out my polka dots - I know I have them somewhere within my closer.

  12. Cute!! I'm such a sucker for polka dots!

  13. I agree with the others - you look fab. I remember the 1980's and have a wardrobe full of polka dots. Bring back the dot I say! Enjoy your day. Jo

  14. I have the time and the computer, so I came over to say hello, and thank you for each and every comment, my dearest Pam.
    Gorgeous pics, and I am glad you chose a skirt to wear polkadots.lol

  15. Ooh..I love polka dots but love stripes even more!! ;-)
    I use to have a beautiful black and white polka dot suit...back in the 80s!!!!
    Have a good day, Pam.


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