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Apr 18, 2012

With Signature Style in Mind....

What girl doesn't love a $5 pair of red shoes!!
As I recently told you, I will be a monthly shopper for Goodwill of San Antonio.  I shop…they provide…I blog about it!  How much fun is that?

But, I do want to keep my personal/signature style in mind.  As always, I will shop with my foundational five in hand.  If you would like to refresh your memory about the Foundational Five, you can do so here:
Basically, these are the five messages I want to communicate with my style:

 1.  Strong...Does the piece give me a feeling of strength...in charge...professional success?
2.  Class...Do I feel classy, chic, dignified?
3.  Creative...Is there a creative touch to what I am doing that is unique to my artsy side?
4. Youthful....Do I feel "young at heart" in the look in an appropriate manner?
5.  Fitted....Does it fit my body in a fabulous way...not too tight...not too big?

I have worked to create a wardrobe of predominantly separates.  By doing this, I can fashion an endless amount of styles and never feel like I repeat an outfit! Currently, Goodwill has me in search of a Fiesta-look for San Antonio.  So, here I go on the hunt of something with color, warm weather, and fun in mind.  You will be able to see on Monday what I purchased for the Fiesta-look.

What would you wear to an outdoor event this time of year...especially if you want to look fabulous?

Jacket: Chicos
Blouse and Skirt: Lane Bryant
 Seychilles Flats: Marshalls
Bracelet: Langford Market
Psst...make sure you enter the Soft Surroundings giveaway..just click on the link in the column to your right!


  1. You are always so gorgeous, Pam. I love the advice here and I do believe that I enjoy wearing cloths that FIT MY BODY just a tad larger so that I don't appear to be showing my curves......I like to be CLASSY and not BRASSY in trying too hard. Class comes with a subdued charm.

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  2. Sounds like a fun opportunity Pam...go you! You are going to rock it!!!

  3. What a fun job you have with Goodwill, Pam! They chose the right person to help promote their fashion-focus. You look great, have a wonderful Wednesday : >

  4. What a great opportunity! Those red pumps are fabulous!

  5. What an awesome "job" for Goodwill!! I ADORE that jacket--unique, interesting yet classy!!

  6. Love the red shoes, but want that jacket.

  7. the best jacket,ever!!!! Our Goodwill's won't even allow photos in their stores! Peeps in the south are always so friendly and the fast food is always fresh,too!

  8. Love your style. This is a great outfit. Did you buy those red pumps? They're great.


  9. What a fabulous jacket!! The prints are so unique and vibrant in color...you could do so much with this jacket.
    I would wear a cool white linen cargo pants, an orange t-shirt, and your jacket to an outdoor event!
    Have a wonderful weekend Pam!


  10. I love the Chico's jacket--it definitely fits the creative criteria! Can't wait to see your thrifted Fiesta look.


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